Top 5 Chiropractors in Lakewood Ranch

What do you do when you feel pain? You picture your staple muscle relaxant tablet first, right? But what if you can get relief without any pain? Yes, it’s possible with Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch clinics. With a short research spree and online search, you can get plenty of clinics to choose from. But the problem strikes when you are overwhelmed by the number of choices. We are here to help you out. Read on for our list of top chiropractors in Lakewood Ranch. 

Lakewood Ranch is a community living in a space designated by the census of the US. Spanning 31,000 acres, the area stretch from southeastern Manatee County to northeastern Sarasota County of Florida. Lakewood already has hospitals and clinics that offer acute care along with inpatient and outpatient services. The residents pride themselves on using natural remedies and hence, prefer chiropractic care and treatments. 

Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch

It’s time you take a break from looking for the best results online and simply read our list of top 5 chiropractors in Lakewood Ranch. By the time you reach the end of this blog, you will have enough knowledge. Let’s begin. 


The Roots Health Centers

The Roots Health Centers

A clinic with more than 400 reviews usually needs no introduction. However, you would be pleased to know what makes Roots Health Centers the ideal chiropractic care. The fundamental aim of the clinic is to provide optimal health to Sarasota and Bradenton communities. Most treatment methods focus on removing neurological interferences in the body that improve the quality of life. The website has a separate section for those who are visiting a chiropractor for the first time.  

Dr. Laura Swaim and Dr. Logan Swaim are the two chiropractors at Roots. Both of them graduated from Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. Following graduation, Drs. Logan and Laura both pursued further education at the world-renowned Life University College of Chiropractic, where they both received their Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. Dr. Laura and Dr. Logan received a once-in-a-lifetime chance to work alongside the biggest pediatric clinics in Georgia and the world’s largest chiropractic offices while still in medical school.

Location– 8209 Natures Way #115, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202, United States

Contact– +1 941-877-1507

Chiropractors– Dr. Laura Swaim and Dr. Logan Swaim



Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic

Want to subside pain effectively? Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic can help. The clinic offers professional chiropractic care and treatments in a state-of-the-art facility. Offering an alternative holistic approach, the clinic serves residents of Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton, Fruitville, and Sarasota. Their specialty is treating sports injuries and auto injuries. You can expect a comprehensive combination of approaches that includes natural, non-invasive, and drug-free treatments. Doctors are also willing to give nutritional and diet counseling and exercise at home. 

Dr. John Nichols takes care of procedures and operations. He is a licensed chiropractor physician with a dedication to helping patients with advanced spinal care. Dr. John believes in creating a treatment plan for every patient and then working on it step by step. He has experience and special training in nutrition, sports, auto/work injuries, pregnancy, rehabilitation, and pediatrics. 

Location– 8608 E, State Road 70 E, Bradenton, FL 34202, United States

Contact– +1 941-739-2900

Chiropractor– Dr. John Nichols



Adjust Your Life – A Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch Clinic

Adjust your life Chiropractic – chiropractor Lakewood Ranch

Adjust Your Life is a suitable option if you wish to get treatments amidst a serene atmosphere. The environment at this clinic is quite relaxing and exhibits positive energy. You won’t encounter any loud machines or a stress-inducing environment. They aim to make the patient feel at ease, and they also have a polite staff. The core services include back pain treatment, neck pain treatment, Sciatica treatment, Chiropractic for kids, auto injury treatment, pregnancy chiropractic care, and sports injury treatment. 

The team includes four doctors: Dr. Collen Ford, Dr. Richard Tambe, Dr. Elizabeth Prosser, and Dr. Mitchell Walters. The amazing doctors offer a collective approach that presents chiropractic skills and experience. The team of chiropractors and staff share a friendly vibe with the patient that helps them create a positive atmosphere in the clinic. 

Location– 10910 State Road 70 E, Ste 101, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202, United States

Contact– +1 941-799-7207

Chiropractors– Dr. Collen Ford, Dr. Richard Tambe, Dr. Elizabeth Prosser, and Dr. Mitchell Walters



Hornback Chiropractic and Wellness 

Hornback chiropractic and wellness 

This is an all-inclusive chiropractic clinic offering a broad spectrum of services for various issues. The treatment options are abundant, and you can find relief from not just pain but nutritional and lifestyle issues as well. Major services include acupuncture, neck pain treatment, spinal decompression, Sciatic treatment, chiropractic care for kids, and chiropractic care during pregnancy. 

The team of doctors includes Dr. Cynthia Hornback, Dr. Shena Martin, Dr. Kathryn Franchek, Dr. Carey Lam, and Dr. Thomas Baker. Every member of the team offers a unique element to the chiropractic care approach. With a collective experience, the team at Hornback strives to deliver results that exceed the expectations of the patients. 

Location- 8386 Market St, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202, United States

Contact– +1 941-210-7057

Chiropractors– Dr. Cynthia Hornback, Dr. Shena Martin, Dr. Kathryn Franchek, Dr. Carey Lam, and Dr. Thomas Baker



Wellness Way – Among Top Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch Clinics

The Wellness Way- Sarasota Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch

The reputation and quality care of the Wellness Way can be identified from its 5.0-star rating on Google. The clinic leaves no stone unturned in identifying pain from its roots and subsiding it effectively. The clinic provides myriad services, including spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and acupuncture. They also have a team of experienced and certified chiropractors who are dedicated to providing quality care to their patients.

The team includes Dr. Connor Wolfe and Dr. Rachel Glubiak. One thing that makes the Wellness Way team of chiropractors stand out from other chiropractors is their focus on wellness. Both wellness chiropractors believe holistic care should be more than just treating pain. Instead, it should be about helping people achieve overall wellness. This focus on wellness sets them apart from other chiropractors in India.

Location– 6771 Professional Pkwy W Suite 102, Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240, United States

Contact–  +1 941-702-0553

Chiropractors– Dr. Connor Wolfe and Dr. Rachel Glubiak



As it is established, plenty of chiropractors work in Lakewood Ranch, and each offers high-quality care and services. You can choose any and start the journey to a pain-free and healthy life with these Chiropractor Lakewood Ranch clinics. All chiropractors are not just good professionals but good human beings too. Hence, getting in touch with one makes sense for good health and some positivity in life. Stay safe and happy!


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