Top 10 Chiropractors in Lexington SC

The recent pandemic era has magnified our dependence on new healthcare measures. Leaving aside the traditional means, people are more inclined to look for better approaches in their city. Since chiropractic is a non-abrasive form of treatment, many people find it effective. Join us as we explore the best Chiropractors in Lexington, SC.

Lexington is the home of horse farms and thoroughbred race tracking, including the ever-popular Keeneland. The city also offers sightseeing, including the International Museum of the Horse, Central Bank Center, Rupp Arena, etc. The healthcare facilities here are above satisfactory, and the chiropractic chain is growing with many new players in the market.

Chiropractor Lexington SC

Here is our well-compiled list of the best ten chiropractors in Lexington, SC, in no particular order.


Old Mill Chiropractic and Family Wellness

Old Mill Chiropractic and Family Wellness

Old Mill Chiropractic is committed to providing quality chiropractic care to patients. The staff offers a variety of services and treatment options to meet individual healthcare needs.

The clinic takes pride in offering a wide range of services, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, acupuncture, and nutritional counseling. They also offer a variety of wellness workshops and classes, like meditation and yoga, to help you relax, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.

Dr. Eric Nazarenko and Dr. Andrea Nazarenko are the two chiropractors and clinic owners. They work together to formulate comfortable and result-driven strategies to treat patients. The staff also includes CA, office manager, Billing management, and front desk specialist.         

Location– 711 E Main St l2, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-808-0711

Chiropractors– Dr. Eric Nazarenko and Dr. Andrea Nazarenko             



The Joint Chiropractor in Lexington, SC

The Joint Chiropractor in Lexington, SC

The Joint Clinic is quite a familiar name if you are learning about chiropractors in the area. The company serves tons of locations across the region and is also available in the Lexington, SC, area now. You will find the highest levels of professionalism here. The varied therapy options for a huge range of problems make Joint Chiropractic a preferable option.

Besides, the reputation and positive reviews speak for a quality care. Another perk at the Lexington center is that you can go for a quick walk-in visit and get the treatment done quickly in case you have a busy schedule.

The team at Joint Chiropractic is huge, and hence, there are no specific names that we can bring forward here. Even the official website doesn’t disclose any information about the chiropractors working at the clinic. 

Location– 5454 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-836-8293



Flex Chiropractic of Lexington SC

Flex Chiropractic of Lexington SC

Welcome to Flex. This is your ideal local Chiropractor Lexington SC clinic that is inviting and welcoming. Millions of patients have found immense relief from back pain here. You can easily expect a pathway to wellness once you set your course towards this clinic. The natural and drug-free approach is strongly showcased at Flex Chiropractic.

Whether you are familiar with chiropractic care or are new to the treatment, you can easily expect a friendly and comfortable treatment here. The clinic has been in business for more than two decades and offers experienced counseling and guidance on the chiropractic way of life.

The Flex operates from two location-Columbia and Lexington. At the Lexington clinic, you can find the masterful chiropractic skills of Dr. Chad. He will take full responsibility for treating you within a short time frame. You can also look for guidance, healthcare advice, and nutritional plans from experts. He is always willing to help patients find the perfect and healthier way of life.

Location– 305 Columbia Ave, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact–  +1 803-520-4615

Chiropractor– Dr. Chad



Palmetto Chiropractic Center in Lexington SC

Palmetto Chiropractic Center Chiropractor in Lexington SC

Palmetto is dedicated to helping patients lead the healthiest life possible. The staff here believes that there is nothing like witnessing the smile on someone’s face when everything finally clicks, and they are able to progress towards a better, less-painful life. To that end, chiropractors love pinpointing the exact cause of the patient’s problems.

The chiropractic office is prepared to locate the treatments like spinal decompression or cold laser therapy for back pain. Additionally, Palmetto uses the most advanced cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy to effectively cure back and neck discomfort.

Since each person is unique, the therapists value open communication with all of the patients. Staff is always keen to hear what patients have to say to provide them with the best possible care.

The team comprises Dr. Jud Heldreth and Dr. Jason Yoder. Together, they share the same mission to help people of the region become healthy without any potential side effects or long-lasting deformities. The team works to make this vision a reality and helps patients feel at ease the moment they enter the clinic. The ethical practices guide the chiropractors to offer quality care at the Palmetto Chiropractor in Lexington, SC.

Location929 N Lake Dr. Suite H, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact+1 803-356-8554

ChiropractorsDr. Jud Heldreth and Dr. Jason Yoder



Lexington Spinal Care

Lexington Spinal Care

If you are looking for a great Chiropractor Lexington SC clinic that can cure spinal issues; this can be a good option to explore. Through the identification and repair of spinal subluxations, chiropractors work to offer a holistic approach to their patients. The clinic’s primary purpose is to enable individuals and their families to fully realize their innate health potential.

The staff even uses biofeedback and neurofeedback technologies, as well as digital technology, to evaluate the nervous system’s performance to accomplish problems. Lexington Spinal Care also offers nutritional advice and diet counseling to assist our patients in achieving their health objectives.

The therapists here are always keen on offering care and support to patients across the region for years and continue to do so with goodwill.

The team includes Dr. Edward S. Carpenter, Dr. Geoffery J. Klaffka, Dr. Julie Carpenter, Angela Toth, Stephanie Martin, Taylor Jameson, Nikea Berry, Emilia Taylor and Katy, and Trevor Black. Each individual is familiar with their roles and responsibility in the team and performs it with a smile on their face.

Location– 524 Columbia Ave, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-356-1350

 Chiropractors– Dr. Edward S. Carpenter, Dr. Geoffery J. Klaffka, and Dr. Julie Carpenter



Maxliving- A Chiropractor Lexington SC Clinic

Maxliving- Chiropractor Lexington

Maxliving can arguably be one of the most accomplished Lexington chiropractors in the country. And there are more than 200 Google reviews that tell the same story. What makes this clinic an ideal one is the hard work and professionalism of the staff. The body analysis is done in a short time, and the treatment starts soon after.

There is a clutter-free process of getting treatment and relief from the pain here. Maxliving ensures that your existing pains will subside, and no illness will reoccur. The clinic takes five principles of natural healthcare seriously, i.e., core chiropractic, nutrition, mindset, oxygen & exercise, and minimizing toxins.

Dr. Tim Lobsy is the lead doctor and literally the soul of the clinic. His positive attitude and friendly nature are quite likeable. He is also the founder of Maxliving along with his sister Dr. Sarah Lobsy. The other staff members include Dr. Mark Pavelek as the team doctor, Adrienne Simmonds as the office manager, and Marcela Lobsy as the marketing coordinator.

Location– 5495 Sunset Blvd Suite C, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-490-0946

Chiropractors– Dr. Tim Lobsy and Dr. Mark Pavelek



Vital Chiropractic

Vital Chiropractic

Vital chiro is one of the most popular chiropractors in Lexington, SC. They have a team of experienced and qualified chiropractors who are passionate about helping their patients achieve optimum health. Therapists offer a range of services, including spinal adjustments, massage therapy, nutritional advice, and exercise rehabilitation.

They also have a wide range of experiences in treating conditions such as headaches, neck pain, back pain, and sciatica. Vital chiro is dedicated to providing high-quality care for its patients. The clinic maintains a level of offering personalized service tailoring treatments to an individual’s needs. The experienced team works zealously to provide you with the best possible care to help you achieve optimum health.

Dr. Samantha Messina and Dr. Joe Messina form the main chiropractic team at Vital Chiropractic. They are the founders of the clinic and chief operating doctors. The duo believes in treating bodies through extensive chiropractic care. Both doctors are dedicated to showing patients a new way of life through pain-free chiropractic treatment approaches.

Location– 5140 Sunset Blvd a, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-609-8503

Chiropractors– Dr. Samantha Messina and Dr. Joe Messina



Bigbie Chiropractic

Bigbie Chiropractic- chiropractors Lexington

Bigbie is another big name on the list of chiropractors in the area. With more than 370 reviews, the clinic stands tall with world-class chiropractic services on offer. The main focus here is on treating conditions including sciatica, back pain, herniated discs, bulging disc, and leg pain.

Out of all the treatments, the latest DRX 9000 spinal decompression therapy is the most popular one. This is a non-drug and non-surgical therapy that offers long-lasting relief from enduring pain. The mission statement is to help the maximum number of people attain a healthy lifestyle without depending on medications or surgical treatments.

The hard-working team includes four doctors: Dr. Robert Bigbie, Dr. Jason Rose, Dr.Mike Nemastil, and Dr. Wade C Verch. Dr. Robert is the owner and founder of the clinic, with the aim of spreading awareness about chiropractic care in the community. The team offers an all-inclusive holistic approach with a combined experience and skill in the field.

Location– 943 Old Cherokee Rd, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-356-9315

Chiropractors– Dr. Robert Bigbie, Dr. Jason Rose, Dr.Mike Nemastil, and Dr. Wade C Verch. Dr. Robert



Collaborative Healthcare 

Collaborative healthcare

If you are searching for a collaborative approach to your treatment, Collaborative healthcare may tick all the right boxes. Pertaining to its name, the clinic offers a collaboration of passion, skill, and experience in the chiropractic field. Patients can expect combined and well-strategized holistic approaches to treatments. With a collective rating of 5.0 on Google, the clinic stands true to its reputation. Serving the residents of Lexington for more than two decades, the company offers various types of massage therapies to offer a special treatment plan to the patient.

Dr. Shane Connor is the leading and sole chiropractor working at the clinic. He has been a licensed chiropractor serving the Lexington community for more than 18 years. He believes in using cutting-edge technology to bring forward the best treatment plans for patients of all ages. 

Location– 716 Old Cherokee Rd, Lexington, SC 29072, United States

Contact– +1 803-359-2273

Chiropractors– Dr. Shane Connor



White Knoll Family Wellness – Top Chiropractor Lexington SC Clinic

White Knoll Family Wellness

If you are looking for an out-of-box chiropractic clinic, then White Knoll won’t disappoint you. You can easily get some rare and most effective chiropractic treatments here. Some of the exceptional therapy settings include vibration plater therapy, professional body contouring therapy, weight loss therapies, etc.

The main focus here is to offer the best treatments and plans for weight loss and body shape toning. While there are tons of packages to choose from, you can also make your own by getting in touch with the customer representative at the clinic.

Location– 1926 S Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29073, United States

Contact– +1 803-462-5440



We hope the above points helped you get clear information on different Chiropractor Lexington SC clinics. For those who know about chiropractors, we hope we have been successful in giving you some great options to look forward to for a healthier life. Stay safe and healthy! 

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