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Good Chiropractor SEO Translates to More Patients and Higher Revenues.

There are 70,000 registered chiropractors in the USA alone, treating more than 35 million patients annually. These numbers reach a whopping 1 billion patients when we consider the entire world.

If anything is stopping you from getting a fair share of the pie, it’s SEO for chiropractors.

Let’s align your SEO so that you get more alignments to be done.

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SEO for Chiropractors

Are you the best chiropractor in your area? Well, then what’s stopping you from printing money like a machine day in and out? Not enough customers, right? Well, we prepare your chiropractic SEO strategies with a personalized approach. 

Following our SEO, 100+ chiropractors have established a strong foothold in their respective regions and are earning thousands of dollars every month.

Here’s how we can help you do the same:

Keyword Research

The first step of chiropractic SEO is to research the best-performing keywords. We prepare a detailed list for your main as well as secondary keywords considering your geographical location. Keyword search volume and keyword difficulty are also taken into consideration.

On Page SEO & Optimization

After selecting the keywords, we perform a thorough content audit of your website. We optimize the web content, meta description, and title tag. Our on-page chiropractor SEO will also include internal linking, optimizing image alt tags and heading tags.

Technical SEO

A lot of SEO agencies do not focus on technical SEO. However, the technical aspect is as important as optimizing the web content. It includes creating and analyzing the Google search console, uploading robots.txt file and making sure that Google crawls your website.

Content Creation

Content is king. If you wish to rank higher, it is important to keep your website fresh. We can help you out with creating and updating the blog section on your website. It wil not only help you keep your website active and fresh but will also attract new patients for you.

Local SEO

The most important aspect of SEO for chiropractors is local SEO. In order to be found by potential patients, your Google My Business listing should be fully optimized and should be updated regularly. We can help you manage your Google Maps listing and enhance your visibility.

Online Reviews

Reviews play an important role to fetch new patients to your chiropractic clinic. Google ignores businesses with a rating of 4.5 or below and hence these do not appear on the search results. We can help you enhance your rating and reviews and make you present in the 3-pack results.

Off Page SEO & Backlinks

In order for Google to consider your business as an authority, you need to build external links. These links signal Google that your website is important and hence it is shown to users searching for that particular query. We can help you build local citations and quality backlinks.

User Experience

Another thing that most agencies miss out on in the case of Chiropractic SEO is the user experience. The time spent on your websites, the bounce rate, positioning your phone number, easy appointment booking link are few factors that are considered under user experience.

Why Chiropractors Need SEO

Users won’t visit the second page of Google’s search results. If your business is not on the first page, you are already missing out on 95% of the audience.

That is why we insist on helping you with results-driven chiropractic SEO and help you be on the first page.

Our chiropractor SEO services can help you land on the first page of Google.

More Conversions

If your chiropractic clinic is listed among the top 10 search results specifically in your area, you will get more people contacting you who’ll book appointments.

It's Free Marketing

SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods to get higher search engine rankings. So, you can make an impact without having to spend money on advertising.

Build Name & Fame

Appearing among the top of search results when someone searches for a chiropractor in your city will make you famous. More the people find you online, more the appointments, and more referrals.

Build Trust & Authority

68% of leads are influenced by the top 6 online reviews on Google My Business (Google Maps). Chiropractor SEO can help you shine among your local Google Maps 3-pack results.

We got your back!

Just like you got your patients back when they need treatment, we got your back to help you find new patients. With our years of experience and an apt chiropractor SEO team, we’ll be able to provide you the desired results.

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Why Choose Us

We Know The Industry = We bet you’ll not be able to find an SEO company for Chiropractors that’s better than Chiropractor Mag.

We Love Chiropractors = Chiropractic care is awesome. We genuinely respect chiropractors who heal patients without surgery or medicines.

We Drive Better Results = You’ll get amazing results within few weeks. These can be analyzed and measured.

We Practise TransparencyThere’s nothing that we’d hide from you. We send weekly reports with complete and honest information.

We Got The ExperienceWe have worked with hundreds of chiropractors from across the globe. Browse our case studies to know how we helped them with search engine optimization.

We Are AffordableCheck out our pricing plans. You can start from as low as just US$ 10 per day.

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FAQs About Chiropractic SEO

How can SEO help me get more patients?
Google ranks every webpage based on a wide array of factors. Good ranking directly translates to more calls and clients.

If your chiropractic clinic is well optimized for Google My Business (Google Maps), it will appear in the 3-pack result. Those businesses that appear in the 3-pack result, get 80% more calls and visits.

Apart from this, a well-optimized website fetches more visitors that are more likely to get converted as your patients. Hence, chiropractor SEO can help you get more patients, more revenues and make you happier 🙂

How SEO works for Chiropractors?
For chiropractors, SEO can deliver results by bringing your website on the top of search results. Good ranking and domain authority will convince Google that your chiropractor website is the best in the region.

A good Chiropractic SEO agency like ours will work with a strategy. This strategy has to be customized based on your location and your competitors. It starts with keyword research and works its way up to get you more online eyeballs from potential patients.

What is your SEO strategy for Chiropractors?
The first step is to find all appropriate keywords that people type while finding a chiropractor in your city/area.

We analyze your website and optimize the meta titles, meta descriptions, and web page content. Thereafter, we move on to perform technical SEO for your website.

One important step in our Chiropractor SEO strategy is to optimize your Google My Business (Google Maps) listing. We add images, posts, reviews and make sure that you appear in the 3-pack results in due course of time.

How much do Google rating and reviews matter for SEO?
91% of the users trust reviews. In the case of healthcare professionals like you, rating matters even more. As mentioned in the Chiropractic SEO strategy, we work on improving your rating on Google so as to fetch you more patients organically.

Getting more reviews with good ratings helps you improve your business visibility on Google.

How much does SEO for chiropractors cost?
Many Chiropractor SEO agencies will tell you that there is no fixed price to it. They often say that the pricing depends upon how much work needs to be done in order to outrank your competitors.

However, at Chiropractor Mag, we love to keep things transparent. We are offering our basic plan at just $250. Once you start seeing the results, you may opt for our advanced plan priced at $350. You may also opt in for our 3 month (one-time) plan with guaranteed results at a discounted price of $500 instead of $750.

Can you enhance my presence on Google Maps (Google My Business)?
The simple, sweet answer is Yes. GMB is a core activity in our Chiropractic SEO strategy. While we follow the standard practices to deliver results, our proactive team spearheads the campaign with their innovative approach and acquires more leads for you.

We can get you in the 3-pack results with a fool-proof strategy. This includes building citations, backlinks and advanced local SEO.

Do I need to give you the access to my chiropractic website?
Not necessarily. First, we conduct your chiropractor SEO audit (which is free) and write our recommendations, sharing the file with you. Afterward, if you want us to ‘walk the talk,’ you may give us access or otherwise, you may make the suggested changes at your own end.
How much time does it take to see results?
Isn’t that the million-dollar question? Well, you can start seeing some improvements like better ranking, more leads, and higher conversions after one month. The WOW-kind of results for chiropractic SEO starts showing after three months.
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