Text Neck Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Effects & Cure

There is a reason why your backbone is called by that name. Every portion of your spine is designed in a way that supports your entire body’s functioning. Each curve of your spine has its own importance. If there happens any misalignment in the discs of your spine, there occur several physical and psychological issues in your body. Text Neck Syndrome is one of the many problems that are related to your posture.

So, what is this Text Neck Syndrome? How do we get to know if we are suffering from this? How does it affect us? And the most important, how to treat it? So many questions might pop up in your mind. Well, Well, Well! We have all the answers and are privileged to help you learn everything about this Syndrome.

From kids to elders, almost every second human is seen using smartphones, laptops, and computers for studying, working, or for self-entertainment. But have you ever thought about whether your smartphones have actually made you and your life smart or not? Technological advancements have made your life easier and faster but have also added up to your health problems. Text Neck Syndrome is also the result of using mobile phones and other hand-lifted devices that affect your neck posture causing you discomfort.

What’s Turtle Neck Syndrome?

U.S. chiropractor Dr D.L. Fishman has coined the term Text Neck Syndrome, Which is also known as an anterior head syndrome or Turtle Neck Posture. Reports tell us that 62.3% of users suffer from pain in the neck and shoulder region. We will refer to it as the ‘Pain of Technology” as it evolves with the overuse of technology. Now let us learn about the symptoms and causes.

Text Neck Syndrome Symptoms

Your body starts giving you signals when a problem is about to happen. Thus, you need to be watchful of the changes in your body, for example, prolonged static postures could be turning painful. Symptoms may vary from person to person, so we are giving you a brief about the several symptoms that your body might show.

1. Acute pain 

In most of the cases reported, the patient complains about pain in the neck with a slight stiffness. A patient might also observe headaches and heaviness in the eyes along with it.

2. FHP

FHP here stands for Forwarding Head Posture. Head forward is a condition where the patient starts feeling a bend and burden on his neck.

3. Vertigo

At times a person starts feeling a bit dizzy. There are several reasons behind dizziness, but in some cases, the dizzy feeling might be an indication of severe Turtle Neck Syndrome.

4. Muscle Spasm

There starts occurring numbness and muscle spasms accompanied by tingling in your shoulder and neck. This could also indicate muscle weakness.

What Causes It?

To every problem, there is a solution, and in the same way, there stands a cause for each problem. Half your problem gets solved once you are aware of the reasons behind it. So, let us get a quick read and learn about the causes of Text Neck Syndrome.

1. Technical Addiction

Approximately nine out of ten people are highly addicted to technology. People use their mobile phones for as long as they can. Then there are other people who are bound to work on laptops and computers for extended durations. And your neck is most likely to get affected in this process as it is not positioned properly in the required posture.

2. Biomechanical Reasons

Several forces work together on your neck, causing a dis-ease in your bones and muscles.

  • The force on your neck.
  • Force due to gravity.
  • The force exerted by your neck muscles to keep your head in position.

3. Sleep

The sleeping position is also responsible for the occurrence of Text Neck Syndrome. The level of pillow you rest your head upon also provokes this Syndrome. 

How Does it Affect you?

Every problem, whether it is small or big, has adverse effects on your entire body. One thing adds to another. Each and every body part is interconnected, so if one is affected by something, it gradually affects other adjoining parts. Text Neck Syndrome is generally the pain and stiffness in your neck, but it leads to several other health issues that are briefly listed below.

  • It might, in some cases, cause upper back or shoulder pain.
  • Headaches are also common. 
  •  It causes an increase in Thoracic Kyphosis.
  • There might happen disc compression and Spinal degeneration.
  • One can experience a loss of lung capacity.
  • The muscles tend to start feeling weaker. 
  •  Early-onset Arthritis is one of the additional effects.
  • High Blood Pressure problems can also occur.
  • Patients can observe vision-related issues.
  • Text Neck Syndrome can add to Sinus.

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How to Get Your Turtle Neck Syndrome Treated?

There is no lock without a key.’ By this, we mean to say that there is no such problem that does not have a solution to it. Text Neck Syndrome also has several treatments. All that is required is to have a little interest in learning and search about it. If you observe a problem at its initial stage, it is much easier to treat it and recover from it at a faster pace. When you cause delays in the treatment or keep ignoring the symptoms, you are increasing your healing time and will require much more complex treatment. We will let you know the ways you can overcome it. First, we will discuss the methods you can follow for initial treatment. You can add mobility exercises to your work regime.

  • While working on the laptop and using a smartphone, you need to take short breaks and meanwhile look towards the ceiling and down to reduce the strain on your neck and keep yourself away from getting Text Neck Syndrome.
  • Another exercise is to move your head from the right shoulder to the left and vice versa. This helps you to loosen the tight muscles around your neck and shoulder and gives you the feeling of ease and comfort.

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How Chiropractors Treat Text Neck Syndrome?

Without any doubt, it is surely a yes to this question. Chiropractors have a vast and complete knowledge about your body, especially focussing on your spine and nervous system, and they are the best healthcare professionals to assist you in getting rid of Text Neck Syndrome. The turtle neck or anterior head syndrome is caused due to the misalignment of the vertebrae of the neck. And Chiropractors are known for adjusting your spine. So, Chiropractors can successfully treat your neck pain and help you release all the strain and stiffness in your neck. Do you want to get an idea about how Chiropractors treat this Syndrome? Go through the treatment procedures that are mentioned below.

1. Hot Packs

If the pain is acute and causes stiffness in your neck and shoulder region, a Chiropractor will offer you hot packs to feel relieved of the strain in your muscles. 


Depending upon the severity of Text Neck Syndrome, a patient can be treated with a TENS unit.

3. Acupuncture

Many patients are given acupuncture treatment to get rid of numbness and muscle spasms.

4. Ice Packs

At times, patients complain about inflammation along with pain in the neck and around the shoulders; thus, a Chiropractor helps the patient by giving ice packs.

5. Massage Therapies

Massage therapies are mostly offered to treat almost every second problem. Text neck Syndrome can also be treated with massage therapies given by experienced and skillful chiropractors.

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Is There a Way to Prevent Text Neck Syndrome?

The answer is sure. Yes. We all have heard our elders saying, “Prevention is Better than Cure.” It is applicable even in the case of Text Neck Syndrome. There are various ways you can prevent neck pain from taking over. Let us gain some knowledge about the prevention of turtle neck posture.

  • First and foremost, you need to keep yourself at a distance from smartphones.
  • You can take frequent short breaks during your work hours.
  • Try to keep your head straight while using mobile phones or while reading for longer durations.
  • If your work requires you to use laptops for extended hours, then fix your laptop at a higher level, especially at your eye level, to support your upper body.
  • Avoid the usage of large and heavy devices in one hand for prolonged periods.


If you find any of your family members or friends suffering from Text Neck Syndrome or Turtleneck, then this article will surely be of great help. We have covered all the facts and aspects, so you no more have to stay in pain and discomfort.

Get yourself treated by the best chiropractors near you and say Goodbye to Text Neck Syndrome forever.

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