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3 Best Chiropractors in Whangarei, NZ (2023)

Chiropractors are always passionate about helping individuals suffering from joint problems or spine-related concern. If you are searching for a good chiropractor in Whangarei, then look no further. We have collated the list for you so that you can choose the best.

These professional chiropractors offer chiropractic services to babies, pregnant women, senior citizens and anyone who fall in between. Don’t suffer any more due to health concerns and head straight to any of the chiropractors listed below. Get the best treatment and also learn how to take optimal care of the body in general.

Chiropractors In Whangarei 

Whangarei is one of the major northland regions of New Zealand, and it is home to some reputable chiropractors in the community. Here we will take you through the customized list of some best chiropractors in Whangarei. Read to know more about these chiropractors in detail.


Tui Chiropractic

Tui Chiropractic clinic in Whangarei aims to develop an individual care plan for every patient, including exercise or stretching. These are recommended for reducing the ongoing occupational stress of postural stress in humans. 

The experts here use specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments for enhancing the spine of humans at the point where it is exactly required. Their friendly team can help you to greatly work towards your health goals. 

They have an expert team of Dr. Tarn de Ridder, Dr. Yvonne Shaw & Dr. Brodie Sidwell, and their two assistants for help.

ACC is available for initial consultation and treatment. 

Location: 425A Maunu Road, Maunu, Whangarei 0110, New Zealand

Contact: 64 9-438 1642

Rating: 5.0 / 9 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Tarn de Ridder, Dr. Yvonne Shaw & Dr. Brodie Sidwell



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Smith Chiropractic Clinic, Whangarei

One of the best chiropractic clinics Whangarei people have preferred to visit in the last 43 years. They pride in offering effective and quick relief to pain issues and help people in performing all their work with complete potential. 

The expert chiropractors here bring in the use of multiple instruments, tables, and hand techniques customized to fulfil every patient requirement. These techniques do not involve the use of rotatory movements and use a minimal amount of force that needs to be applied to the body for curing pain. 

With Dr. Richard Smith, Dr. Melissa Smith & Dr. Rogger Smith, they provide the best care for your health.

They are ACC registered and can provide compensation over initial consultation and treatment.

Location: 28 Kamo Road, Regent, Whangarei 0112, New Zealand

Contact: (09) 4376600

Rating: 4.6 / 8 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Richard Smith, Dr. Melissa Smith & Dr. Rogger Smith



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Mudgway Chiropractic (Whangarei Chiropractor)

Mudgway Chiropractic Clinic in Whangarei provides the best care for children, babies, adults, pregnant ladies, and senior citizens. They have the best chiropractors in Whangarei who are committed to providing the highest standard of service and a welcoming environment. 

The experts over here specialize in providing care to pregnant women as it possesses multiple benefits for both mother and baby. Healthy pregnant women have good labor and happier babies. The treatment is also divided into multiple stages to ease the process and make it transparent to patients. 

Their team consists of Dr. Dean Potter, Dr. Emma Rampton, Dr. Kelsie Tipton, Dr. Ingrid Kaptein & 2 extra assistants.

ACC is available for initial consultation and treatment.

Location: 7 Hunt Street, Whangarei 0110, New Zealand

Contact: 09 438 7148

Rating: 5.0 / 3 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Dean Potter, Dr. Emma Rampton, Dr. Kelsie Tipton, & Dr. Ingrid Kaptein



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Now you have the list of best Chiropractors in Whangarei; it won’t be a problem to find one. Everyone at some point in their life relies on natural therapies to cure joint pains, spinal misalignment etc. The chiropractors mentioned above are all ready to help you with your concerns so you can lead a healthy and stress-free life. With us, avail only the best of services available.

If you have any question about the chiropractors given, please contact us or drop a comment in the section below. We will revert as soon as possible.

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