Top 15 Chiropractors in Melbourne (2023)

Whether you want to ease your spinal cord issues or musculoskeletal issues, a chiropractor in Melbourne is everything you might need. Chiropractors are majorly known for their expertise in using invasive methods of treatment. Thus, the medical industry has gone too far in finding out methods of treatment that are potentially not dangerous. On that good note, chiropractic treatment is one of the most widely used treatment options for users globally. 

Here we will have a review of the best chiropractic clinics in Melbourne. This list will provide you with a better idea about their services, and you can choose the best one according to your convenience. To know more in detail, let us get to the list of the best chiropractors in Melbourne. 

Chiropractor Melbourne 

If you are residing in an area like Melbourne, you know this choosing from the wide variety of options is a fuss. Thus, this article will help you by making it easy to choose from the best ones in the locality. Furthermore, we have compiled a list of chiropractors with their ratings, contact details, website links and addresses. 


Melbourne City Chiropractic

Their unique approach to treating back issues is designed to attract improvements quickly. Moreover, their treatment promotes long-term good health and well-being of a person. They can treat the most common conditions, such as back pain, arthritis, and many other chronic pain issues, for some immediate relief.

The experts here care for the patients to provide long-term results at the best possible time. Also, they focus on improving their posture as it helps their patients to lead a hassle-free life.  

With an expert team of Dr. Richard Martin, Dr. Samantha Coupe and Dr. Ben Coupe, this clinic was started in 2009 with the aim of promoting health. 

Location: “Suite 1112, 530 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000”

Contact: (03) 8686 5611

Rating: “4.7 with 31 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Richard Martin, Dr Samantha Coupe and Dr Ben Coupe




CityHealth Chiropractic Melbourne CBD

CityHealth Chiropractic clinic in Melbourne is a multidisciplinary chiropractic clinic that offers a wide range of services for helping patients. They aim to alleviate discomfort and body pain. Moreover, their friendly staff will be helpful throughout the treatment process and provide expert treatment or advice. 

CityHealth offers a wide range of services for the treatment of its customers related to problems such as spinal pain and back pain. Their team is committed to offering ongoing health services to their patients. 

Their expert team of the best chiropractor in Melbourne includes Dr. Richard Pilkington, Dr. Kevin Harding, and Dr Jessica Bravo, and they use modern equipment to serve with the best services. 

Location: “Level 4, 407-409 Swanston Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000”

Contact: 61 3 9662 2395

Rating: “4.7 with 40 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr. Richard Pilkington, Dr. Kevin Harding, and Dr. Jessica Bravo




Adaptive Chiro CBD

This chiropractor in Melbourne is committed to offering enhanced well-being and health conditions with professional and safe methods. Although Adaptive Chiropractic clinic is registered with the paramount health funds and offers appointments 24×7 for the ease of customers. 

Their mission is to provide proper guidance to their patients to achieve optimal health state and ongoing wellness with open communication. They believe in educating their patients regarding the treatments and conditions to make them feel comfortable during the treatment process. 

With an expert duo of Dr. Marthin (Micky) Mikkelsen and Dr. Clarence Ho, they are listed as the most reliable names in the industry/community. 

Location: “Suite 48, 12 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000”

Contact: (03) 9445 8975

Rating: “5.0 with 11 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Marthin (Micky) Mikkelsen and Dr Clarence Ho



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Jowett and Moulton Chiropractors

The experts at Jowett & Moulton keep the responsibility towards patients and their safety at a priority level. Their experienced practitioners deliver a high level of trust and professionalism to their customers. Also, compromising the health of patients is not an option for the experts here. 

Their expert chiropractic treatment focuses on helping the users get treatment for the spinal cord, nervous system, and brain. The main aim of this active approach is to promote exercise and healthy lifestyle choices for the users. 

The experienced team of Dr. Frank Jowett and Dr. Andrew Moulton provides treatment for musculoskeletal conditions as well. 

Location: “Level 2/50 Market Street, Melbourne 3000”

Contact: (03) 9629 1016

Rating: “4.8 With 27 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr. Andrew Moulton and Dr. Frank Jowett




Melbourne Chiropractic

The Melbourne Chiropractic Clinic has a belief in the adjustive roles within their spectrum of wellness and self-healing to align sleep, body, and mind solutions. Also, the experts here are inspired to offer the holistic experience of having the best consultations, building on the health foundation of their patients. 

The experts here especially focus on the emotional, physical, toxic and chemical causes of discomfort or pain experienced by their patients. They strive to reach the state of optimal wellness potential of the patients. Furthermore, you would not need any referral for your visit as they are of primary health care practitioners. 

Dr Jim is the primary chiropractor with this clinic and owes an experience of over 15 years. He aims to provide the most reliable treatment for various issues such as neck pain, back pain, musculoskeletal conditions and headaches. 

Location: “Ground Floor, 350 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9646 8600

Rating: “4.9 With 15 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr. Jim 



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Back In Line Chiropractic

Back In Line Chiropractic clinic in Melbourne is a prestigious clinic with a vibrant and well-being practice. Here you’ll have interaction with experienced practitioners, and they are ever ready to offer you integrated and individualised healthcare service. 

The experts here have built a practice with health-conscious, active patients aiming to live life to its full potential and use chiropractic care and advice to assist them. Mostly their patients choose allied health services to support their journey to stay well throughout life. 

The experienced team of chiropractors can tackle all your problems with a painless treatment method. 

Location: “25 Dorcas St, South Melbourne, VIC 3205”

Contact: (03) 9696 8822

Rating: “4.9 With 59 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Roy Smith, Dr David Korchok and Dr Elizabeth Lelliott 



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Diskin Life – Chiropractor Melbourne

Diskin Life Chiropractic Clinic will monitor every strategy taken into account for your treatment to make it successful. The comprehensive assessment discovery process will help you discover the process and reveal the information on how your body is functioning. 

This Melbourne chiropractor has managed to garner a reputation for offering high-value and quality chiropractic services in a convenient manner to its customers. Also, they use a unique signature 3-step vitality process designed to empower you to express the potential for effectively feeling better. 

Dr Ari Disking has experience of over 36 years, and the treatment offered by him can make you feel better, live better and be better. 

Location: “181 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia”

Contact: 03 9417 7222

Rating: “4.9 With 189 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Ari Diskin 




Vitality Chiropractic Australia

This clinic is proudly recognized as a truly professional, experienced, and multi-modal clinic. The experts here continue offering their clients multiple treatment types to cater to the local community in the best possible way. 

This clinic is multifaceted well-being, health, and injury rehabilitation clinic located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The facilities here offer modern and high-quality treatment aids to enhance the recovery process. Also, chiropractors use the safest, best, and most evidence-based management of the services. 

The team of Vitality Chiropractic Clinic is managed by Dr. James Allen and the primary chiropractor. He ensures that the patients feel comfortable during the treatment. 

Location: “9/7 Development Boulevard Mill Park, VIC, Australia 3082”

Contact: 61 1300 003 777

Rating: “4.9 With 71 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr James Allen 




Align Chiropractic

Align Chiropractic Clinic is in the business for more than 28 years and is listed as one of the most prestigious clinics in South Melbourne. They are your ideal destination if you are suffering from unbearable pain in your back. 

Their experts are committed to offering the best in class chiropractic care for their community. They are known for helping people of all ages to live healthier, happier and more active lives. Also, their location is easily accessible in South Melbourne. 

The primary chiropractor here, Dr Martin Harvey, has practised clinically since 1991 and is in Align Chiropractic Clinic since 1992. 

Location: “265 Montague St, South Melbourne, 3205”

Contact: 03 9696 1057

Rating: “5.0 With 23 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Martin Harvey 




Emergency Chiropractors Melbourne

Emergency chiropractic clinic in Melbourne was established to be one of the largest service providers in the community in 2010. It boasts a total of more than 20 clinics all over Melbourne and provides individuals with a trusted emergency chiropractic service or weekend care. 

The team of after-hours chiropractors working with Emergency Chiropractors Melbourne have a wide range of professional experience. They aim to provide care services for a variety of conditions, such as musculoskeletal conditions. 

Their range of services are available in 20+ locations, and their vast team of 20+ chiropractors is available all seven days for service. 

Location: “365 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia”

Contact: (03) 9020 7343

Rating: “5.0 With 25 Google reviews.”

Chiropractors: Dr Caitlin Murphy, Dr Mary Kalandos, Dr Matt La Selva and 20 more 



ChiroCure Clinic (Chiropractor East Melbourne)

ChiroCure Clinic is one of its kind clinic in the locality that is operational all seven days a week. You can book your appointments for Saturday or Sunday according to your schedule and convenience. Their team of highly trained, experienced, and registered practitioners offer knowledgeable and professional treatment experience. 

They have been offering their service for more than eight years, and their team of experts have a real passion for offering the best therapeutic services and treatment to everyone in the local community. 

With an expert and professional team of Dr Tania Leski, Dr Jennifer Lew, Dr Matthew Samartzis and Dr Emily Mitrevski, all of their services are claimable with the private health insurance with the HICAPS facility. 

Location: “278 Inkerman St, St Kilda East VIC 3183, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9013 5133

Rating: “4.9 With 122 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Tania Leski, Dr Jennifer Lew, Dr Matthew Samartzis and Dr Emily Mitrevski 




Docklands Chiropractic

The Docklands Chiropractic Clinic prides itself on being an expert in the community as they offer friendly and professional healthcare services to the local community. They are grown to cater to different health requirements of the patients in the locality. 

This clinic provides ideal advice on multiple neuromusculoskeletal conditions for patients of all age groups. They also aim to offer remedial massage and therapeutic intervention through highly trained therapists. 

Dr Travers Price is the primary chiropractor at this clinic and has experience of more than a decade in Australia and overseas. 

Location: “6 Waterview Walk, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9600 2200

Rating: “4.9 With 56 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Travers Price 




Goodlife Chiropractic 

Their experts have a point of difference with a unique approach to wellness care and education. They provide a deep understanding of the patient’s body and its potential for extra support during the treatment journey. 

Also, their experts embody the vitalistic approach to life and believe that the human body does not create mistakes but rather self-healing and self-regulation. They aim to make their patients understand the need for the ideal care for the treatment of back issues. 

The primary chiropractor has a five-year Master’s Degree in Clinical Chiropractic services with years of experience and offers the best service. 

Location: “Suite 104, Level 1, 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne 3000”

Contact: 0419 682 013

Rating: “4.5 With 24 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Michael Melling-Williams 




Happy Chiropractic (Chiropractor Melbourne)

Happy chiropractic clinic in Melbourne believes in the self-regulation and self-healing properties of the human body. Their gentle approach and care include a hands-on chiropractic adjustment in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to positively impact a possible range of patients. 

The techniques used by the expert here are ideal for patients of all ages, from newborns to elderly parents. The experts here identify the ideal technique to use depending on the age and size of the person. Also, we measure regular changes with computerised technology. 

The expert chiropractor working with this clinic named, Dr Michael Bloom, got his certification in 2012 and is practising as a Melbourne Chiropractor since then.

Location: “1 Evandale Rd, Malvern VIC 3144, Australia”

Contact: 03 9509 9796

Rating: “5.0 With 30 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Michael Bloom 




My Health Chiro | Chiropractor in Maribyrnong

My Health Chiro is one of the best wellness has driven chiropractic clinics in Melbourne. Their best chiropractor in Melbourne provides the safest and most effective evidence-based care to individuals, families and athletes. Walk ins and appointments are both available.

Their patients are the most important person to them, and they tailor or design the care program that is typically centred around the patient’s expectation. The experts here strive to offer the highest quality of diagnosis, care and assessment. 

Dr Andre Maistry and Dr Josh Bilson offer the best treatment with the help of their expert assistants. 

Location: “2/84 La Scala Ave, Maribyrnong VIC 3032, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9317 8913

Rating: “5.0 With 28 Google reviews.”

Chiropractors: Dr Andre Maistry and Dr Josh Bilson  




Caulfield Family Chiropractic & Massage

The team of expert chiropractors at Caulfield Family Chiropractic Centre is trained in all the areas of musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation and treatment. Their practice has a keen interest in the Gonstead technique, and they see a lot of conditions on a regular basis in their clinic. 

Caulfield Family Chiropractic Clinic is among the leading clinics in the locality for patients with back issues. They care for the satisfaction of the patients and provide a guarantee over the top of the line modern healthcare services to provide full health. 

Dr Stacy Budlender, Dr Jake Bright, and Dr James Gregors are available to assist patients with their expertise and bundle of knowledge 24×7. 

Location: “128 Hawthorn Rd, Caulfield North VIC 3161, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9532 8715

Rating: “5.0 With 46 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Stacy Budlender, Dr Jake Bright and Dr James Gregors   




LiveWell Family Chiropractic

LiveWell Family Chiropractic Clinic is known to be among the dedicated wellness centres that aim to maximise and improve your body’s functional capacity. They are a primary chiropractic service provider and can treat spinal abnormalities as well as sports injuries.

Their experts can also help you with the list of exercises, nutrition, and diet for maintaining or sustaining your improvements for the long term. The expert at this clinic has a mission to offer individualised care plans to help you to move back to your best health. 

The expert chiropractor Dr David Lam can provide you with the right solutions and treatments for your back issues. Also, you can enjoy the best personal and pain-free life with his treatments. 

Location: “4a Small St, Hampton VIC 3188, Australia.”

Contact: (03) 9995 8164

Rating: “5.0 With 78 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr David Lam   




Instinctive Chiropractic, Melbourne

This clinic is primarily a group of chiropractors and their assistants residing in the Melbourne area. Together, they have managed to create an intuitive brand in the community. The experts here are dedicated to creating change in the healthcare industry by offering the best chiropractic services to their clients. 

The expert team working with them has high skills and works according to customer requirements with the best treatments. All of their practitioners are experienced enough to meet the lifestyle needs of their patients and create programs to fulfil their needs. 

Their team of the best chiropractor in Melbourne consists of Dr Simon Petersen, Dr Renee Forza, Dr Charlene Tseng, and Dr Junyan Yap in two different locations, such Wantirna and Albert Park. 

Location: “36/44 Mills St, Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9988 0688

Rating: “5.0 With 16 Google reviews.”

Chiropractor: Dr Simon Petersen, Dr Renee Forza, Dr Charlene Tseng, and Dr Junyan Yap  




Elite Chiropractic Essendon

The Elite Chiropractic Essendon Clinic takes the complexity of the human body into account of the body as a whole to help a patient in achieving the best functionality and health. Their expert doctors use the most innovative and investigational techniques available. 

Their practitioners have extensive experience in treating professional or semi-professional athletes in multiple spots. Therefore, the rehabilitation and performance program of the user is more likely to be sport specific. They work to achieve the elite performance goals of the user. 

Dr Chad Gauci and Dr Adile Dogan are the primary chiropractors here, and they graduated from RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). 

Location: “31a/80-82 Keilor Rd, Essendon North VIC 3041, Australia.”

Contact: (03) 9379-1539

Rating: “4.8 With 13 Google reviews.”

Chiropractors: Dr Chad Gauci and Dr Adile Dogan  




Northcote Chiropractic Centre

Northcote Chiropractic Center aims to offer treatment and support to patients of all ages related to musculoskeletal concerns. Also, this clinic has been operating from the same premises for over 40 years, making them trusted and well-recognized for patients from the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. 

This clinic aims to help people since its existence and upgrade their health level to a better one. The team of experienced chiropractors working with Northcote Chiropractic Clinic is committed to offering the best solutions to their customers for muscle or joint complaints.

The expert team of the best chiropractor in Melbourne includes Dr Jack Gurman, Dr Greg Conlan, Dr Jessica Hunter, and Dr David Le, and they provide the most reliable chiropractic treatment to their customers. 

Location: “435 St Georges Rd, Thornbury VIC 3071, Australia”

Contact: 61 3 9480 4383

Rating: “4.7 With 13 Google reviews.”

Chiropractors: Dr Jack Gurman, Dr Greg Conlan, Dr Jessica Hunter, and Dr David Le  




Here you will get to view a comprehensive list of the most reliable chiropractors in Melbourne. We know it is important to choose the ideal healthcare service provider, as our health is our priority. 

Therefore, to make it easy for you, we have listed the best ones in the community, and you can choose any one of them according to your convenience or flexibility. This information about the clinics will provide you with a better idea of their services and their aim. You can hook up to our website to get more information about chiropractors globally.

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