11 Awesome Chiropractors in Sydney (2023)

Are you tired of regular back pain and looking for the ideal treatment? Then chiropractors in Sydney would be best to get the ideal treatment. In this busy lifestyle, we usually do not get enough time to take proper care of ourselves. Hence, it is common for people to face back issues as they have to sit for long hours and work continuously. We all work to own a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle, but it will be of no use if we are suffering from back issues. Therefore, it’s better to have a consultation scheduled in one of the best chiropractic clinics in Sydney. 

The rise in need for the best chiropractors has risen dramatically in the last few years. That’s because of the increasing popularity of natural chiropractic treatments. However you will find many clinics offering chiropractic services in the locality but choosing the best one will be daunting. Here we will take you through the list of the best chiropractors in Sydney. 

Chiropractor Sydney 

Here we have curated an index of the best chiropractors you will find in Sydney with all the required important information regarding their services. Read to know more about them. 


Sydney Chiropractic Care

Sydney Chiropractic Care is one of the most renowned names in the community, with a serving history of over 25 years. The expert here uses the correctional chiropractic adjustments approach, education, and exercise on self-care. Also, their purpose of offering service is to help individuals in achieving the highest health level. 

The chiropractors here carry the process of spinal therapy and diagnosis at a sophisticated level to make you feel great again. They provide treatment for various postural, neck, hip, back, and shoulder concerns. 

An excellent team of three expert chiropractors in Sydney, Dr Jeffery Brooks, Dr Des Deen, and Dr Eihab Taouk, serves the patient with the utmost care and knowledge. 

Location: “Level 5, 72 Pitt Street, NSW, 2000”

Contact: 612 9222 9997

Rating: “5.0 with 149 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Jeffery Brooks, Dr Des Deen, and Dr Eihab Taouk




George Street Chiropractic

George Street Chiropractic clinic is one of the best Sydney CBD chiropractors to avail personalized care for back issues. The location of this clinic is in the heart of Sydney to provide ease in finding the location. Also, it has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals to offer the best treatments. 

The practitioners use gentle and safe treatment methods. Besides this, they offer customized exercise and treatment programs that would fulfil all the needs of their customers. They also bring generic chiropractic methods with a modernistic approach to view the effective results. 

With a great team and two experts Sydney chiropractors, Dr Steve Crome & Dr Josh Fitzgerald, they aim to provide the best in community treatment to their patients. 

Location: “417/375 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia”

Contact: 92903800

Rating: “5.0 with 55 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Steve Crome and Dr Josh Fitzgerald




Sydney Wellness Chiropractic

This Sydney chiro clinic offers the best in-town services. They work to also unlock the inner energy to bring peak physical and mental health to their patients. Sydney Wellness Chiropractic has spent the last two decades treating patients with poor postures. 

The expert approach of this Clinic expert is to use the natural chiropractic method to help you gain control of the body. Also, they provide relief from various issues such as back pain, shoulder pain, digestive condition and poor posture. 

Dr Xavier Mirouze is one of the most eligible chiropractors in the locality, having more than 21 years of experience in this field. 

Location: “Suite 212, Level 2, 350 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000”

Contact: 02 8060 5247

Rating: “5.0 with 33 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Xavier Mirouze




Sydney City Chiropractic

Seventeen years ago, in Surry Hills, this clinic was established to provide chiropractic services in the surrounding Sydney areas ever since its launch. The experts here are committed to offering top-notch healthcare services in a professional and friendly setting. 

They respect the time of their clients and have fixed schedules for treating the patients at their convenience. The aim of the Sydney Chiropractic Clinic is to respect the natural ability of the human body to initiate healing and regulation itself. 

The expert team of Dr Michael Sideris and Dr Sam Lee renders chiropractic treatments to patients with expert assistance for betterment. 

Location: “563 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010”

Contact: 61 2 8399 1438

Rating: “4.9 with 43 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Michael Sideris and Dr Sam Lee



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Advanced Care Chiropractic

The expert chiropractors working with the Advanced Care Chiropractic clinic in Sydney offer customized care for the individual without any long-term contracts. Their combination of chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation programs allows them to bring the best results. 

You can get a complete analysis of your posture with them, and they offer strategies that help in improving posture at the workplace and at home. Dr Zal Nishanian is the principal Chiropractor in this clinic and offers the best service. 

Location: 43 King St, Sydney NSW 2000

Contact: (02) 9262 6566

Rating: “5.0 with 46 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Zak Nishanian



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Complete City Health Sydney Chiropractic Clinic

Complete City Health Chiropractic Clinic in Sydney uses spinal decompression with manual adjusting and helps many people to deal with back problems effectively. They complete the neurological, physical and biomechanical assessment of every patient to provide an idea of the required chiropractic treatment to improve their condition. 

The experts’ holistic approach to health typically aims to look for a long-term solution to their problems. Also, if you are looking for long-lasting, safe and effective relief for your neck or back pain, then this clinic is best for you. 

The expert duo of Dr Jiehoon NA and Dr Debra Villar can help you to get the best treatment for spinal problems. 

Location: Level 21/31 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000

Contact: (02) 9299 1661

Rating: “4.9 with 45 Google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Jiehoon NA, Dr Debra Villar



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North Sydney Spine & Health Centre

North Sydney Spine Centre is one of the best chiropractors based in Sydney and Crow Nest. They have been in this community serving patients for more than 20 years now. Their therapies are focused on the treatment of the symptoms, and they also focus on treating the cause of the problem. 

The experts here know what a healthy body is and the importance of a healthy lifestyle. They aim to get their clients pain-free with the use of perfect posture and keeping it to make you enjoy your life. 

The examination process used by Dr Adam Luc includes multiple assessments for ideally measuring the posture. Also, they have the finest quality machines to correctly assess the problematic areas. 

Location: 203/83 Mount St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Contact: (02) 9955 8055

Rating: “4.4star with 27 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Adam Luc




My Back Relief Clinic

This chiropractic clinic in Sydney provides a unique healing space that offers the ideal combination of spinal adjustments of rehabilitation, ergonomic advice, muscle work and preventative exercises. Their team is accredited and government-registered to provide the best in class healthcare services and pain relief. 

The clinic owner and expert Chiropractor at the clinic Dr Paula Basilio also works as University Associate Supervisor at Macquarie University. Ultimately, their care plans are typically designed around health goals and provide a competitive sport. 

Location: “Suite B, 390 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203”

Contact: (02) 9560 0184

Rating: “5.0 with 56 Google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Seonhee Kim and Dr Paula Basilio




The Back Clinic

This Sydney chiropractor has skilled professional staff to cater the individual health needs. Their main purpose is to educate, check and adjust the possible family numbers to offer optimal health through gentle care. Also, the Back Clinic team is dedicated to providing help in regaining the full health potential and assisting the family in staying well for life. 

The experts here do not use therapies, use medications, treat diseases or use other drugs. They focus on chiropractic treatments to detect and correct the subtle misalignments of the spine. These are also known as vertebral subluxations. 

Dr Seonhee Kim and Dr Paula Basilio have been serving the clinic to render the best chiropractic services. 

Location: Suite 6, 434 Chapel Rd, Cnr of Chapel Rd & Rickard Rd, Bankstown NSW 2200

Contact: 02 9708 6011

Rating: “4.7 with 58 google reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Seonhee Kim and Dr Paula Basilio




Knox Chiropractic – Gonstead Chiropractor Sydney

Knox Chiropractic clinic is another reliable chiropractor in Sydney. The experts here use the Gonstead System of Chiropractic care to treat patients. Their experts know it is one of the best methods for restoring proper joint motion. They have successfully treated people with vertebral subluxations with the best care methods. 

They provide treatment to patients of all ages, whether it be babies or old age people. This clinic is an ideal destination to get treatment for different purposes or problems such as whiplash, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, and scoliosis. 

Dr Stuart Knox works in collaboration with her assistant Robbie to treat the patients with ease. 

Location: “2 Beamish Road, NORTHMEAD NSW”

Contact: 96301049

Rating: “4.9 with 82 google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Stuart Knox




In Good Hands Chiropractic

It is one of the leading chiropractor clinics in Sydney, and all the experts here have a minimum of 5 years of on-hand experience. They ensure that all the treatment that is provided to patients is safe and effective. 

They are known for catering to all levels of chiropractic health, ranging from elite athletes to busy mum and elderly people. You can get treatment for different problems, be it back pain, shoulder pain, general or chronic pain, sciatica, or neck pain. 

Dr Daniel has completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s Chiropractic degrees from Macquarie University. Furthermore, he is also an active member of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia.

Location: “78 Enmore Rd, Newtown NSW 2042, Australia”

Contact: 406230393

Rating: “5.0 with 72 google reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Daniel De Jesus




Walters Chiropractic, Sydney

Walters Chiropractic Clinic is run and owned by the Walter brothers. They have provided exceptional care to people since 1982. Also, this clinic was started by Peter Walters, the world-renowned Chiropractor in Sydney. It is now owned by Simon and Daniel Walters. 

At this clinic, patients are treated with the help of the Gonstead System of Chiropractic method. This method typically epitomizes the exact definition of real chiropractic care, and it uses a hands-on approach to patient treatment. 

The duo of Dr Simon and Dr Daniel offers quality chiropractic care along with massage and pilates classes. 

Location: “101 Victoria Road, Parramatta NSW 2500 (Cnr Wandsworth St & Victoria Rd)”

Contact: 296833661

Rating: “4.7 with 72 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Daniel Walters & Dr Simon Walters




Mend Chiropractic

It is one of the longest-serving Sydney-based chiropractic clinics and is an active member of the Australian Chiropractors Association. It was first brought into existence in 2007, and the experts here are committed to finding the source of symptoms. Also, they provide the best treatment to keep you moving and performing at the very best level. 

We also use a wide range of gentle and evidence-based techniques for promoting the correct movement as well as the alignment of your spine. The expert goal here is to improve the function of your spine and support the healing process. You can get assistance in long-term treatment with Mend Chiropractic Clinic. 

Dr Daniel completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Chiropractic Science from Macquarie University in the year 2004. Furthermore, he has been based in Glebe since 2007 and is listed among the best chiropractors in Sydney. 

Location: ” The Valhalla, Suite 105, Ground Floor, 166 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037″

Contact: 02 9518 5279

Rating: “4.9 with 74 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Daniel Edwards




ChiroRelief (Chiropractor Sydney)

The ChiroRelief experts have specialization in offering preventive chiropractic care and targeted relief from other conditions of the musculoskeletal as well as the nervous system. They have one of the best chiropractors that service their patients with automated spinal decompression. 

Their team of chiropractors assist a wide range of people, from top-level athletes to people looking to enhance their general health and well-being. They have an excellent team of Dr Sophia Karikala and Dr Lina Shiyad, who are committed to offering exceptional support and service to patients. 

Both expert chiropractors at ChiroRelief are assisted by the assistance every time they inspect a patient. 

Location: “208 Enmore Rd, Enmore NSW 2042”

Contact: 02 9550 6094

Rating: “5.0 with 64 reviews”.

Chiropractors: Dr Sophia Karikala and Dr Lina Shiyab



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Waterloo Chiropractic (Chiropractor Sydney)

Waterloo Chiropractic is considered to be a musculoskeletal focusing on the healthcare clinic of Sydney. They are focused on providing the highest fitness standards for their patients, helping with musculoskeletal care and treatment. 

The experts of this clinic aim to offer proactive health management for lower back issues, neck pain, headaches, and posture issues. Furthermore, they will also provide you with different types of chiropractic care for patients. 

The skilled chiropractor team working with Waterloo clinic has three members, Dr Daniel Gilmore, Dr Ben Foley and Dr Susan C Tyfield, to assist patients in every possible manner. 

Location: “Shop 265, 8 Lachlan St, Waterloo, NSW 2017”

Contact: (02) 9690 0911

Rating: “4.8 with 78 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Daniel Gilmore, Dr Ben Foley and Dr Susan C Tyfield 




Brunswick Chiropractic

Brunswick has a team consisting of similarly-minded health experts who solely focus on improving their patient’s good health. This clinic offers multiple treatment styles and practitioners that allow you to cover various health issues effectively. 

Their main aim is to help their customers in achieving their health goals and offer multiple hands-on therapies that include myotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy. These experts provide expert treatment for fulfilling individual needs. 

The expert team of Dr Erin, David and Dr Anna believe in providing quality care with the expert chiropractor’s principles. 

Location: “Brunswick Chiropractic, 180 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, VIC 3033, Australia”

Contact: (03) 9388 1266

Rating: “4.8 with 31 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Erin Conway, Dr Anna Kubicki and Dr David Cannon 




Lyons Road Family Chiropractic Centre

It is a family-operated wellness centre offering chiropractic health care to a wide variety of people across Sydney. This chiropractic clinic in Sydney also has an in-built children’s area where they can play, relax and draw while they get treated with physical therapy. 

Their team of experienced and professional chiropractors help patients from Five Dock, Drummoyne, and all the surrounding areas to achieve the healthiest method. Also, the holistic methods used by Lyons Road Family Chiropractic Center are clinically proven to be effective. 

The sole purpose of the experts at this clinic is to remove the spinal cord’s harmful misalignments. The chiropractors here are trained to treat it without using invasive techniques. 

Location: “169 Lyons Rd, Drummoyne NSW 2047”

Contact: (02) 9819 6182

Rating: “4.7 with 31 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Paul Calladine 


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Rockdale Chiropractic Backcare

Rockdale Chiropractic Backcare clinic has access to all the latest techniques and developments in chiropractic care for the assured superior treatment of their patients. They use different methods for every individual according to their needs, bodies and lifestyle. 

The experts here seriously take the specific circumstances into account and diagnose every patient carefully with case assessment. Their practitioners will explain every procedure before they begin the treatment to keep you informed and confident in every possible step during treatment. 

Dr Rosemarie Jabbour is an expert chiropractor in Sydney who offers treatment programs that can be integrated easily into the existing lifestyle of a person. 

Location: “10/103 George St Parramatta NSW 2150”

Contact: (02) 9687 4011

Rating: “4.2 with 61 reviews”.

Chiropractor: Dr Rosemarie Jabbour (Chiropractor) 




Chiropractor help can heal your back or spine issues in an effective way without facing pain. The expert chiropractor in Sydney would also be your ideal choice to get the best treatment in the community. The treatment offered by them can provide you with the best results. Here we have discussed the best chiropractors you will find all over Sydney. 

We have tried to cover the maximum number of chiropractors from different locations in the state to make it easy for you and choose one. This information might turn out to be helpful for you in one or the other way while looking out for the best service provider. If you are out of Sydney, you can look at other categories to find the best chiropractors in your desired locality around Australia.

More cities in Australia = Berwick. Chiropractor Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane.

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