10 Best Chiropractors in Berwick (2023)

Is severe back pain bothering you? If yes, then book an appointment with best Chiropractors in Berwick and pave your road to a painless life. A skilled chiropractor aims to manipulate your body joints to ensure perfect alignment and better physical function. 

From lower back pain to muscle spasms, the Chiropractors in Berwick treat several conditions affecting the body’s natural rhythm. Berwick is home to numerous chiropractor experts who are best known for providing top-notch services. Here the following list contains the list of best chiropractors in Berwick that you can go to if you feel severe pain due to illness or injury. 

Chiropractor Berwick

If you are already on the quest for most reliable injury care in Berwick, then you are at the right place. Here we have compiled the list of trusted Chiropractors in Berwick along with their required information you must know before availing of their services. 


Wellbeing Chiropractic

With its main chiropractic clinic in Melbourne, the Wellbeing Chiropractic is a team of skilled and professional experts. It aims to deliver the best quality experience to every patient and focus on patient-centred care. They mostly treat patients suffering from musculoskeletal conditions primarily related to muscles and spine. Despite the spine, the other treatment areas include headache, disc bulge, sciatica, shoulder pain, and other musculoskeletal diseases. 

Wellbeing Chiropractor Berwick follows manual techniques along with rehabilitation exercises and Arthrostim therapy. Other techniques they follow include Atlas Orthogonal, Drop Piece, Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), Spinal Decompression Therapy, Pelvic Blocking, etc. 

Dr Seung Lee is the clinic’s primary chiropractor having diverse knowledge of Chiropractic, Chinese medicine, reiki, etc. He focuses on finding the root cause first and then working on further preventing the complications. The prices are quite affordable, so take an appointment and get yourself treated.

Location: 3 Manuka Rd, Berwick 3806

Contact: (03) 9020 7343

Rating: 4.9/55 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Seung Lee




Complete Chiropractic, Berwick

Working since 1997, Complete Chiropractic is a family-owned business having nearly 100 years of experience considering all its other branches. Best known for providing excellent quality personalised Chiropractic service in Berwick and nearby areas for the last 20 years. Currently, it is one of the longest-serving centres in the area. 

As the name clears, Complete Chiropractic Berwick renders services to everyone from newborn to pregnant ladies to senior citizens. Their skilled and caring staff offers services like activator therapy, massage, chiropractic, manual adjustments, ultrasound, craniosacral therapy etc. It also provides Paediatric, Pregnancy and Sports Chiropractic services.  

99% of their patients get consulted and receive the treatment on the first consultation. All the practitioners are quite helpful and pay attention to what the patient has to say. The friendly staff is always keen to help even if urgent care is needed, and the patients highly recommend it. 

Location:  60 Clyde Road Berwick VIC 3806

Contact: (03) 9769 9755

Rating: 4.8/24 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr George Farlecas




Family Chiropractic Berwick

Family Chiropractic Berwick is a group of experts with nearly 25 years of experience and works closely together to provide the best possible care. 

They are passionate about helping people of different ages, especially the older ones and families, to spend a happy and healthy life through chiropractic use. They welcome everyone from babies to senior citizens to anyone who comes in between at their excellent clinic. 

They offer a range of different services and care options to every patient. Family Chiropractic Berwick solemnly understands that every individual has unique requirements, so they tailor-made the treatment accordingly that fits his or her needs. They offer chiropractic service for the entire family following gentle and effective techniques. Another is the Remedial Massage that tends to suppress the pain and muscle tightness for ensuring normal functioning. 

It is closed on Sundays so book an appointment for any of the remaining weekdays. 

Location:  5/57 High Street Berwick, Victoria 3806, Australia

Contact: (03) 9796 1799/(03) 9796 1720

Rating: 5.0/45 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Danny Ziakas




Gargan Chiropractic Centre

Since 2005, Gargan Chiropractic has excelled in being Berwick’s one of the best chiropractic centres. The team includes Dr Kate Morf, Dr Elise Feher, Jacinta Rich, Benjamin Leane, and ensures that you get the best possible care. The brand’s motto is “Trust You are in Good Hands”. 

At Gargan Chiropractic, the experts use a wide variety of techniques to fit different individual patients’ requirements. Some patients go for the gentle techniques that painless like SOT, activator therapy or drop piece adjustment. Whereas those facing severe issues go for techniques that use higher force like high force drop piece adjustments and diversified adjustments. 

They use state of the art equipment designed to promote healing, better posture and overall well being. Online appointment booking option is not available, so call them directly. 

Location: 35 Lyall Rd, Berwick VIC 3806

Contact: (03) 9796 2808

Rating: 4.2/5 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Bridget Gargan



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Opti start Chiropractic

Opti start Chiropractic is one of the leading Chiropractic centres in Berwick that provides exceptional service for treating several conditions. Their team of competent professionals has the required expertise to help patients’ bodies return to optimal functioning. 

Optitstart offers services for toddlers, babies, seniors and pregnant women. They understand how every patient is different from another, so they follow a personalised approach. It means they will understand the issue and the challenges you face before moving to suitable treatment. 

These chiropractors in Berwick follow Gonstead technique that considers the entire body as one. For babies and kids, their qualified experts follow gentle practices that need little to no force. Request a consultation or book an appointment online to get in touch. 

Location: 5 / 6 Langmore Lane, Berwick VIC 3806

Contact: 03 9704 7746

Rating: 5.0/11 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Adam Stewart



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Elia Chiropractic Berwick

Based in Melbourne, Elia Chiropractic has established itself as a popular name in the community by consistently delivering affordable healthcare services. Their team follows the best practices and professional standards to ensure the patients always get high-quality treatment. 

They provide services ranging from postural analysis to dry needling to chiropractic adjustment. Whether you are suffering from severe back pain or seeking a wellness solution, they promise to offer you the best available treatment. This family chiropractic business is deeply passionate about treating suffering families and also empowering them. 

​The best solution is available for every family member. Their treatments tend to keep the patient’s nervous system healthy and promote better coordination among organs and the brain. 

You can book an online appointment and get assisted by the knowledgeable staff ready to help you. Feel better and get better. 

Location: 50 Kangan Drive, Berwick VIC 3806

Contact: 61 3 9021 3775

Rating: 5.0/11 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Anthony Elia




Farrelly Chiropractic Narre Warren

Chiropractors are required for a healthy mind, body and overall life. They help to enhance body and brain coordination and align the spinal cord. By treating several underlying issues, it helps to improve the general well being of the individual. Here’s another well-known Berwick chiropractor.

For Farrelly Chiropractic Narre Warren, the patient’s health and overall well being is their primary concern. One of the best Chiropractic centres is dedicated to helping patients in pain, looking for effective and affordable treatments. When you go for treatment, their experts first find out if the chiropractic treatment is suitable for you or not. After determining your discomfort’s root cause, they decide how to treat it and begin with the diagnosis. 

You can either fill their online form or give a call for further information. 

Location: 463 Princes Hwy Narre Warren VIC 3805

Contact: (03) 9704 6567

Rating: 4.9/29 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Peter Farrelly



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Cranbourne Chiropractic Centre

Dr Shaun Beovich is the owner of Cranbourne Chiropractor Berwick. He has a profound experience of around 24 years. He is skilled enough to treat headaches, neck pain, back pain, and work on other gentle chiropractic adjustments. This centre is committed to enhancing your life quality and overall wellness by improving the spinal cord’s functioning. 

He started practising as Chiropractic with his father in 1994. During his early days, he was a sports chiropractor and mainly used to treat issues like AFL, touch footy etc. 

Cranbourne Chiropractic Centre’s process of treating the patient is relatively straightforward. After booking an appointment and reaching the premises, they first analyse your spinal cord health profile. Later, they explain to you the issue and suggest suitable chiropractic treatment for restoring normal functioning. They offer you stabilisation care for the best spinal health along with wellness care. Select the service and book an online appointment.

Location: Eve Central Shopping Centre, William Thwaites Rd, Cranbourne North, 3977

Contact: 95812624

Rating: 4.9/18 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Shaun Beovich



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Think Chiropractic (Chiropractor Berwick)

The Think Chiropractic believes in being passionate about something, and it has to be related to increasing the quality of life by finding the root causes and later fixing them. This centre first builds relationships with the patients by understanding them and prescribing suitable treatment. They believe it’s essential to deal amicably with the patient by listening, discussing and assessing. 

Since 2006, Think Chiropractic has been delivering high-quality services and is one of the sole Gonstead Chiropractor in Hampton Park. They serve patients with full dedication. Now their array of services also includes remedial massage and myotherapy. They excel in treating chiropractic conditions like lower back pain, headaches, dizziness, and vertigo. 

Their skilled and amiable staff is always ready to help patients with any questions. To know how well they treat their patients, book an appointment and meet yourself. 

Location: Delacombe Drive Hampton Park, VIC 3976, Rd, Cranbourne North, 3977

Contact: (03) 9799 3553/(03) 8789 2911

Rating: 4.8/92 Google reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Calum Morley




The above list of best chiropractors serves Berwick and provides excellent services. We included them in the list only due to their sheer dedication and excellent work ethic. Choose any based on your requirements and budget. 

Let us know if you find the list useful. To know anything more about Berwick’s professional chiropractors, drop a question in the comments section below. 

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