11 Best Chiropractors in Abbotsford

Getting a good treatment is the right of every individual, and when it comes to chiropractic care, you need to be more cautious. Since spine manipulation has the power to change your body for the better or worst altogether so, choosing the right chiropractor is very important. So, if you are from Abbotsford and are confused about choosing a chiropractor in Abbotsford, then it’s your lucky day. 

The increasing demand for chiropractors in Abbotsford has made it difficult to find a good chiropractor that would help you retain your health status. Searching for a treatment when you are suffering is additional pain. So to make the searching part easier for you, we decided to bring a list of the 11 best chiropractors Abbotsford offers. Indeed, choosing from many is complex, and we, too, scrutinized and sorted the list below precisely. 

Chiropractor Abbotsford

The list below includes all the details that would help you decide at the earliest as you will be having a visual tour of every clinic and service provided by chiropractors. We made our choices over distinct features like popularity, years of practice, and their specializations. 


Cascadia Chiropractic Centre

Cascadia chiropractic centre chiropractor abbotsford

This is one of the most highly experienced clinics in Abbotsford. With an experience of 40 years, they have seen the chiropractic world evolve and grow. Now that we live in a technologically advanced world. Therefore, the treatments here are also carried out with technologically advanced equipment. Moreover, the problems are treated with utmost efficiency. Apart from getting relief from pains, if you wish to correct your postures or want to bring changes in mobility, the clinic will help you extensively.

Foot levelers orthotic, shockwave therapy, spinal decompression, and many other services are available here. Dr. Simpson Leung and Dr. Pamella Bolla are the chiropractors or practitioners of this clinic. Dr. Simpson has a passion for curing people who suffer from chronic and acute pains. Dr. Pamell uses evidence-based techniques to treat patients and help the patients to recover swiftly.

Location: 34143 Marshall Rd #101, Abbotsford, BC V2S 1L8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-853-4441



Pacific Life Chiropractic, Abbotsford

The Pacific Life Chiropractic is a clinic that approaches giving quality treatment to all its patients. There are various treatments and therapies available here. Moreover, the clinic’s interior is exquisite and offers a wide range of treatment options. With a positive vibe and warm smile, you will receive a treatment that will be worthwhile.

There are two Abbotsford chiropractors in this clinic, Dr. Carolyne Hiebert and Dr. Jonathan Hiebert. Both doctors are highly talented, experienced, and licensed practitioners. Further, they have been practicing for years with the prospect of providing the best chiropractic treatment. Dr. Carolyne is presently pursuing her Diplomate in Advanced Pediatric and Prenatal care. She will be the only Doctor with this designation on the West Coast when she completes it, one of only six in Canada. On the other hand, Dr. Jonathan is a member of the British Columbia Chiropractic Association and certified in Active Release Technique.

Location: 1379 Sumas Way Unit 108, Abbotsford, BC V2S 8M9, Canada

Phone: +1 604-850-0551



ALTUS Chiropractic and Physiotherapy – Chiropractor Abbotsford

This clinic gives various types of chiropractic care or all types of chiropractic care. Be it chronic back pains, neck pain, or any other pain. You can have a quick remedy for all your issues. Disc Protrusion, Disc Herniation, Degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis of the spine, or any discomfort of the body that holds you back will be cured easily here. Apart from chiropractic care, massage therapy and physiotherapy are also provided at their best here.

The team of this clinic has three Abbotsford-based chiropractors. Dr. Trang Luu-Grover, Dr. Rob Cormack, and Dr. Jose Otano are the chiropractors of the clinic. All doctors have a similar way of treating. They first examine the root of the problem and then get going with treatment upon the diagnosis.

Location: 32920 Ventura Ave #101, Abbotsford, BC V2S 6J3, Canada

Phone: +1 604-853-3212



Abbotsford Spine Centre Chiropractor Abbotsford

Abbotsford Spine Centre Chiropractor Abbotsford

This beautiful clinic thrives on giving the best chiropractic care in different niches. Here the primary goal is to support your recovery quickly and safely. The clinic thrives on helping you get better and on your way so you can get back to work and the activities you enjoy or like doing. This clinic was formerly known as Enns Chiropractic, and it has been serving the people of Abbotsford for over 30 years. 

There are two chiropractors in this clinic. Dr. Aron Enns and Dr. Caleb Enns. They are both highly qualified and dedicated to their work. Using various chiropractic care techniques, they perform the treatment and help the patients to get a pain-free life. The quality treatment and speedy recovery mark their prominence as a chiropractor.

Location: 2644 Adelaide St, Abbotsford, BC V2T 3M2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-852-5070



Clearbrook Chiropractic Clinic – Abbotsford

clearbook chiropractic clinic

This is one of the oldest clinics in Abbotsford. It was founded in 1995, and it has been serving the people of Abbotsford for the past 25 years. With great zeal and motivation to provide the best chiropractic care coupled with massage therapies and physiotherapy to the community. The clinic serves the treatment of a wide range of patients. These include pregnant women, newborns, kids, athletes, and seniors. Moreover, the clinic is also equipped to deal with ICBC claims, WorkSafeBC claims, M.S.P. coverage, RCMP, and Veteran Affairs. 

The clinic has three chiropractors in total. Dr. Brad Gueldner, Dr. Dana Gueldner and Dr. Morgan Gueldner. All three chiropractors work simultaneously and provide quality treatment to the people of Abbotsford. The chiropractors use various techniques, and all types of chiropractic care can be availed by the patients here. 

Location: 32630 George Ferguson Way #101, Abbotsford, BC V2T 4V6, Canada

Phone: +1 604-852-1820


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Chiropractic Life Centre – Chiropractor Abbotsford

Chiropractic life centre

This clinic provides various chiropractic services and distinct other services as well. Here, you can use services like massage therapy, K-laser therapy, and custom foot orthotics. Moreover, the clinic offers the latest technology for natural healing. The procedures are natural and non-invasive, so you get the best treatment at high speed. Additionally, the clinic is located in the heart of Abbotsford, and it would be effortless and convenient for commuting.

Dr. Rodney N. Hollett and Dr. Dorothea McCallum are the chiropractors of this clinic, and Jenni Binnendyk is the assistant chiropractor. They use various tools and techniques for carrying out the treatment. With an excellent record of recovery, they provide the best chiropractor services in Abbotsford. You can choose them any time and would get desired results.

Location: 2955 Gladwin Rd #100A, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5T4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-746-5668



Living Well Chiropractic, Abbotsford

This clinic has three chiropractors in total. Dr. Dustin Freund, Dr. Monica Lee, and Dr. Dan Erickson are the heroes here. Here they utilized NUCCA adjusting to restore the balance of the spine and nervous system. All types of issues like neck and back pain, headaches and migraines, chronic pain and stress, T.M.J., herniated disc, and many more conditions are treated with utmost efficiency.

Dr. Erickson has retired now yet continues to guide chiropractic care. On the other hand, Dr. Dustin and Dr. Monica treat the patients with various techniques. The effort of giving a quality treatment highlights the chiropractors’ name. Altogether, you can get a worthwhile treatment here in Abbotsford.

Location: 2010 Abbotsford Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 6X8, Canada

Phone: +1 604-853-9898



Total Care Chiropractic & Rehab Inc – Chiropractor Abbotsford

This clinic is one of the best chiropractic clinics in Abbotsford, known for treating various types of injuries, be it sports injury, work injury, or other. The setting and system here will help you get everything to make you reach your optimum lifestyle again. You will be getting the best chiropractic treatment here, but there is also scope for the treatment of various other therapies. Therefore, you can get treatments like physiotherapy, massage therapy, active rehab, orthotics, and laser therapy. 

Steven Basra is the chiropractor of this Abbotsford clinic. He provides all types of chiropractic adjustments. He is a prominent well known, and highly revered chiropractor. Besides, he is a licensed doctor, so you can freely go and avail your treatment without worrying about anything.

Location: 2845 Cruickshank St #302, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6X1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-854-3090



Sumas Mountain Sport and Spine chiropractor Abbotsford

This clinic is a home to everyone. If you are an athlete and seek to improve your overall performance, you can come to this clinic and avail yourself of everything you want. Or, if you are an office administrator and you struggle with lower back pain, this is still where you need to be. Moreover, this clinic is a well-maintained, and hygienic place that offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physiotherapy. Here you get treatment and tools that will ensure your speedy recovery. Additionally, you can also avail prescriptive bracing and orthotics. 

There is a team of five chiropractors in this Abbotsford clinic, apart from the massage therapist and physiotherapists. Dr. Bill Jacobs, Dr. Todd Marshall, Dr. Stephen Funk, Dr. Tyler Oosterhof, and Dr. Courtney Bartel are the heroes of this clinic. All five chiropractors are licensed and have an excellent recovery record. You can opt for any of these five as they are mastered to heal the root of your issue. 

Location: 34609 Delair Rd #102, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-852-3930



Central Chiropractic and Wellness Abbotsford

This clinic offers Chiropractic care, Theralase laser therapy, Custom Orthotics, Nutritional Support, and Lifestyle & ergonomic advice. The quality and expertise of this clinic are non-negotiable as it has been serving the people since 1980. Various new and advanced techniques are used to give quality treatment and meet the clients’ goals. Moreover, the treatments are customized according to the patient’s need, so you will have the authority here to let things happen the way you want. 

Dr. Alden Abraham is the chiropractor and the owner of this clinic. He has been serving Abbotsford with his expert treatments for 42 years. The experience and expertise of Dr. Abraham are highly regarded in the clinic. He can provide you with all types of chiropractic adjustments, and you will get the lifestyle and health status you are looking for.

Location: 2450 Rideau St, Abbotsford, BC V2T 3N4, Canada

Phone: +1 604-853-3378



MVMNT Chiropractic & Wellness Abbotsford

MVMNT Chiropractic & Wellness

You can avail all types of Chiropractic Adjustments, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and kinesiology from here. The approach to healing the patients swiftly at this clinic is commendable. Apart from manual adjustments, they use advanced techniques like the Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) and Graston Technique. Furthermore, one unique factor of this clinic is that the chiropractors here aim to reduce your pain to many folds within 6-to 8 treatments depending on the severity of your condition. 

Dr. Rav Nagra is a chiropractor in Abbotsford who practices in this clinic. He has the best approach and techniques for making chiropractic adjustments. Regardless of your issues, or the severity of your condition, the treatment here will help you achieve your desired health. Dr. Nagra is licensed and has been in practice for years, so there is nothing that should make you have double thoughts before seeing him. 

Location: 2190 W Railway St Unit 102, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E2, Canada

Phone: +1 604-744-8082

Website: https://www.mvmntwellness.


Now that you have a detailed brief, feel free to choose the best Abbotsford chiropractor and avail the treatment you wish to take to lead a life free from pain. The main benefit of chiropractic care is you can avail of natural treatment without the use of artificial substances or chemical products. 

Having quality treatment is your right, and we are sure that the listed chiropractor will give the proper treatment. Get going with your first sitting, make the bookings online, and see what magic chiropractic care gets you going. 

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