7 Best Chiropractors in Kanata, Ontario

Famous for its rapidly rising suburb community and high-tech business park, Kanata, Ottawa, also witnesses a significant number of chiropractors in the city. This is because the people of Kanata have become more health-conscious and prefer to prevent diseases rather than treat them with steroids. To define it, the practice of Chiropractic is a great way to fix your musculoskeletal system without using any medicine. Therefore, the patients have realized the importance of this Chiropractor Kanata that relieves pain, stress, sore muscles, etc., and prefer the treatment moreover traditional medicine, unless some severe condition is involved. 

So if you’re Kanata and looking for a ‘chiropractor near me’ that can help you, then you will have to continue reading. In this article, we will discuss in detail the best chiropractors in the city and all the necessary information about them. 

Chiropractor Kanata

The following are the best chiropractors in Kanata that are highest-rated and are lauded by their patients over the internet. 


Kanata North Chiropractic Centre 

Chiropractor Kanata

Kanata North Family Chiropractic Centre is one of the best chiropractic healthcare centers, providing a natural, holistic approach to treating you and your family. If you are experiencing migraines & headaches, low back & neck pain, motor vehicle accident injuries, sports/repetitive strain injuries, and tension & stress, then you must pay a visit here. In addition, the Kanata North Family Chiropractic care also provides excellent services in naturopathy. An important update is that the new Covid-19 guidelines are up on their websites.  

Moreover, Chiropractor Kanata’s lead practitioner, Dr. Laurie Spratt, has served the Kanata, Ottawa district with her team as a chiropractor for over twenty years now. She specializes in optimal health care for your comprehensive well-being, including family chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, pregnancy & pediatric care, active release technique, custom fit orthotics, and therapeutic laser treatment. 

Location: 555 Legget Dr. Suite 218, Kanata, ON K2K 2X3, Canada.

Contact: +1 613-599-3898 



Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic 

Hazeldean Family Chiropractic Clinic is one of the most sought-out clinics in Kanata. It is so because the chiropractor specialists here focus on overall health by correcting your spine and nervous system. Also, the staff, from the receptionist to the doctors, are amicable and tend to treat the patients with utmost care. Moreover, they also operate in Kanata, Stittsville, Richmond, Bells Corners, and beyond. 

Furthermore, the specialists, Dr. Erin McLaughlin and Dr. Pierre Paradis are very amicable and approachable. Their empathetic team, research-proven techniques, and education-based approach to treatment make them unique in the region. Hence, if you are experiencing numbness, sciatica, headache/migraine, neck pain, pregnancy pain, or lower back pain, Dr. Paradis is perfect for you. 

Location: 8-484 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 1V4, Canada. 

Contact: +1 613-831-9665



Family Chiropractic Center – Chiropractor Kanata

Kanata Family Chiropractic Center provides extensive care for pregnant women, children, young & old, and those with specific conditions. Pregnant women can get relief from backaches, muscle aches, and aches related to pregnancy through the best chiropractor in Kanata. However, children with performance or study stress tend to affect their spine, which can be ideally treated here. Moreover, the practitioners here also help you and your family by bringing/suggesting the best possible changes in your daily routine for a healthy nervous system. 

Furthermore, there are three practitioners here, and one of them is Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero, who is a double degree holder in molecular biology and biomedical science before starting his chiropractic career. Secondly, Dr. Lauren Guerrero is a graduate of Memorial Chiropractic College and is very friendly. Lastly, Dr. David Lovsin is a senior doctor of Chiropractic with a master’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo. Together, they provide an excellent service and are quite sought out by patients.

Location: 99 Kakulu Rd #214, Kanata, ON K2L 3C8, Canada. 

Contact: +1 613-592-7660


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Kanata Chiropractor 

Chiropractor Kanata

Located in Gateway Business Park, Kanata Chiropractor is a great place to start your chiropractic treatment if you’re new to it. Here, they provide gentle, thorough, and careful chiropractic assistance to help issues related to joints, nerves, muscles, and ligaments. Also, they do a complete body examination before proceeding with the treatment, through various tests and imaging to ensure you aren’t at any risk while the Chiropractic is being performed. So, if you experience discomfort or pain in your neck, lower back, sciatica, numbness, arthritis, headache, or have pain related to pregnancy, this is where you can get an excellent treatment for them. 

Moreover, Chiropractor Kanata’s team is a terrific mix of Dr. Hamza S. Usmani, the lead Chiropractor; Sarah Ward, the office manager, and health assistant; and Eric Lalonde, a registered massage therapist. Together, they provide various services, including chiropractic, massage therapy, exercise & rehabilitation, post-motor-vehicle accident therapy, X-Ray evaluation, and emergency & house-call visits. 

Location: 300 March Rd Suite 503, Kanata, ON K2K 2E2, Canada. 

Contact: +1 613-809-6386


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Balance Chiropractic – Chiropractor Kanata

Balance Chiropractic - Chiropractor Kanata

Balance Chiropractic provides chiropractic care and physiotherapy services, with its chiropractor specialists having over twenty years of experience. You will be met with professionals and with a smile, and the whole process will be carried out with utmost care and attention. This Kanata-based chiropractor clinic treats patients of all ages, sports injuries, pregnancy pains, computer workers, etc. 

Moreover, the specialist and the mind behind Balance Chiropractic is Dr. Ryan Pope, who, with his wife Anna, started teh clinic in 2014. Before they move forward with your treatment, they note down your entire medical history, conduct orthopedic and neurological evaluation, and thoroughly analyze the spine using world-class digital x-rays on the premises. Furthermore, you can contact the clinic for further queries. 

Location: 120-G1, Terence Matthews Crescent, Kanata, ON K2M 0J1, Canada

Contact: +1 613-435-8611


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Loloyan Chiropractic – Chiropractor Kanata

Loloyan Chiropractic not only serves in Kanata but also extends its services to the regions of South March, Morgan’s Grant, Kanata Lakes, Marchwood, and Beaverbrook. Coming to their services, the tailored care they provide targets problem areas offers lasting pain relief, and evolves along with your progress. There is more involved in their care than mere adjustments and neck cracks, and, most of all, they devote their time to listening and observing. 

Additionally, the chiropractor specialists here extend their expertise to newborns, children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, athletes, and workers of all occupation fields. The specialist Dr. Michael Loloyan, a bachelor of Biology and a master of Molecular Biology, dedicates his services to healing people through chiropractic care. Moreover, his patients vouch that he does a fantastic job of it. 

Location: 105 Schneider Rd #113, Kanata, ON K2K 1Y3, Canada

Contact: +1 613-801-3829



Synergy Chiropractic 

Synergy Chiropractic

Located in Van Leeuwen Centre, Synergy Chiropractic is the best chiropractic clinic on the Hazeldean Road, where they help people of all ages come to terms with their family health goals. This chiropractor Kanata provides comprehensive treatments to offer adjustments to the nervous system and spine correction for various objectives like better sleep, increased immunity, energized day, and best of all, correct postures for good. Hence, if you’re someone who would like to conduct the essential therapy at home, they also have tutorial videos online where they tell you how to do instant Chiropractic for instant relief. 

The specialists here, one of them, Dr. Craig Hazel, graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, and has pediatric training and certification that helps him with a gamut of disorders in children. Another one is Kayleigh Read, the Director of First Impressions at Synergy and a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Location: 10-420 Hazeldean Rd, Kanata, ON K2L 4B2, Canada.

Contact: +1 613-591-9151


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Chiropractic is one of the most popular stress management and spine/nervous system correction practices that is demonstrating its practical application every day in Kanata. As more and more people put their trust in the practice, various specialists and clinics are opening up in the city. Therefore, the best chiropractor Kanata can help you with a variety of your health issues and set you on the right path. Hope this article helped you find your chiropractor in Kanata.

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