11 Reliable Chiropractors in Adelaide (2023)

Are you looking for a good chiropractor in Adelaide? If yes then here we have come up with the list of reliable ones to help you. Without any second thought, you can rely on any of the chiropractors on the list for receiving excellent care and treatment. 

Chiropractic treatment mainly focuses on treating the musculoskeletal and nervous system-related ailments that hinder the body’s normal functioning. The best local chiropractors in Adelaide know how to restore the spine structure to decrease the pain. You can either consult them now or book an appointment. 

Chiropractor Adelaide 

Adelaide has some really good chiropractors for the city residents. Along with explaining what treatments they offer, we have also listed their contact information so that you are able to get in touch with them.


YOU Chiropractic – Adelaide Chiropractor

Are you suffering from chronic pain? If yes then You Chiropractic centre understands all your requirements. Their patients trust them for timely treatment and experienced staff. Dr Kelvin Chew is the principal chiropractor who has profound experience and knowledge in treating chronic pains. 

Before his centre, he has worked in different medical centres and health clinics. He believes that pain is only the tip of the iceberg and its best to treat the root cause. 

Dr Kelvin excels in addressing the underlying pain causes of migraine, headache, neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, hips and knee pain. You Chiropractic has a suitable treatment to serve you best. So book an appointment online and get yourself treated.

Location: Shop 1/606 Lower North East Rd, Campbelltown SA 5074, Australia

Contact: 492896132

Rating: 5.0 / 19 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Kelvin Chew




Seaside Chiro + Massage

This relaxing and personalized chiropractic is located in the beach setting. Dr Benjamin Prince is a prominent chiropractor who calmly listens to the patient and suggests a suitable treatment. He has been practising since 2005 and has experience in implementing different chiropractic techniques according to the patient’s requirement. From headaches to rib pain to sciatica, he excels in addressing various issues and working on your speedy recovery. 

Another professional is Paul Darbyshire, who offers remedial massage services primarily related to sports with proper coaching. On the other side, Coral Harvey is a holistic health expert and follows Reiki techniques, theta healing, etc. Lastly, Rachel Race is also a remedial massage therapist who promotes overall well-being by mitigating stress and tensions in muscles. 

Select the service you would like to go for and book an online appointment with the professional.

Location: 3/646 Grange Rd, Henley Beach SA 5022, Australia

Contact: (08) 7228 5273

Rating: 5.0 / 29 reviews 

Chiropractor: Dr Benjamin Prince




Chiro Adelaide

Chiro Adelaide is worth visiting if you are looking for optimum health and overall wellness. The centre entirely focuses on promoting proper body functioning by eradicating the spinal issues you have. They begin the treatment by analyzing your detailed history and what’s affecting your delicate nervous system. 

The chiropractors later focus on your joint movement as well as body posture. Following the adjustments techniques, they improve the relay of body messages back to the brain. 

Chiro Adelaide also works on complicated cases along with their other health professionals. Dr Amy is a passionate fitness, wellness and chiropractic paediatrics as well as pregnancy expert. She puts her diverse understanding and knowledge into practice while treating patients at Chiro Adelaide.

Book an appointment online and let the doctor perform initial analysis. 

Location: 16 Topham Mall, Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

Contact: (08) 82310600

Rating: 4.7/ 13 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Amy



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Southern Cross Chiropractic, Adelaide CBD

According to Southern Cross Chiropractic, those who spend time in nature, eat good quality food and collaborate with people tend to lead a healthy life. Located in Adelaide’s heart, their treatments are mainly meant for people with busy schedules who don’t find time for themselves. 

The centre follows a holistic approach to ensure you stay healthy for long. It is designed to serve the people looking for chiropractic services in Adelaide CBD, including the surrounding suburbs. 

Their highly experienced and competent professionals work along with each other to offer patients an array of services. The different issues they deal with includes lower back pain, jaw pain, leg pain, shoulder movement, headaches, pregnancy pain etc. 

Quickly book an appointment with them and get treated for different issues at a convenient time. 

Location: Southern Cross Arcade, King William Street, ADELAIDE

Contact: 61882639817

Rating: 4.2 / 42 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Callum Worsfold / Dr Matthew Linklater



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Adelaide Chiropractor

Are you looking for urgent chiropractic care? If yes then head to Adelaide Chiropractor. The team is on the mission to ensure the patients achieve an optimum level of health. Dr Goran is the primary chiropractic services provider here with whom you will discuss the health issues. Either you have a history of headaches or suffering from back pain; the Adelaide Chiropractor is ideal for you. 

Chiropractic is a domain that seeks to improve the health of every individual on this planet. This centre chiropractors emphasize taking care of the spinal cord as it is directly linked with the delicate central nervous system and brain. Thus, chiropractic techniques make adjustments to the spine, which improve the entire physiological functions of the body. They offer a range of appointment timings and chiropractic services. 

Location: 82A Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville SA 5081, Australia

Contact: 8269 1155

Rating: 4.8/ 42 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Goran Mladenovic



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Health First Chiropractic

A personalized chiropractic and massage care centre, Health First Chiropractic is located in Adelaide. They aim to make every patient feel better, live better and move better. 

We are a team of dedicated spine care professionals, whose focus and expertise is on managing your spinal health through a range of chiropractic care services. The centre came into existence in 2006 and was founded by Dr Joshua Griffiths and Dr Naomi Swan. The entire team works on ensuring the management of injuries to the spine, joint issues or muscles pains. By using the currently available chiropractic care treatments, the professionals gently work on restoring normal spinal health. 

For every patient’s needs, they follow a personalized approach for pain management. Fill the form and request an appointment now. 

Location: Clovercrest Village, 23c/429 Montague Road Modbury, South Australia

Contact: (08) 8396 2929

Rating: 4.5 / 50 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Joshua Griffiths / Dr Naomi Swan / Dr Ella Bourne




Walkerville Chiropractic (Adelaide Chiropractor)

Are you looking for the right chiropractor? If yes then walk to Walkerville Chiropractic, a team of experienced and capable enough professionals. Dr Goran is the primary professional here having nearly 20 years of experience treating people facing different health issues.  

At Walkerville, you are in safe hands. In a few sessions at Walkerville, your health starts restoring to normal, energy levels will boost, and the immune system becomes stronger. 

With little gentle adjustments and chiropractic techniques, your body feels pain-free. Book an appointment or get in touch directly for a warm welcome. The professionals here are looking forward to treating your headache, neck, back, or other pain-related issues. 

Location: 82 Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville SA 5081

Contact: 8344 7105

Rating: 4.8 / 130 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Goran Mladenovic



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Clovelly Park Chiropractic

Dr Christopher Hume Phillips is the main head here who completed his graduation from the University of NSW. After serving previously in different roles, now at Clovelly Park Chiropractic, he is currently the sole practitioner. Along with humans, he also excels in providing chiropractic services related to animals. 

Once you visit the clinic and meet Dr Chris, you will find him quite skilled and knowledgeable. He is good at confronting the patients and then providing the best suitable treatment. At Clovelly Park, tailor-made spinal care therapies according to the customers’ specific needs are also offered. 

They focus on your spine and posture correction to enhance the movements and functioning of the body. Either go to their online forms section to book an appointment or give a call directly for the best result-based solutions.  

Location: 1230 South Road, Clovelly Park SA 5042

Contact: 08 8277 6866

Rating: 4.4/ 52 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Chris Hume-Phillips




Trowse Chiropractic, Adelaide

Located in Adelaide, Trowse Chiropractic is one of the best clinics that follows the Gonstead System of Chiropractic. It is a family run business and excels in providing top-notch chiropractic care for about the last two decades. 

Together the entire team of practitioners works on mitigating pain. The team also focuses on inspiring and educating the patients to concentrate on their well being. They ensure this by following personalised approaches, along with integrating the Gonstead technique to achieve the best level of health. 

Their treatment techniques are based on the philosophy that your body already knows what needs to be done for healthy functioning. They call it innate intelligence or the natural ability of the body to heal itself. Book an appointment now to ensure your body is functioning at its best. 

Location: 399 Goodwood Rd, Westbourne Park SA 5041

Contact: (08) 8271 9577

Rating: 5.0 / 36 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr John Trowse and Dr Paul Simmons




Complete Chiropractic

Complete Chiropractic is the best chiropractic clinic for general people, sportsperson and family. It follows neurostructural chiropractic practices and renders solutions to the different spine and nervous system related issues. Their wide array of comprehensive services focus on ensuring your body and spinal cord works at its best. 

Initially, the practitioners focus on finding the root cause of the issue and then tell the patient about it before devising a solution. They assess the patient’s entire health profile and even focus on the structural and physical changes. To detect the underlying cause, they perform subjective as well as objective analysis. 

Complete Chiropractic is best at helping you feel better and live a comfortable life. Their practitioners tell you what you need to eat, how to move well, live well and think well. Schedule an appointment now, and get the best treatment for your health concerns. 

Location: Suite 3, 174 Payneham Rd, Evandale, SA, 5069

Contact: 08 8362 5551

Rating: 5.0 / 25 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Rory Onley / Dr Georgia Avery




The above list contains the details of the best chiropractors in Adelaide along with the services they provide. Go through the list and get an idea of who suits you the best according to your requirements. We compiled the list based on the practitioner’s excellent work ethics and reviews given by their patients. 

To know anything more or you have any doubt about Adelaide’s professional chiropractors then drop us a line in the comments section below.

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