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Most people think that chiropractors can treat only back pain. While the preconception is true, there is so much more that a chiropractor can achieve. Ideally, they can remove pressure from our nervous system to influence other body parts. This means that the patients can feel some relief from other ailments during the treatment. It is common to hear a patient state that he came for the treatment of back pain and got relieved from headaches as well. Chiropractor Delray beach clinics are no different. 

Tucked in Palm Beach County, Delray Beach is an expedient coastal town. Surrounded by the majestic beach waters in Florida, the city offers plenty of scenic views and acts as a beach lover’s paradise. With tourism booming, there is an increase in the number of chiropractors here. Think about it- who wouldn’t love a perfect professional massage after a beach sports session, right? 

Chiropractor Delray Beach

If you are trying to explore the long-lasting relief from tiredness or any enduring pain, fret no more. Allow us to enlighten you with these options so that you can choose an ideal chiropractor in Delray Beach. Let’s jump in:


Schrier Family Chiropractic & Regenerative Medicines

Schrier Family chiropractic & Regenerative Medicines

When you want something more than just pain relief from a chiropractor, you have only a few options to look into. However, you can get it all at Schrier Chiropractic Care. The clinic is well known to offer not just pain relief care but anti-aging therapies as well. Catering to the beauty as well as health-conscious patients equally, the clinic offers plenty of offers and services under one roof.

The main highlights include chiropractic care, damaged tissue restoration, regenerative medicine, and restorative beauty treatments. New patients can even vouch for exclusive offers with a free consultation. The clinic showcases its quality through more than 450 Google reviews that sum up to a collective 5-star rating.

Dr. Elan Schrier is the owner and the sole chiropractor working at the clinic. With a passion for healing people, he has been in chiropractor care ever since. Dr. Elan graduated cum laude from Palmer College of Chiropractor in Dayton Beach, Florida. He specializes in various techniques, including spinal adjustment, Neurotherapy, aesthetics, platelet-rich plasma, and human cellular tissue therapy.

Location– 315 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33444, United States

Contact– +1 561-445-2648

Chiropractor– Dr. Elan Schrier



Upper Cervical Institute of Florida- Chiropractor Delray Beach

Upper Cervical Institute of Florida- NUCCA Chiropractor Delray Beach

With less to brag about and more to offer, the NUCCA presents a high level of quality care for chronic pain, asthma, Sciatica, and other conditions. As the name suggests, the clinic lines up its treatment methods on the NUCCA treatment therapies. Following this, patients get gentle treatment without any pop, crack or twist.

NUCCA addresses the spine and helps treat many related issues. The doctors often analyse and diagnose the patients using X-rays to offer precise adjustments. Patients can also avail of discounts if they decide to pay in advance here.

Dr. Greg Jean-Pierre is the chief operating chiropractor at the clinic. He loves taking his time to discuss patients’ concerns, including symptoms and problems. Getting to the root of the problem, Dr. Greg compiles a plan and then acts on it, working step by step, offering great visible results. He also gets involved in the complete evaluation of the affected area to provide better treatment and care. 

Location– 7301A W Palmetto Park Rd Suite 304-B, Boca Raton, FL 33433, United States

Contact– +1 561-409-3594

Chiropractor– Dr. Greg Jean



Freedom Chiropractic

Freedom Chiropractic

Freedom Chiropractic is committed to giving you the results you deserve. Helping with adjustments that directly affect your muscle and bone structure, the therapists help cure muscle and bone structure. Patients often visit the clinic to improve their quality of life.

The main treatment options include auto accident chiropractic, neuromuscular reduction, massage therapy, post-operative rehabilitation, skin rejuvenation, slip and fall injury treatment, spinal decompression, therapeutic exercises, wellness and nutrition, and weight loss exercises.

The team comprises three chiropractors: Dr. Eric Bjerke, Dr. Marshall Bernhard, and Dr. Tracy Laufer. Interestingly, Dr. Bjerke is a retired army helicopter pilot and now looks forward to serving people with effective chiropractic care. He, along with Dr. Marshall, are graduates of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Tracy graduated from the State University of New York with a degree in human biology. She also carries advanced certification in Clinical Biomechanicss, specialising in DRX9000 non-surgical decompression systems.

Location– 801 SE 6th Ave #102, Delray Beach, FL 33483, United States

Contact– +1 561-808-7388

Chiropractors– Dr. Eric Bjerke, Dr. Marshall Bernhard, and Dr. Tracy Laufer



My Body Worx Wellness – A Chiropractor Delray Beach Clinic

My Body Worx Wellness

You won’t regret the decision of choosing My Body Worx Wellness as your prime chiropractor. The state-of-the-art equipment facility and the caregiving attitude of the staff here pave the way for a healthy transformation of patients.

The clinic is suitable if you are looking for long-term body wellness and health results. Besides you can also opt for aesthetic treatments here. Some of the unique therapies taking into account like weight loss, hormone balancing, and IV therapy are also on offer here. Other options include regenerative care, joint pain chiropractic, auto injuries, weight loss, physical therapy, and stretch therapy.

The team at My Body Worx treats thousands of patients every year through a holistic approach. The primary members include Dr. Jon Segal, Dr. Marofsky, and Dr. Solomon Normatov. The team incorporates evidence-based treatment tactics to offer result-driven care to the patients.

Location– 301 W. Atlantic Ave Ste. R-6, Delray Beach, FL 33444, United States

Contact– +1 561-926-9494

Chiropractors– Dr. Jon Segal, Dr. Marofsky, and Dr. Solomon Normatov


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Fusion Chiropractic Spa- Chiropractor in Delray Beach

Fusion Chiropractic Spa- Chiropractor in Delray Beach

Combining rejuvenation and healthcare, Fusion offers the best of both worlds to patients at an affordable price. While patients can seek long-lasting, effective treatments, they can also go for massages and nutritional counseling. This type of unique combination gives Fusion an edge over its competitors in the region.

The main treatment options here include chiropractic care, physical therapy, automobile accident treatment, sports injuries treatment, and diet or nutritional counseling. Fusion operates in other locations, too, including Coconut Creek, West Palm Beach, and Boca Raton.

The team commits itself to serving patients with friendliness and attentive care. The main chiropractors include Dr. E. Findlay, Dr. Michael Grasso, Dr. Kent Bernanrduci, Dr. Brent Grover, Dr. Josh Kirby, Dr. Jenny Yates, Dr. Nicolar Cestone, and Dr. Bryan Stone. Dr. Nicolas Cestone is the primary attending physician at the branch of Delray Beach.

Location– 1836 S Federal Hwy, Delray Beach, FL 33483, United States

Contact– +1 561-243-0233

Chiropractors– Dr. E. Findlay, Dr. Michael Grasso, Dr. Kent Bernanrduci, Dr. Brent Grover, Dr. Josh Kirby, Dr. Jenny Yates, Dr. Nicolar Cestone, and Dr. Bryan Stone


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Conde Center for Chiropractic Neurology


Advanced therapies and unmatched healthcare expertise are the highlights of Conde Center Chiropractic Neurology clinic. The central focus of the clinic is to give back to patients, for they are investing lots of time and effort into their health. There is always an effort to go beyond expectations while offering world-class chiropractic care.

The clinic uses a number of cutting-edge chiropractic modalities to subside pain and ailments. You can expect great treatment options for issues like neck pain, Sciatica, numbness, tingling sensations, sports injuries, headaches, etc.

The team comprises Dr. John Conde and Dr. Robert P. Safranski. Dr. Conde is a board-certified chiropractic Neurologist, while Dr. Robert is a skillful chiropractic physician. Together, they offer a custom-made treatment plan to every patient. The duo also showcases their spirit of trust in chiropractic care, and this is visible in their guidance and counsel to the patient.

Location– 401 W Atlantic Ave #014, Delray Beach, FL 33444, United States

Contact– +1 561-330-6096

Chiropractors– Dr. John Conde and Dr. Robert P. Safranski


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Alter – Among Top Chiropractor Delray Beach Clinics


Visit Alter, and your life will become healthier. With more than 400 reviews and a 5.0 rating, there is no doubt that the clinic is synonymous with pristine care. The comprehensive approach here helps cure patients with a great opportunity to achieve the best health. You can get relief from issues such as shoulder pain, Sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, migraines, lower back pain, herniated discs, pinched nerves, etc.

New patients get free consultations at the Alter clinic. Also, the clinic has recently introduced spinal decompression therapies that help subside a variety of pains in our bodies.

Dr. Ryan Alter is the main chiropractor and offers avant-garde care to all patients. He is friendly, and positivity flows through his personality. Dr. Ryan loves interacting with patients and their families so that they don’t feel odd getting chiropractic treatment. He is a graduate of San Deigo State University and has obtained a doctorate in chiropractic care from Life University.

Location– 15132 Jog Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33446, United States

Contact– +1 561-819-2225

Chiropractor– Dr. Ryan Alter


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Stanger Healthcare 

DC Health Centers Delray PA Stanger Healthcare chiropractor Delray beach

Located in Tamarac, Florida, Stanger Healthcare offers top-notch chiropractic care, physical therapies, and even different types of massage. Operating since 1989, the clinic boasts specialized therapists and experienced staff. You can also appreciate the latest chiropractic instruments used here.

Services include treatment for sports injuries, auto injuries, work injuries, painful conditions, spinal misalignments, and spinal extremities. The licensed therapists also offer physical rehabilitation for post-surgical rehab, chronic conditions, and geriatrics. Some of the other main highlights include Sweedish Massage and deep-tissue massage.

Patients can also avail of coupons to get free one-hour massage therapy at the clinic. Stanger healthcare accepts automobile insurance and offers various cash-payment options for convenience.

The team of chiropractors includes Dr. Steven Cane, Dr. Caludette Caraballo, Dr. Steven Burack, Dr. Jeffrey Stanger, and Dr. Roman Gressel. They also have other chiropractors as a part of their clinical team. 

Location–  601 N Congress Ave STE 417, Delray Beach, FL 33445, United States

Contact–  +1 561-498-4300

Chiropractors– Dr. Steven Cane, Dr. Caludette Caraballo, Dr. Steven Burack, Dr. Jeffrey Stanger, and Dr. Roman Gressel



Alchemy Chiroprdactor Delray Beach

Alchemy Chiropractor Delray Beach

Alchemy offers safe and gentle chiropractic care options for pain. The therapists mainly operate by manipulating and correcting the alignments in our muskoskeleteal system. The key mission statement here is to make chiropractic treatment as comfortable and easy going as possible. To that end, the staff always focuses on making patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

The chiropractors offer great care through joints, bones, and spinal adjustment. The ailments due to injury are easily corrected here. There are both active and passive techniques on offer here. The main highlight of Alchemy is that the therapists always look to reduce stress and pain during and after the treatment.

Dr. Rocco Carapis takes care of the treatment procedures. He strongly believes in the motto of lighting one single candle rather than cursing the darkness. His healing abilities are well-known for offering long-lasting relief to patients. He utilizes his knowledge of the human body and nervous system to evoke the body’s potential for stress-free healing.


So, that was our precise list of the best chiropractor Delray Beach clinics. Whichever clinic you ultimately choose, you will be greeted with utmost kindness and respect. You can expect the best treatment from almost all chiropractors. They are all committed to helping you attain your health and wellness through safe and pain-free chiropractic methods.

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