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10 Awesome Chiropractors in Christchurch

Looking for a chiropractor in Christchurch? This large city on the south island of New Zealand is home to some reputed names in the chiropractic industry. These Christchurch chiropractors have been serving people with the ancient technique for a long time. It’s about time we give them their due credit and help you choose a good chiropractor in Christchurch.

Chiropractor Christchurch

In case you are looking for some alternative care in Christchurch, this article is for you. We have an exhaustive list of Christchurch chiropractors with all the information you need to decide before undertaking the service.


Riccarton Chiropractic

Riccarton Chiropractic, based in Riccarton, Christchurch provides comprehensive chiropractic care to individuals of all age groups and stages. The specialists here are skilled in modern and advanced techniques in the chiropractic industry.

They use the Activator technique, Spinal manipulation, and applied kinesiology for pinched nerves, pain in the hip, shoulder, elbow, pregnancy, and childcare. While children are cured using low force, gentle techniques, adults with disc decompression receive Cox lumbar flexion-distraction technique. 

Dr Paul WIllis at Riccarton Chiropractic is the only chiropractor certified in Cox lumbar flexion-distraction in Christchurch.

No ACC is available.

Location: 184 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-343 5544,

Rating: 4.8 with eight reviews




Roughan Chiropractic

Roughan Chiropractic is a full-service clinic with three decades of experience in treating patients without drugs or surgery delivering top-notch chiropractic treatment plans customized to suit your specific condition and stage.

Patients are given corrective treatment for spinal dislocations with advanced techniques, applied kinesiology, and massage therapy. Even babies and pregnant women can contact them for a chiropractor at Roughan Chiropractic.

They use various modern techniques such as Thompson, DIversified, Activator, SOT, Nimmo Trigger Point, Bio Cranial Technique, and TMJ release for pain relief.

Roughan Chiropractor Christchurch has another branch on the West coast.

Location: 316 Riccarton Road, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-365 7828, (03) 365 7828

Rating: 4.9 with 59 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Simon Roughan and two more.




Happy Spine – Chiropractor Christchurch

Since 2000, Happy Spine has been serving communities based in Riccarton and Christchurch. The chiropractor trio of Dr. Jim Miller, Dr. Rob Hutchings, and Dr. Kim Sherwen serve you with their knowledge and expertise. They are supported by two more chiropractors and chiropractic assistants.

Their chiropractic approach is highly advanced and aims at improving the quality of your life with a significant reduction in nervous system interference while also boosting spinal biomechanics. Many adjusting techniques such as Drop Table, ArthroStim, and Diversified Manual Adjustments are used in the clinic at Christchurch. 

These chiropractors in Christchurch are sound in their practice and use clinical judgment and experience to render top-notch services. From adjustment to self-management, each patient is provided with a tailored treatment plan. 

Location: 164 Clarence Street, Riccarton, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-348 3536, (03) 348 5005

Rating: 4.3 with 69 reviews

Chiropractor: Jim Miller




Christchurch Wellness Centre

Christchurch Wellness Center takes care of the chiropractic services of burnside and surrounding areas in Christchurch. Chiropractor Dr. Mary Patterson and her team are dedicated to providing the best care whether you have pain in the neck, back, head or tightness, or tension in the muscles.

Every patient receives a customized plan for whole body care. They offer chiropractic care, corrective exercises, spinal decompression and postural screenings, nutritional counseling, lifestyle advice, apart from massage therapy and wellness care for optimum results in less time. 

Christchurch Wellness Center runs corporate health programs as well. 

Location: 390 Memorial Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-357 9222, 03 357 9222

Rating: 5.0 with 22 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Mary Patterson



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Connect Chiropractic Ferrymead

Connect Chiropractic delivers high-quality chiropractic care with low force or manual chiropractic care in Ferrymead. The team is led by Dr. Mattew Wild, director, and chief chiropractor, and has six more chiropractors.

This family-oriented clinic is for everyone, including infants, children, retirees, athletes, expectant mothers. They offer Webster Technique for pelvic alignment in pregnancy, besides more. Reach out to cure pain in your neck, back, or shoulders. Headaches and wrong posture are also taken care of.

Connect Chiropractic is also running a community program to give back to the community. Their efforts were honored with the Sustainable Business Network Awards in 2020 to contribute to natural healing practices in Christchurch.

Location: 5/1105 Ferry Road, Ferrymead, Christchurch 8023, New Zealand

Contact:64 3-376 4610, 03 376 4610

Rating: 5.0 with 99 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Mathew Wild



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Southern Chiropractic

Dr. Andre Grob offers expert care at Southern Chiropractic in Bush Road, Christchurch. Besides the regular chiropractor care, Southern Chiropractic delivers its services by changing body structure, posture, and function. 

The clinic offers several forms of chiropractor care such as mobilization of joints, spinal manipulation, activator instrument adjustment, trigger point therapy, and soft tissue massage therapy. Laser therapy is also available.

While children respond quickly, adults take time to feel better. Therefore, the treatment span may vary from patient to patient. However, diet, past injuries, and exercise may impact the progress of the chiropractor in Christchurch

Location: 4/3 Kennedy’s Bush Road Christchurch, New Zealand 8025

Contact: 64 3-322 1432

Rating: 5.0 with two reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Andre Grob



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Papanui Chiropractic

Papanui Chiropractic offers care to acute and chronically injured patients of all age groups. The principal chiropractor at Papanui Chiropractic, Dr. Caleb Ruthven, is a registered chiropractor in Christchurch specializing in musculoskeletal interference. 

To treat his patient’s suffering, he uses Gonstead, Diversified, and soft tissue work in combination with other therapies and techniques to restore function and agility. Drop-Table and percussion massage guns are used for people afraid of “clicking” on the back. 

Pensioners and students get impressive discounts. Also, online bookings are available. 

Location: 22 Grampian Street, Casebrook, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-423 3554, 021 104 1970

Rating: 4.8 with 22 reviews

Chiropractor: Caleb Ruthven



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Evolve Chiropractic Redwood

Another family-oriented chiropractor in Christchurch, Evolve Chiropractic Redwood takes pride in making your family healthy with non-invasive treatment.

Located in Redwood, Evolve Chiropractic offers professional services to improve interference in the spine and nervous system. These methods rooted in natural care are taken up by Dr. Valerie Tan and Dr. Chris Dobson. 

The clinic is known for delivering safe and gentle chiropractic care with several different techniques, including Gonstead, Network Spinal Analysis, Thompson, Diversified, Toggle Upper Cervical Specific, Activator Protocol, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Activator Protocol, and extremity adjustment.

Evolve Chiropractic Redwood has another clinic in Bishopdale. 

Location: 140 Grimsey’s Road, Redwood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-352 7500, 03 352 7500

Rating: 4.2 with ten reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Valerie Tan and Dr. Chris Dobson. 




Inalign Health – Chiropractor Christchurch

For more than a decade, Inalign Health has treated people for spinal and nervous system corrections suffered by using gentle techniques for restoration. Dr. Jude Moriarty and Dr. Greg Kleis (available only on Friday) uses cranial, DROP, SOT, and more for spinal and nervous system correction.

Inalign Health brings holistic care through therapists and chiropractors. Christchurch clinic serves reconstructive and corrective techniques to patients afflicted to rectify spinal subluxations. 

For a wholesome wellness experience, the patients can take massage therapy as well. 

Location: 45 Nancy Avenue, Mairehau, Christchurch 8052, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-379 3370, 03 379 3370

Rating: 5.0 with two reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Jude Moriarty




Back Into Balance Family Chiropractic

Back Into Balance Family, Chiropractic is an ACC registered spine as well as extremity care center in Christchurch. Chiropractor couple – Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Brooke Roughan are dedicated to providing care by rooting out the hidden problem. 

Some of the main areas they are skilled in addressing are pain in the neck, lower back, back, hips, shoulders, ankles, knees, and jaw complaints. From kinesiology to nutrition, the doctors take care of everything to bring early and lasting relief. 

The ACC registered clinic requires no referrals. Some of the many techniques you may expect to receive include soft tissue treatment, joints adjustments, exercises, trigger point therapy, postural advice, and nutritional advice from a certified nutritional science expert.

Location: 154 Leinster Road, Merivale, Christchurch 8014, New Zealand

Contact: 64 3-352 0097

Rating: 5.0 with three reviews

Chiropractor: Caleb Ruthven




Hope you’ve found the right chiropractor in Christchurch on our list. We have added some of the best experts here. We wish you a speedy recovery with your chosen chiropractor.

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