Is it Bad to Crack Your Neck? – (Answered in Detail)

We are here with an answer to your question, “Is it Bad to Crack Your Neck”. But before we jump to the answer, we will provide you with a brief description of the human neck. Well, we all know what the neck is and where it is located in our body. But do we have a piece of complete knowledge about it, and do we know the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ about it? So let us first learn about the importance of the neck.

“Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out”- James Bryant Conant. Our neck holds great importance in our body, as it can never be replaced by any other scientific advancement. If a person, due to any reason, loses an arm or leg, it can be replaced with an artificial one, but once there is caused any damage to the neck, nothing can be undone. So the question – is it bad to crack your neck becomes even more important? 

A neck is that part of the body that is built on many vertebrates that connect the head with the torso. This is the reason behind the movement and mobility of the head. And now you can imagine that if due to any reason, your neck gets hurt, you won’t be able to see the world around you in the same old way and will feel agitated.

What is meant by Cracking your Neck?

Many of us get immense pleasure when we hear a popping sound from our knuckles, joints, back, and neck. But is this pop really satisfying and helpful in the long run? The answer is yes, and no. Now, you must be confused. Of course, everyone knows that there are pros and cons to everything you do in your daily life. So, there exist both negative and positive aspects of cracking your neck. 

At times, we feel so much strain on our necks that we tend to crack them to feel relieved of the pressure. Well, that is satisfying for a short duration of time. It won’t give you any long-term results and benefits. Cracking your neck on your own or by your friend can be really harmful. It can cause adverse effects on your body. 

Your neck has several sets of joints that are known as facet joints. There is a fluid in joint capsules. When a person cracks his neck, the facet joints get stretched. This stretch leads to the spreading of the fluid in the joint capsules. Once the fluid turns into gas, your neck joints pop. This is why you feel that cracking your neck is releasing pressure around your neck area. Keep reading to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of neck cracking.

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Why is it Bad to Crack your neck?


As we mentioned above, cracking your neck can be both helpful and harmful. It can be dangerous if you do it yourself. But it can be positively resulting if done by a professional. If You do it too often or in an incorrect way, it can lead to several problems that can last forever too.

Imagine that you are waking up in the morning, and your neck is so stiff that you cannot even move it properly. The same thing can happen after cracking the neck in the wrong way. The neck is home to many blood vessels. In some cases, neck cracking can puncture these blood vessels if a high amount of pressure is applied or the movement is incorrect. This can also cause blood clotting that can inhibit the blood flow to the brain. 

There are more than hundreds of cases reported where people were left partially or fully paralysed after neck cracking was done on their own. In other cases reported, neck cracking has also led to Osteoarthritis. This is the result of perpetual instability, which occurs when the ligaments of your joints get permanently stretched. Many times, overextending of the ligaments and tendons can weaken the ability of the neck to support the head, and this can last lifelong.  

If you experience prolonged stiffness, pain, and swelling in your neck, it is advisable to consult a chiropractor. Let us go further to know how a chiropractor can help us in getting relief from our stiff and painful necks.

You might also have to visit a chiropractor if you feel tingling in the shoulder blade.

How Chiropractors Crack Necks?

Chiropractors are always the most trusted and skilful health professionals who can help you get rid of any pain and dis-ease in your body. But before that, you need to know the severity of your problem. If the pain is just a day old, you can go to a physiotherapist. But if you have been suffering from pain and stiffness for a long time and are fed up with consuming pain relief tablets and injections, then it is high time to visit a chiropractor near you

There are certain signals your body gives, and then you know you should consult a chiropractor. What are these signals in the case of the neck? Let us read further to know about it.

  • When you notice an unusual swelling in the neck, which can be a sign of infection, fluid buildup, or injury, it is a call for a chiropractor.
  • If you start feeling chronic pain in the neck area, which does not have any noticeable cause for it, you must see a chiropractor.

Now, what’s the difference between cracking your neck on your own and getting it cracked by a chiropractor? Well, there’s a huge difference when it comes to getting yourself treated by a professional for any health-related issue. You are in safe and experienced hands. So what do chiropractors do? 

Because chiropractors have complete knowledge of your spine, your joints, and nervous system, it becomes easier for them to work on your body in the required direction. The chiropractors help in manipulating your joints to realign them. They put a needed amount of pressure on your neck joints to get them into place in order to release the stiffness and pain and enhance the movements of the neck. They use the right technique to crack your neck and provide you with effective and long-lasting results. The Chiropractors also teach you some exercises that will help you to keep your neck in a correct posture so that there remains no need to crack them anymore. In some cases, chiropractors might give massage therapies and hot packs and use other techniques to release the burden. Therefore, looking for a chiropractor to crack your neck is always preferred.

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In this article, we have cleared all your doubts regarding neck cracking. There are the benefits and the harms of cracking your neck discussed above so that you don’t put yourself in a mess while thinking of getting out of one small problem. 

When you have Chiropractors to help you with all the aches and pains, then why do it yourself and create a fuss? Ease your pain and life by getting treated by a chiropractor.

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