11 Best Chiropractors in Oakville With All Details

In today’s cutthroat competition of offering the best healthcare services to consumers, chiropractors in Oakville are certainly ahead of the game. And there is certainly a good reason that we can relate to their winning ways. Who wouldn’t love getting rid of pain and chronic conditions without undergoing surgeries? Also, who would say no to a procedure that will cure your age-old pain without any medications? From personal care to procedures without side effects, there is a lot to be liked about the best chiropractor in Oakville.

Today, chiropractors have become an integral part of the society living in Oakville. People respect them for what they do and often visit them on a regular basis. Moreover keeping their end of the relationship well, chiropractors offer great service with proper guidance and counseling for every patient. Also, they don’t just follow the standard norms of cure but create a personal approach for every patient after examining the conditions carefully. While you are reading this, the thought of visiting a chiropractor yourself might have crossed your mind. So, don’t worry; what you will read next will surely help you out. 

Chiropractor Oakville

Let us help you explore the details and help you find the best chiropractor in Oakville. We have ranged this list in no particular order, and anyone can choose the chiropractor that fits his or her requirements. So, without a further ado, let’s jump in:


Dundas Chiropractic in Oakville

Dundas Chiropractic in Oakville

Specializing in spinal decompression, the Dundas Chiropractic is a trusted care center with plenty of reviews with high ratings. This Oakville chiropractor clinic strives to cure various types of pain, including foot, toenail, lower back, back pain ailments, sciatica, neck stiffness, toe alignments, etc. Moreover, Dundas Chiropractic believes in eliminating the inconveniences patients usually face during visits to a doctor. To that end, there are no lengthy information sessions and vitals checking procedures here. You can simply come and meet the doctor without any wait. 

Additionally, Dr. Geisler is the chief chiropractor at Oakville. Always welcoming you with a nice smile on his face, Dr. Geilser is a chiropractor as well as an instructor. He works as a practitioner of spinal decompression. Also, he has attained his degree from the New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Geisler has also served as a paramedic at the Ontario Ministry of Health for ten years, which accounts for his experience in treating patients who need immediate pain relief. 

Location– 360 Dundas Street East #B4, Oakville, ON L6H 6Z9, Canada


Phone+1 905-257-5628


Nottinghill Family Wellness Center

Nottinghill Family Wellness Center

Enter into the premium facility of Nottinghill Family Wellness Center and forget all your worries. The encouraging and friendly staff will help you out with your appointment while you sit and appreciate the state-of-the-art healthcare facility. Here, the practitioners can provide help with physiotherapy, acupuncture, compression stockings, custom foot orthotics, car accident treatments, massage therapies, WSIB treatment, and Shockwave therapy. 

Moreover, this Oakville-based chiropractor clinic is home to three professionals, namely Dr. Steve, Dr. Jenn, and Dr. Sean. Together, the team offers a multi-tiered treatment approach. Also, they look to cure every pain through the best possible chiropractic methods. You can also find a cure for various injury-related pains and other body illnesses. People facing problems in flexible motions can also hop in and find relief. The doctors often use a combination of more than one therapy to help with quick healing and recovery. 

Location: 1131 Nottinghill Gate, Oakville, ON L6M 1K5, Canada


Phone+1 905-827-4197

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Dr. Freddie So – Chiropractic First Chiropractor Oakville 

Walking on the norms of examining and then treating, Dr. Freddie SO is a part of one of the most popular chiropractic care centers in Oakville. The staff performs extensive spinal and nervous examination that helps the practitioners devise the best treatment options. This chiropractor clinic in Oakville is apt in streamlining the booking of appointments through its online portal. You can always reserve your appointment and take the check-up later when you feel the need for it. Additionally, there are many more advantages of visiting a chiropractor. Some of these include family wellness care, overall body health recovery, and community programs. 

Furthermore, striving to offer nothing short of world-class care, Dr. Freddie is the clinic director and the chief chiropractor. Dr. Andy and Dr. Davis Degarbo also accompany him in daily operations. The team dedicates every second of their working hours to making the patients feel better. This approach helps the patients live stress-free not just at the Clinic but at home as well. 

Location– 1075 North Service Rd W Suite 206, Oakville, ON L6M 2G2, Canada


Phone+1 905-844-4325

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Mobility Plus Chiropractic in Oakville

With over 400 Google ratings, Mobility Plus is here to take your pain and sorrows away in a solacing manner. The key services include chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and custom orthotics. You can also read articles about chiropractic care on the official website. Although, the team always looks forward to educating and informing patients on the latest trends and updates in the healthcare industry. You can easily seek relief from pains related to neck, head, knee, hip, disc, spine, sciatic, whiplash, etc. 

Additionally, the team at Mobility Plus involves Dr. Justin Guy and Dr. Alex Tymoshenko as main chiropractors. Dr. Justin offers care that involves lessons from his own injuries. Having felt the magical effect of Oakville’s chiropractor care, he believes that every pain can diminish from the right-hand movements. On the other hand, Dr. Alex has adopted chiropractic services as a part of his life. He is committed to helping others the way he got help himself. 

Location– 589 Argus Rd, Oakville, ON L6J 3J4, Canada


Phone+1 905-339-3773

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Foundation Chiropractic Co.

Foundation Chiropractic Co.

Meeting modern healthcare facilities with traditional chiropractic care, the Foundation Chiropractic offers a state-of-the-art facility and contemporary services. You get a free complimentary consultation on arrival while the staff checks your problem and arranges the meeting with the best Oakville chiropractor. On top of that, other amenities include neurostructural examination, recommendation conferences, pediatric chiropractic, etc. 

Here, the team involves two of the best chiropractors in Oakville. Dr. Jason, with advanced certification in Torque Release Technique, is the heart of the Clinic. Dr. Jennifer works to offer premium care to mothers and children with ease and professional techniques. The third pillar of the team, Dr. Shamira, provides guidance to patients thanks to her skills and experience in the field. She also focuses on natural healing without the use of equipment. 

Location– 584 Ford Dr #4, Oakville, ON L6J 0A4, Canada 


Phone+1 905-599-4804

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In-Line Family Chiropractor in Oakville

In-Line Family Chiropractic

Standing true to its name, the In-Line Family Chiropractic center offers essential family care for various types of pain and conditions. Catering to the norms of social distancing, this Oakville-based chiropractor clinic pays full attention to hygiene and sanitization. Infants and seniors can get equal treatment with a holistic approach. Also, the practitioner works to evoke the body’s natural ability to heal through strategic chiropractic movements. 

Let’s meet chiropractor Dr. Jogn Zeni at the In-Line wellness center. With his own experience of back issues, Dr. Zeni aims to provide easy and straightforward chiropractic services. Also, patients like his approach where he believes in less theory and more practicality. To that end, Dr. Zeni offers direct approaches to help patients most simplistically.  

Location– 2318 Lakeshore Rd W, Oakville, ON L6L 1H3, Canada


Phone+1 905-827-2757

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PhysioChiro Wellness, Chiropractor Oakville

PhysioChiro Wellness

The main goal of PhysioChiro Wellness is to bring in the righteousness of muscle movements and restore patients’ health. With the plane sailing aim, the clinic provides decent services across the region. You can choose from various chiropractic treatment types such as manipulation, adjustment of tissues, stretches, exercises, soft tissue therapies, pregnancy chiropractic care, etc. Additionally, the practitioners can treat a multitude of pain ranging from back, neck, and joints pain to muscle spasms, sports injuries, scoliosis, and even beyond. 

Furthermore, five chiropractors form the efficient team at PhysioChiro. The list includes Dr. D. Shaboo, Dr. S. Winter, Dr. A. Lee, Dr. D. Glaser, and Dr. Y. QIN. Every patient gets a collective treatment approach where every chiropractor of this Oakville clinic volunteers with his special skills. Together, they work to help patients through the techniques of joint manipulation, muscle release, and muscle mobilization. 

Location– 3180 Ridgeway Dr #38, Mississauga, ON L5L 5S7, Canada


Phone+1 905-607-5139


Halton Chiropractor Oakville

Halton Chiropractor in Oakville

If you contemplate that chiropractic care is a light version of treatments and never produces enduring results, Halton Chiropractic will help you reconsider your philosophy. With an overall rating of 4.9 on Google, this efficient chiropractor clinic in Oakville will clear out the doubts and myths you have about chiropractic care. With an offering of over a century of collective experience, this clinic is no short of result-driven approaches coupled with world-class guidance by practitioners. Massage therapy, reiki, reflexology, physiotherapy, and acupuncture are some of the most popular service options available. 

Furthermore, the chiropractic team includes four doctors, namely Dr. Lary Laughlin, Dr. Bill Stackhouse, Dr. Adam Slis, and Dr. Chelsea (CJ)Lorimer. Being the most experienced practitioner in the Clinic, Dr. Lary presents his aptitude and counsel to every patient. Also, he has been actively participating in all sorts of small and large treatment procedures. Additionally, he is working for the community of Oakville, coaching boys and girls teams in minor sports. 

Location– 250 Wyecroft Rd #5, Oakville, ON L6K 3T7, Canada


Phone+1 905-844-9117


Dr. Andy So Chiropractic First Natural Health Group

Dr. Andy So Chiropractic First Natural Health Group

If you are strictly considering witnessing a personal approach to your pain or other relating issues, then Dr. Andy So is the right chiropractor for you. The company is unique as it presents a custom-made solution to every patient. Also, different chiropractors are allotted to different patients so that there are no monotonous treatments on offer. You can expect a combination of different therapies and some really helpful guidance on your pain and recovery. 

Moreover, Dr. Andy So loves helping families live everyday life without the existence of any sort of pain. As an Oakville chiropractor, he is always willing to take part in collective treatment. With a smile on his face and gratitude in his heart, Dr. Andy works to provide chiropractic care for children and women as well. Furthermore, he believes in fostering a career in the field that makes a difference in the entire community of Oakville. Relating to this, he fosters a special interest in prenatal and pediatric care. He also has a certification from the Webster in Utero Constraint Technique, which is quite rare. 

Location– 1075 North Service Rd W Unit 206, Oakville, ON L6M 2G2, Canada 


Phone+1 905-844-4325


Dynamic Health and Performance

Dynamic Health and Performance

This Oakville-based chiropractor clinic is synonymous with an athlete care center. Offering a collective approach to performance improvement and health stabilization for different types of athletes, Dynamic Health & Performance strives to provide the most up-to-date chiropractic treatments. Besides experienced chiropractors, the clinic consists of physiotherapists, athletic therapists, massage therapists, and naturopath specialists. Also, the care is regulated around helping people excel in sports and live healthy lifestyles. You can also seek out at-home core exercises and snaking in movement along with naturopath 101 therapies here. 

The main chiropractor in this Oakville clinic is Dr. Benjamin Fryer who leads the team. Dr. Fryer looks to guide and maneuver the team operations so that the patient can easily receive the best care possible. Understanding the core problem and issues of every athlete is the main motto the team walks on. Dr. Fryer ensures that an outline is made for the treatment approach, which helps in achieving results most accurately. Dr. Fryer is also a specialist in Athletic Therapy and Active Release Techniques. 

Location– 1155 North Service Rd W #17, Oakville, ON L6M 3E3, Canada


Phone+1 905-339-2333


Oakville Rehab Centre

Oakville Rehab Centre

The practitioners of Oakville Rehab untiringly think of treating every pain and condition a patient is facing. The Rehab Centre is a place that will make you think about why you haven’t visited the place before. The operations are smooth, and taking an appointment is a sinecure. You can always bank upon the doctor’s approach to your pain. The staff also helps you out with sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, massage therapies, acupuncture, whiplash, etc. This Oakville-based chiropractor clinic also provides potential and harmless Chinese medicines for better recovery and healing. 

Moreover, there are three main chiropractors here – Dr. Eric Dawtrey, Dr. Kennet Lee, and Dr. Dave Olujic. The staff also includes two physiotherapies, namely Dr. Dina Awad and Dr. Karen Lee. You can also have assistance from a registered massage therapist that also forms an important part of the team at Oakville Rehab Centre.   

Location– 2524 Third Line, Oakville, ON L6M 0G8, Canada


Phone+1 905-845-2293


If you do not have to trust in chiropractic care, there are plenty of reasons for you to shift your course toward the treatment approach. Coming up with advanced evidence-based modalities, chiropractors are helping offer treatment for various types of pain. They not only assist in covering up but also ensure that the pain does not come back. Such a type of assurance is quite rare when we compare the scenario with surgeries and allopathic medicines. 

Moreover, to put it in simple words- life is always good without pain. Our body is meant to move, not to cease in pain. The best chiropractor in Oakville will help you in holding your posture effortlessly. Also, they will aid you in preserving delicate soft tissues and joints. The relief will make your body resist any future injuries. Furthermore, the private treatment rooms and the modern facilities coupled with one-on-one care are the crowning accomplishments. With so much goodness to bag in with a normal appointment fee, it becomes quintessential to approach the chiropractors in your area at least once in your lifetime. 

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