8 Best Chiropractors in Cardiff

Why stay in pain when you have so much to gain? Life has so much to offer us, but if we are not physically and mentally healthy, we won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Many of us tend to have acute pains in our joints or back or have some psychological imbalances. Thus, several chiropractor clinics in Cardiff are ready to help you. But you need to know whom to choose and which is the best door for you. 

The Chiropractic clinics can prove to be the best door knocked by you. There are thousands of Chiropractors and Chiropractic clinics; now, how to know which one is the best.

Don’t worry; we are here to ease down your search by listing all the best Chiropractors in Cardiff.

Chiropractors Cardiff

Have you been roaming around in search of suitable chiropractors around you? Are you finding any sort of problems while choosing the appropriate chiropractic clinic? Well, your worries have come to an end now. We have compiled all the best chiropractors of Cardiff in our list so that you can choose the best suited for you.


Chris Ross Chiropractic

Considering Chris Ross Chiropractic would be best if you are looking for a trustworthy chiropractor in Glasgow. They are committed to assisting you on your journey back to health by giving you the best possible chiropractic treatments. Also, you can get long-term benefits from the problems, including neck pain, back pain, headaches, dizziness, and general aches and pains in muscles and joints. 

Moreover, they provide a happy and friendly environment for their patients. Their polite and gentle treatment methods make patients feel comfortable and valued. At Chris Ros Chiropractic, all the staff believes in providing quality pain relief treatments. 

Location: 22 Llandaff Road Canton, Mid Glamorgan CF11 9NJ

Contact: +44 2920 235596

Rating: 5.0 with 100 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Christopher Ross




King Chiropractic Cardiff

King Chiropractic Cardiff is owned by Deelan King. He is passionate about helping people to recover and move forward from their pain. Also, Deelan is one of the professional Chiropractors in Cardiff. He provides honest, reliable, flexible, and realistic chiropractic services to each patient. The staff of King Chiropractic Cardiff is highly committed to their patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. 

Moreover, this Cardiff-based chiropractor clinic provides manual treatment through spinal manipulation, massage, and muscle release techniques. They render constant support and care to their patients to achieve their health goals. additionally, you can get quality services at King Chiropractic Cardiff. If you have a busy schedule, you can consult them online and set an appointment according to your tight schedule. 

Location: 220 Cathays Terrace, Cardiff CF24 4JA

Contact: +44 7502488119

Rating: 5.0 with 67 reviews

Chiropractor: Deelan King




Corbin Chiropractic Cardiff Clinic

Corbin Chiropractic Cardiff Clinic

Maintaining your physical health at its peak is possible with the help of Corbin Chiropractic. This clinic was founded in 2014 and has grown leaps and bounds in a short space of time since then. Also, they are recognized as primary healthcare practitioners and recommended in the NICE guidelines for back care. Corbin Chiropractic aims to provide the best possible help to get you from pain and dysfunction to your desired outcome. 

Moreover, the staff of this chiropractor clinic in Cardiff use the latest techniques, which are based on current medical research, to offer the best possible outcomes to their patients. Apart from this, patients often feel comfortable because of the friendly and caring environment. You can browse their website for more relevant information. 

Location: Temple Court, 13a, Cathedral Road, Pontcanna, CF11 9HA

Contact: +44 7867782224

Rating: 5.0 with 40 reviews

Chiropractor: Matthew Corbin 



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The Llandaff Clinic Chiropractor Cardiff

The Llandaff Clinic

The Llandaff Clinic is award-winning multidisciplinary chiropractic and integrated health care clinic in Cardiff. They are solely dedicated to providing the best evidence-based patient care. Also, this Cardiff-based chiropractor clinic has sign language qualified chiropractors. And the best part about the Llandaff clinic is providing one-to-one privacy in modern, comfortable rooms. 

However, apart from these facilities, they offer an initial consultation, examination, and treatment for a child/student at just $39. Moreover, they have been serving Cardiff for more than two decades. The multidisciplinary clinic, with full disability access and baby changing facilities. Thus, Wheelchairs are available for downstairs facilities. The Llandaff clinic remains open for urgent and routine appointments during this lockdown. 

Location: The Llandaff Clinic 39 Belle Vue Crescent Llandaff North CardiffCF14 2FJ

Contact: +44 29 2055 2299

Rating: 5.0 with 43 reviews 

Chiropractor: Andrew Miles and Stacey Priddle



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Ashwood Chiropractic Clinic Cardiff

Ashwood Chiropractic Clinic Cardiff

Ashwood Chiropractic Clinic is another best alternative option if you are looking for the best chiropractor in Cardiff. This clinic was founded in 2012. Since July 2017, it has been maintained and administered by Dr Owen Patten and Dr Abigail Parker. Both are highly dedicated and qualified chiropractors devoted to helping people with their chiropractic needs.

Furthermore, every treatment that Ashwood Chiropractic Staff use is safe, evidence-based, and, most of all, they are effective. Their care method is partially divided into two categories: active care and the other is passive care. Also, Active care includes how you will help yourself. Passive care will consist of a chiropractor’s work, such as spinal manipulation, soft tissue work, and various therapeutic stretches. 

Location: Lower Ground Floor,16 Churchill Way Cardiff CF10 2DX

Contact: +44 2921990255

Rating: 4.9 with 57 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Owen Patten and Dr Abigail Parker




Axis Chiropractic Clinic

Axis Chiropractic Clinic

If you are on the crusade for the best Chiropractor in Cardiff, then here is one other option for you to consider: Axis Chiropractic Clinic. They provide high-quality service to their patients in a friendly and welcoming clinical setting. Moreover, the chiropractors at Axis Chiropractic Clinic are highly qualified and experienced British Chiropractic Association members and are listed with the General Chiropractic Council.

Furthermore, Axis Chiropractic Clinic pays utmost attention to its patients without compromising the quality of its services. Treatments that you can get at Axis Chiropractic Clinic include Lower back pain, Shoulder pain, Sciatica, Neck pain, Middle back pain, Disc problems/slipped disc, Arm pain, Tennis elbow, leg pain, Hip pain, Knee pain, etc. 

Location: Axis Chiropractic, North Road, Cardiff, CF14 3BL

Contact: +44 2920 628128

Rating: 4.9 with 64 reviews 

Chiropractor: Dr Michelle Bush, Dr Laura Walker, Dr Rachael Hughes, Rhia Williams, Kathryn Deverson, and Gareth Slade.




The Tuning Room Cardiff Chiropractor

The Tuning Room

Irrespective of age, the only thing that matters is your overall fitness, and The Tuning Room is the best place to improve your chiropractic fitness. They always strive to find the primary cause of your complaint to restore physical, emotional, and chemical well-being. Also, the team of professional Chiropractors here at this Cardiff clinic is committed to transforming your health. 

Furthermore, the Tuning Room offers a friendly and welcoming space for their patients to feel comfortable, which speeds up their recovery process. They also provide chiropractic services to kids. You can check out videos on their website to see how Chiropractic can help with things like bed wetting, infant colic, and brain function. So, experience your health at its peak with the help of The Tuning Room. 

Location: The Tuning Room Chiropractic Viola Ice Arena Cardiff, CF11 0JS

Contact: +44 7931 856237

Rating: 5.0 with 133 reviews

Chiropractor: Thomas Greenfield




Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre Cardiff

Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre is one of the other alternatives to consider while finding Cardiff’s best chiropractor. They take time to understand your health background, future health, and life goals. So, if you are struggling with your health, or experiencing recent and ongoing pain, then you have reached the right place. They apply a different chiropractic approach.

Moreover, Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre uses a unique combination of state-of-the-art digital posture and range of motion examination. This includes evaluating your spinal posture in three dimensions than normal values for stress, weight balance, and potential spinal dysfunction. Lastly, you can effortlessly obtain all the information on their website. 

Location: 44 Whitchurch Road Cardiff South Glamorgan CF14 3UQ

Contact: +44 29 2037 3967

Rating: 4.9 with 100 reviews 

Chiropractor: Dr Tom Barnett and Dr Abigail Parker





Now you are handy with some of the best Chiropractic clinics in Cardiff, and this will make your process easy to pick the best one according to your needs. All the clinics and chiropractors mentioned above are highly experienced and equipped with modern chiropractic techniques to make you heal in the long run.

You can check our website to find useful information regarding the same. It would also be helpful to get your valuable feedback on the Chiropractic clinic in Cardiff. Stay strong and fit with the help of the best chiropractor in Cardiff. 

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