Top 10 Chiropractors in Warsaw, Indiana

Finding a chiropractor in Warsaw, Indiana, is not an easy task. There are so many to choose from and finding the right one can be difficult. It’s quite common to feel lost when faced with all these options. But don’t worry – in this article, you’ll discover the top ten chiropractors in the area along with the best chiropractor Warsaw Indiana. Reading on, you will also explore the many benefits of going to a chiropractor and how they can be better than traditional treatments. Let’s begin:

Chiropractor Warsaw Indiana

When you are feeling pain and discomfort in your body, you may be tempted to just take a pill or apply some cream to the area. However, if you want to get to the root of your problem and really solve the issue, it might be time to consider going to a chiropractor. Here are the top ten to look forward to in Warsaw Indiana:


Legacy Family Chiropractic Warsaw, Indiana

Lagacy Family

The therapists at Legacy Family continue their legacy of using hands to manipulate the spine and other body parts to improve health. When you visit the clinic, you’ll learn about what chiropractors do, how they can help with pain-free treatments, and how they are better than traditional forms of treatment. Most importantly, your entire family can get a superior form of a holistic approach, thanks to the experience of therapists at Legacy Family Chiropractic.

Dr. Jarod Franklin is the main head of the team. He commits himself to helping families get relief from enduring pain. He believes that chiropractic techniques can change our lives and make our bodies resistant to pain and issues. Dr. Rebekah Franklin is the other half of the team and is equally motivated to help the patients. She looks to empower the healing of the community physically and mentally.

Location– 550 W 300 N, Warsaw, IN 46582, United States

Contact– +1 574-306-0099

Chiropractors– Dr. Jarod Franklin and Dr. Rebekah Franklin



Spine and Joint Associates Warsaw Indiana Chiropractor

Spine and Joint

Back pain is a common complaint, and people often find themselves looking for chiropractors. The Spine and Joint associates are where you will find peace and purpose. The chiropractors examine your spine and then treat the spinal column to help it move better. The clinic can show you whether a chiropractor is right for you and what you can expect from them. That way, you can find the best treatment for your needs from this clinic. The clinic specializes in treating joint-related and spinal issues from the core. Besides chiro, other major treatment options include chiropractic medicines, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, massage therapy, water therapy, kinetisense, yoga, and laser treatment.

Walking on the path of ‘one team, one goal,’ the staff at Spine and Joint clinic are well-composed. The team includes Dr. Alfred L. Pinto, Dr. Luke R Young, Dr. Aaron M. Rechichar, and Dr. Austin G King. You will also find massage therapists, office managers, and front office personnel here. Each member works zealously to provide a service that exceeds expectations.

Location– 2866 Miller Dr # 7, Plymouth, IN 46563, United States

Contact– +1 574-914-4866

Chiroprtoracs– Dr. Alfred L. Pinto, Dr. Luke R Young, Dr. Aaron M. Rechichar, and Dr. Austin G King


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Align Life Chiropractic and Natural Health Center 

Align Life Chiropractic and Natural Health Center

The chiropractors at Align are experts in the field of spinal manipulation and other manual treatments. The care they offer aims to reduce pain, increase mobility, and enhance general well-being. Chiropractors typically help their patients by manipulating the spine or other parts of the body. The clinic is old in the area and has more reviews than anyone else on the list. This shows that the clinic’s work and ethics are well-appreciated around the region. You can also leverage various other services, such as functional nutritional lab testing and weight loss guidance.

The team comprises three doctors: Dr. Kevin day, Dr. Morgan Keel, and Dr. Cale Fahringer. Dr. Kevin carries maximum experience and looks forward to making lives easier for elder people suffering from pain. He works hard and always carries a smile while conversing with patients. Similarly, Dr. Morgan works to relieve patients from their stressful lives. She offers calm and composed chiropractic care.

Location– 311 S Buffalo St, Warsaw, IN 46580, United States

Contact– +1 574-268-2727

Chiropractors– Dr. Kevin day, Dr. Morgan Keel, and Dr. Cale Fahringer


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Masterson Chiropractic in Warsaw Indiana

Masterson Chiropractic- Chiropractor in Warsaw Indiana

It takes a lot of your energy to deal with back pain, neck discomfort, or ongoing health problems, especially if you’ve tried everything and nothing has helped! Fortunately, the staff at Masterson Chiropractic of Warsaw is available to assist.

In our role as a center for chiropractic and natural health, we look at more than just your symptoms. We examine the interplay between your neurological system, hormones, nutrients, and spine to determine your overall health. This enables us to identify and address the underlying source of the issue, putting you on the path to recovery and optimum health. The outcomes also speak for themselves. We’ve already assisted thousands of people in saying goodbye to weariness, joint infections, back and body aches, allergy symptoms, weight difficulties, and more.

Dr. David Masterson and Dr. Sarah Masterson are the chief chiropractors here. Together, they look to offer relief to patients suffering from various issues. The duo works together and cooperates to offer a great holistic approach to treatment.

Location– 725 E Market St, Warsaw, IN 46580, United States

Contact– +1 574-267-7051

Chiropractors– Dr. David Masterson and Dr. Sarah Masterson


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Parkview Health Chiropractor Warsaw Indiana

Parkview Health

If you are searching for an all-inclusive clinic where much more can be expected than chiropractic care, Parkview is an ideal option. Spread across tons of locations in the country, the giant leader in the healthcare industry offers plenty of services. Chiropractic care includes advanced brain and spinal care, stroke care, specialty care for the elderly, and so on. The website is in itself a huge database, and you can explore various content and blogs related to the issue.

The team of chiropractors has plenty of doctors with changing shifts. The main regulations of the company are governed by Mike Packnett, who is the chief executive officer.

Location– 1355 Mariners Dr. Warsaw, IN 46580 

Contact– 574-372-0000


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We Care Chiropractor 

We care Chiropractor in Warsaw, Indiana

Offering comprehensive treatment for your pain, the We Care clinic symbolizes perfect care and hospitality. With an emphasis on neuropathy, auto injury, headaches, vertigo, and pain relief, the clinic operates to offer result-driven care. The facility has been serving the Warsaw area for over two decades. Having a goal of helping as many people as they can, chiropractors are family-friendly and leave no loopholes in patient care. The staff understands how every patient reacts differently to different treatments. This allows the professionals at We Care to provide a custom approach. 

The main team of chiropractors, aside from the clinical staff, includes Dr. Wayne Hogenson and Dr. Rod West. Dr. Hogenson is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Dr. West has core interests in chiropractic bodybuilding. He finds relief in treating patients with spinal issues and other alignment deformities. He is a professional therapist of Thompson, Gonstead, and the ever-popular Activator technique. Dr. West is also a specialist in eliminating root causes of pain in the neck, head, shoulder, and back pain.

Location–  3107 E Center St, Warsaw, IN 46582, United States

Contact– +1 574-269-2469

Chiropractors– Dr. Wayne Hogenson and Dr. Rod West


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Manchester Family Chiropractic 

Committed to shaping your health for life, the Manchester Family Chiropractic is ideal for a personal care approach. The staff and chiropractors here are very friendly. Together, they help make the patient feel comfortable. The clinic believes in the spirit of willingness to undergo pain-free treatments. The doctors often educate the patients before they offer care and cures. The clinic is ideal not just for individuals but for families as well. If you or anyone in your family have a problem, you can get the cure and treatment together.

Dr. Joel Harman is the chief chiropractor who looks after the operations and treatment procedures. Dr. Joel has faced injuries and hence, realizes how chiropractic care is the solution to the problem. He offers a huge spectrum of treatment options such as Motion Palpation, Functional Rehabilitation, Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy, McKenzie Diagnosis, Therapy Kinesiology Taping, Nutritional Counseling, and many more.

Location– 110 N Walnut St, North Manchester, IN 46962, United States

Contact– +1 260-982-2008

Chiropractor– Dr. Joel Harman



Masterson Chiropractic in Warsaw Indiana

Masterson Chiropractic - chiropractor warsaw Indiana

If you are longing to discover a new level of wellness, you cannot go much wrong by choosing Masterson Chiropractic. The fascinating aspect of this clinic is the level of hospitality and genuineness. The clinic offers a unique approach with a holistic element to the core. The level of attention to each patient and each problem is worth appreciating. You would also love the environment of the clinic. Everything seems professional but friendly conversations with staff start the moment you initiate a topic.

The team includes father and daughter, namely Drs. David and Sarah Masterson. The duo has been working hard for 30 years to offer pain-free lives to millions of people in the region. They have a strong ethical bond, and this can be seen in the number of successful treatments they have offered till now. The doctors also emphasize keeping you healthy and young through most modern chiropractic techniques. You will easily get amazing information from both of them while your treatment is under process.

Location– 725 E Market St, Warsaw, IN 46580, United States

Contact–  +1 574-267-7051

Chiropractors– Drs. David and Sarah Masterson


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ADDvantage Chiropractic Corporation

If you want to explore the power and effect of chiropractic techniques, ADDvantage is a good option. The clinic strongly focuses on staying a specialty venue for chiropractic care and treatment. To that end, the therapists offer pristine care across different problems. You can easily find relief from issues including but not limited to whiplash, sciatica, neck pain, lower or mid back pain, disc issues, hernia, migraines, headaches, nausea, etc. You will also appreciate the number of diagnoses doctors undergo before starting the treatment. The spinal assessments are a common scenario here. This shows that doctors make an effort to understand the issue first. This helps them arrive at a foolproof plan of action for treatment and cure.

Doctor Adam is an independent chiropractor at the clinic. He is often regarded as the most humble and polite amongst the staff. This gives the patient a sigh of relief that their health is in safer hands. Dr. Adam believes in taking care of patients as if they were his family. He always welcomes walk-ins and also works on an appointment basis.

Location–  904 S 325 E, Warsaw, IN 46582, United States

Contact– +1 574-267-6735

Chiropractor– Dr. Adam



Johnson Chiropractic Warsaw Indiana

Johnson Chiropractic

If you want to spare yourself the costly treatments of big clinics, you are more than welcome to arrive at Johnson Chiropractic. The clinic is small yet cozy and full of modern healthcare amenities. You will easily find the best chiropractic care means here. After a short diagnostic session and a long talk, the doctor decides the best therapy for you. You can stay assured that your health and money are in safer hands.

Dr. Matthey G. Johnson is the owner and chiropractor at the clinic. He graduated from the Warsaw Community High School. His further studies were done at the University of Tennessee in Martin. He also attended Logan College of Chiropractic, from where he got a degree as a chiropractor in 1995. He is capable of delivering some amazing treatment options, such as spinal decompression therapy, hydro massage, roller table, and electrical stimulation.

Location– 427 E Ft Wayne St, Warsaw, IN 46580, United States

Contact– +1 574-268-0787

Chiropractor– Dr. Matthey G. Johnson



We hope you enjoyed our precise list of some of the ideal chiropractors to look forward to in Warsaw, Indiana. If you are looking for pain-free and surgery-free treatments, the chiropractor Warsaw Indiana can save you tons of money and tears with effective therapies. If you are not considering going to one, the right time to change your perception is now.

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