Top 5 Chiropractors in Woodstock, Ontario

Everyone looks for the best treatment and therapies when it comes to health. Finding a chiropractor in Woodstock who not only diagnoses your problem but ensures healing from its roots is essential. Besides, stable health status helps one lead a normal lifestyle. Therefore, we brought together the best chiropractor in Woodstock. Our page will give you every detail and brief that would help you land at the appropriate chiropractor and enjoy the perks of a healthy and fit body.

While making the decision, there were many things we focused on. The very first aspect we looked at was the location and popularity of the Chiropractor. Since this page will give you all the information about Chiropractor Woodstock, we didn’t go beyond Woodstock’s place. Secondly, we kept our eyes on the parameters of popularity and years of practice, coupled with the recovery results. This page will give you a readymade report focusing on the characteristics and specialization of chiropractors. After you complete a thorough analysis of the listed articles, it is apparent that you will have an answer as well. 

Chiropractor Woodstock

To help you understand the specialities of chiropractors, we have listed them in numbers. Have a thorough analysis and compare the perks before you make a decision.


Trans Canada Chiropractic – Chiropractor Woodstock

Trans Canada Chiropractic

This is a profound clinic with professional associations, awards, and certificates from Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) and the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA). Trans Canada Chiropractic offers treatment to all age groups, be it a few weeks old children or a person in his 90s. Moreover, the patients also include families, athletes, and other health-conscious individuals. You will be treated according to your specific health needs in this Woodstock chiropractor clinic. Every physical problem will be cured in this clinic, starting from acute body pains to TMJ and sciatica. 

Dr Singh is the Chiropractor of this clinic, a master in diagnosing and treating conditions of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Furthermore, being an athlete himself, Dr Singh is highly interested in sports-related injuries. Apart from giving manual treatments, Dr Singh also uses a variety of modalities like; instrument adjusting, custom orthotics, interferential current, and more. 

Phone: +15194212024

Location: 46JW+C4 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada



Barnes Chiropractic – Woodstock Chiropractor

Barnes Chiropractic chiropractor woodstock

This is the longest-running chiropractic office in Woodstock. With specialization in various niches, you will find a team of diverse healthcare providers. If we talk about the popularity of the place, then the fact that it has been serving the people of Woodstock for 50 years says it all. In addition, you will also get Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Shockwave Therapy. Hot Stone Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Custom Orthotics and Footwear, Massage Therapy, and many more are also available here.

Dr Leene Ford and Dr David Gallinar are the chiropractors of this clinic. Dr Leene is very famous and has a status that is merely untold in words. With expertise in diversified adjusting techniques, activators, and various soft tissue techniques, she is giving exceptional treatments and shining as a chiropractor. Similarly, Dr David is a chiropractor as well as an acupuncture provider. With methods of manual therapy approach, he provides treatments like; chiropractic care, medical acupuncture, and myofascial release therapy.

Phone: +15195376471

Location: 46HW+P8 Woodstock, Ontario, Canada



Action Potential Chiropractic and Rehabilitation 

This Woodstock chiropractor clinic is full of all the treatments and therapies that one seeks to have while looking for chiropractic treatment. Although chiropractic care treats our body to the maximum, other therapies and massages also have due importance. Here you will find services other than chiropractic like rehabilitation, clinical acupuncture, custom orthotics, laster/TENS/IFC and many more. Furthermore, this clinic has served people with chiropractic treatment and other services for 16 years. 

The team has a total of 3 chiropractors and other specialists. Dr Adam Soward, Dr Courtney Soward, and Dr W. Drew Smith are the chiropractors here. One common feature of these three chiropractors Woodstock is that they are athletes and highly cautious about their health. Regardless of any pain and age, opt for this clinic and avail the best treatment in the city.

Phone: +15194213400

Location: 47M2+VH Woodstock, Ontario, Canada



Lamprea Chiropractic and Massage Therapy – Chiropractor Woodstock

This is another fascinating clinic in Canada that will give you the desired output or results. Here you will be treated just the way you want to. Be it any pain management or general health program, the clinic will arrange treatment that suits your budget. Additionally, the staff will give special care to manage your particular discomforts. Also, you can fix the appointments according to your schedules. Hospitable nature is the most intriguing aspect here, so you will have the freedom to be yourself and not worry about anything. All types of chiropractic care and therapies are available here.

Dr Erik C Lamprea is the chiropractor in Woodstock who has taken this clinic to the present level. Dr Lamprea has been serving the people of Woodstock and oxford country since 2011. His expertise is why while making a list of best chiropractors, including his name becomes a must. You can avail of the services anytime by contacting the details mentioned below.

Phone: +15195372182

Location: 46VX+MX Woodstock, Ontario, Canada



Meyers Wellness Chiropractor Woodstock

This clinic focuses on alleviating body pain, improving your health, and helping you to live your life to the best. Here you will find the best chiropractic care, but you will also target naturopathic care and massage therapies. Besides this is an organized clinic with segregation of services, and specific doctors highlight their professionalism. You will also find all types of chiropractic care and a cure to acute pains and difficulties. Starting from migraine to severe body aches, all the treatments fosters the guarantee to get positive results.

Dr Donna Meyers is the Woodstock-based chiropractor here and has been rendering her services to the society for decades. She specialized in diagnosing and treating with customized treatment plans. Her decades-long experience helps patients get the results at the earliest and get back to the basics of life with a healthy body. Various therapies that come under chiropractic care are addressed at very reasonable prices.

Phone: +15195377058

Location: 46HP+HW Woodstock, Ontario, Canada



ASH Chiropractic and Wellness; Dr. Glenn Ashizawa, DC – Woodstock

This is yet another chiropractic clinic and wellness centre that offers you the varied aspects to uplift your health and fit body. Fitness and nutrition programs are also available here. Hence you will get much more than chiropractic treatment. All types of conditions like back pain, sciatica, extremity pain, various body aches and pains, pre and post-operative conditions, and many more are treated here. The list of the conditions is so long that it could not be mentioned here. Yet one thing is for sure every pain has a relief here at this Woodstock chiropractor clinic. Scheduling appointments here is effortless as the online booking option is readily available. 

Dr D. Glenn Ashizawa is the chiropractor of this clinic, and he has experience in treating patients in a multitude of different clinical settings. He treated patients aged 3 weeks to 99 years and has focused specialization in prenatal pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic care. Uniquely, Dr Ashuzawa also has an edge in treating sports injuries and enhancing sports performance. You can avail an overall package of chiropractic care from this place.

Phone: +1 519-539-2020

Location: 35 Springbank Ave, Woodstock, ON N4S 7P6, Canada



After a detailed discussion of every worthwhile chiropractor, Woodstock has to offer, we suppose you now have a choice. The need for a perfect chiropractor can be addressed when you know your requirements and where they should be addressed. Now that you have an idea about the speciality of every Chiropractor, it will undoubtedly be easy for you to compare, calculate and go in the right direction. Do not get confused; if any confusion arises, contact the detailed attached Chiropractor and make a choice. We hope that this page must have made your search easier and you have got what you were looking for. 

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