Top 5 Chiropractors in Folsom

A foundational element of chiropractors in Folsom is to improve the structure with emphasis on the spine. The chiropractors work as magicians by correcting alignment using hand movements to subside stubborn pain. There are some Chiropractor Folsom clinics that offer pain-free treatments to people. 

On top of this, the undue stress is relieved, the body functions correctly, and healing time reduces. Reading all this, you might also be keen on correcting your body pains. If you live in Folsom, fret not, for you have plenty of options to choose from.

Folsom is a famous city in Sacramento County, California. The healthcare facilities here offer world-class services. But what makes Folsom more popular is the approach of people to go for non-surgical options. This is why the chiropractic sector is booming in the region. It contributes toward a large-scale chiropractic care expansion in the city.

Chiropractor Folsom

Join us on this insightful ride as we explore the most famous chiropractic care clinics and chiropractors working in Folsom City. The list includes the most popular and reviewed clinics in no particular order.


Thrive Spine Center

Thrive Spine Center chiropractor Folsom

Thrive aims to make you thrive while showcasing pristine healthcare facility in this modern lifestyle era. The clinic works on revoking the body’s ability to heal without stringent treatment. To that end, the therapists work hard to remove obstacles that prevent a person from living a healthy life. The staff works with the utmost dedication to help patients with their pain so that they can function naturally. The staff is also encouraging and provide valuable advice to patients.  

Dr. Jason Bergerhouse is the chief operator at the Thrive clinic. He loves offering care to patients through a polite and positive approach. He believes in offering natural treatment without any medications or surgeries. Practising for nine years, he carries a lot of exposure to a variety of therapies for tons of pain types and conditions.

Location– 187 Blue Ravine Rd #140, Folsom, CA 95630, United States

Contact– +1 916-587-1276

Chiropractor– Dr. Jason Bergerhouse



The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractic-Chiropractor Folsom

The name ‘Joint Chiropractic’ is so common that you must be wondering – why isn’t it included in the list? Well, it does have a special place here. Joint has its official branch in Folsom and a reputation for offering one of the most preferable and result-driven chiropractic services in the area. The facility might be a bit small as compared to other offices. But make no mistake, the level of attention staff gives you is impeccable. A lot of it is because of the reputation the franchise carries across the nation. You can find the clinic in Broadstone Marketplace, between Peet’s Coffee and Message Envy.

The team at Joint Chiropractor, Folsom, is handled by Dr. Jamahl Gow and Dr. Troy Mauvals. Dr. Gow has been working for four years and is a fitness enthusiast. He believes in his ways of keeping things simple and effective with chiropractic care. Dr. Troy is an experienced master with more than three decades of experience under his belt. He specializes in paediatric chiropractic care. He has spectacular skills; thanks to several post-graduate courses he attended in various fields.

Location– 2756 E Bidwell St Suite 300, Folsom, CA 95630, United States

Contact– +1 916-249-2837

Chiropractors– Dr. Jamahl Gow and Dr. Troy Mauvals.



Top Chiropractor Folsom Clinic – Cascade 

Cascade Chiropractic

If you wish to contact a clinic that can help you in various stages of life, Cascade Chiropractic may be a suitable option. The clinic offers a wide spectrum of services for patients of different ages. Cascade caters to all with top-notch chiropractic care from children to adults to senior citizens. The therapists offer plenty of knowledge to relieve the minds of the patients. The chiropractic treatments go smoothly, and you can easily see a smile of satisfaction on patients’ faces in just a few sittings. A noteworthy point is that the website of Cascade Chiropractic is a knowledge encyclopaedia. You can read plenty of interesting information in the blog section.

Cascade Chiropractic clinic boasts a team of professionals, including Dr. Sara Irby, Dr. Race Irby, Michelle Snyder, Dr. Virgina Irby, and Anna Brockly. Amazingly, the chiropractors working here are all second-generation. The collective experience of the team is 60 years. You can expect nothing less than chiropractic perfection.  

Location– 2371 Iron Point Rd Suite 130, Folsom, CA 95630, United States

Contact–  +1 916-844-2800

Chiropractors– Dr. Sara Irby, Dr. Race Irby, Michelle Snyder, Dr. Virgina Irby, and Anna Brockly



Core Finnell Chiropractic

Core Finnell Chiropractic

Core Finnell Chiropractic clinic is where your healthcare concerns are addressed. The clinic believes in helping individuals make good lifestyle choices to keep diseases at bay. Improving the quality of diet and living is the core mission of Core Finnell Chiropractic care. The primary services include chiropractic care, exercises, muscle stretching, and advanced chiropractic care. All of the treatments are non-invasive and deliver results that are promising and long-lasting.

The team involves two experienced doctors: Dr. Steven Finnell and Dr. Aaron Lyon. Both offer a collective approach to various issues, pain, and injuries. The team strives to give the best possible results in a small amount of time.

Location– 149 Iron Point Rd, Folsom, CA 95630, United States

Contact– +1 916-989-1014

Chiropractors– Dr. Steven Finnell and Dr. Aaron Lyon


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Blue Oak Chiropractor Folsom Clinic

Blue OAKchiropractor Folsom

Simple, straightforward, and effective. This is what best describes the chiropractic care at Blue Oak. The small yet top-rated clinic offers customized care that attracts patients for better treatment options. Offering optimal health solutions is the main focus of the doctor here. The services include Kinesio taping, spinal decompression, muscle stimulation with interferential, TLC, traction, and flexion-distraction tables, hand-to-spine adjustments, activator system adjustments, etc.

Dr. Falke is the chief chiropractor at the clinic. He loves following the safest healthcare ethics and clinical models of chiropractic care to treat patients. With a clear vision, he looks forward to making the community pain-free, without using any drugs or surgeries. He strongly believes in keeping the information transparent so that patients expect what they get at the clinic.

Location– 2260 E Bidwell St, Folsom, CA 95630, United States

Contact– +1 916-984-6555

Chiropractors– Dr. Falke


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We often fail to realize the role of the chiropractor in our lives. Furthermore, we ignore that chiropractors are doctors who spend hours studying to get a license. Hence, visiting a chiropractic clinic can be one of your life’s most important turning points. We hope the list will give you a reason to leave medications and start trusting the pain-free chiropractic care options. With Chiropractor Folsom clinics, you can choose from the list and go for the best one in your city. 

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