11 Best Chiropractors In London, Ontario

In a world where digitization in healthcare is driving us away from personalized approaches, the best chiropractor in London, Ontario, is working to break the norms. Offering effective hands-on treatment through painless means, chiropractors are proving to be the preferred choice for different types of pain and conditions.

So, if you are looking for a moralistic approach to not just treatment but rehabilitation as well, chiropractic care will have you covered. Moreover, giving priority to your health above anything else, the chiropractor will help you feel your best again. With so many alternatives to choose from, this becomes vital to shortlist the best chiropractors in London, Ontario. Let us help you out.

Chiropractors London Ontario

Join us as we search for some of the notable chiropractors working to provide the best services to patients in London, Ontario.


Café of Life Chiropractic Studio

Café of Life Chiropractic Studio

Whether you are looking to go back to work or trying to recuperate from an injury, Café of life can be your ideal recovery partner. The practitioners offer a personalized approach where they analyze each patient carefully and devise a plan for the treatment ahead. Also, you will get both pediatric and parental chiropractic care at Café of Life. Additionally, various strategies are also formulated to enhance athletic performances.

Furthermore, Dr. Joel Richards has been the chief chiropractor here in London, Ontario since 2006. Also, he has been the mind behind the construction of a drug-free and painless nurturing atmosphere amidst vibrant settings at the clinic. Furthermore, Dr. Joel enjoys his time caring for patients and children. Needless to say, he is always up to the task and offers compassionate and experienced chiropractic care.

Location 394 Oxford St E, London, ON N6A 1V7, Canada


Phone +1 519-439-5353


Campbell CC Chiropractor in London, Ontario

Visit the Campbell CC and get your joints moving in the right way. The chiropractors here offer pristine care through manual chiropractic adjustment of joints and the spine. Adding to this, chiropractic care is also customized to help children, athletes, and expecting mothers with all kinds of ailments (even neck pain). Also, the entire care provided is focused on a gentle, non-invasive, and safe chiropractic treatment methodology.

This London, Ontario chiropractor clinic is owned by Dr. Michelle Campbell, who is the chief chiropractor here. She is also a Clinical Tutor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC).
Also, two other chiropractors are working as of now. The first one is Dr. Sarah Coletti, and the second one is Dr. Laura Gravelle. Finally, the staff comprises Niki, who is a chiropractic administrative assistant, and Tiffany, who is an experienced chiropractic assistant. Also, Chris O’Hagan is the operations of manager at Campbell Chiropractic Center.  

Location– 533 Queens Ave, London, ON N6B 1Y3, Canada


Phone–  +1 519-642-2273


Riverside Chiropractic

Riverside Chiropractic is no new name in London Ontario. Since the company has been recognized for excellence over the past few years, many patients find peace with chiropractic treatments offered at Riverside Care Center. The clinic offers well-organized chiropractic care for the whole family. Moreover, with more than 300 Google ratings, the chiropractic center focuses on helping patients with all sorts of pain, no matter the degree. What’s more? You can also leverage services related to neuropathy and massage therapy.

While the team offers different doctors with different sets of skills, the chiropractic department constitutes Dr. Ben Tucker. Also, the owner of the clinic, chiropractor Dr. Ben, strongly believes that good clinical care is the best source of happiness for the entire family. Being a witness to the incredible benefits of chiropractic as a child, he is committed to helping patients who think that there is no option left for them.

Location– 110 Riverside Dr #104, London, ON N6H 4S5, Canada


Phone +1 519-681-8048


Hardick Chiropractor in London, Ontario

Hardick Chiropractic Centre

Operating for four decades, the Hardick Chiropractor offers an all-inclusive approach to disease prevention and treatment. Additionally, the main core operations that the clinic focuses on include three spectrums. The first one is premium wellness care; the second one is symptomatic relief, and lastly, corrective care. Here, you will get a friendly atmosphere with staff working flexible hours for you. Also, do not miss the highlights like onsite X-ray facilities and safe chiropractic adjustments.

Furthermore, Dr. B.J. Hardick is the main chiropractor in London Ontario, operating at this clinic. He is a man of commitment and strongly believes in the ethics of community involvement and patient education. As a result, he has been the favorite of the patients in the region, and many prefer counseling from no one else but Dr. Hardick only. Also, everyone appreciates his efforts in the mission to maximize health and wellness in the local community.

Location– 331 Queens Ave, London, ON N6B 1X2, Canada


Phone +1 519-673-1132


Absolute Chiropractic Care

Absolute Chiropractic Care

Say goodbye to harmful allopathic medicines with the world-class chiropractic care on offer at Absolute Chiropractic. Specializing in all forms of musculoskeletal care, the multidisciplinary clinic will leave you relaxed and at ease when you exit the therapy room. Small sessions with this chiropractor in London Ontario may bring huge benefits and pain relief. Furthermore, the doctors are available six days a week. Hence, scheduling an appointment is never a complex thing to pursue. 

The team consists of two experienced doctors. First is Dr. Becky Martin LaForge, who is a Bachelor of Kinesiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Additionally, the second part of the team is Dr. Chris Eaglen, who graduated from Central Michigan University. Together, the duo of chiropractors works to offer different yet effective approaches to the treatment of the patient.

Location– 163 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON N6J 1X9, Canada


Phone +1 519-660-4440


Optimal Physiotherapy and healthcare chiropractic in London Ontario

Optimal Physiotherapy and healthcare chiropractic in London, Ontario

The Optimal healthcare clinic optimizes its approach with the combination of chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. Additionally, the clinic also provides some rare healthcare services such as WSIB, manual lymphatic drainage, concussion rehabilitation, dry needling, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, etc. Hop in, and you will come out a much happier person.

Furthermore, Dr. Andrew McManus holds the steering wheel of chiropractic operations at the chiropractic clinic in London, Ontario. Working on an evidence-based treatment plan, chiropractor Dr. Andrew often fosters healthy relationships with his patients to help them on the path to recovery. Unlike many other doctors, he will spend an hour with you during your first visit, assessing your condition and guiding you toward the potential chiropractic treatment. 

Location– 163 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON N6J 1X9, Canada


Phone +1 519-660-4440


London Chiropractic and Massage Clinic

london chiropractic and massage clinic

If you are looking for fine affordable chiropractic services in the area, you cannot overlook London Chiropractic and massage clinic. Being in the heart of the downtown, the clinic is easily accessible from various locations in the city. Serving the community for four decades, the clinic offers plenty of treatment options. Besides chiropractic therapies, you can also look to book an appointment for custom orthotics, Bioflex laser therapy, acupuncture, and osteopathic manual therapy. Also, you can ask for some rare treatments such as Hawkgrips, Kinesiology taping, Cox technic, and TENS therapy.

The chiropractic team constitutes three doctors, namely Dr. Eric Jackson, Dr. Keith Leung, and Dr. Ryan Jenken. Every London Ontario chiropractor is known for his unique skills and different perspective on patient care. The trio collectively takes part in offering various treatments that can help patients with problems relating to spinal and joint pain.

Location– North Entrance, 423 Colborne St, London, ON N6B 2T2, Canada


Phone +1 519-434-4493


Lambeth Chiropractic in London, Ontario

Lambeth Chiropractic in London, Ontario

Simple and straightforward, functional and effective, friendly and efficient- these are the major traits of chiropractic care you will receive once you enter the Lambeth chiropractic clinic. The wellness center is also home to various other rehabilitation services, including but not limited to fascial stretch therapy, bach flower remedy, ozone therapy, reiki, reflexology, registered massage therapy, foot care aesthetics therapy, etc.

The core team includes four doctors, namely Dr. Zeinin Haji, B.Sc., D.C., Dr. Amy Crinklaw, B.HSc, DC, and Dr. Sydney Granger, B.A. D.C. The team works together and strategizes the best treatment plans for every patient. Here, every chiropractor in London, Ontario believes that every patient requires different options, and hence, they personalize treatment options as per the needs and degree of the pain. Needless to say, the health and well-being of every patient is the number one priority for everyone working at Lambeth Chiropractic and Wellness Center.

Location– 2453 Main St, London, ON N6P 1A7, Canada


Phone +1 519-652-5597

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Kay Harris Chiropractic and Wellness Center

Kay Harris Chiropractic and Wellness Center

If you think that chiropractic methods include pain or twisting of bones, then Kay Harris Chiropractic in London, Ontario, will help change your conception. The ease at which patients can share their problems and get the right treatments here is simply remarkable. Furthermore, the offering of a myriad of chiropractic care makes it one of the most eminent chiropractic clinics in the area. Also, the facility offers modern amenities making physical, social, and mental well-being achievement as easy as ABC. Some of the services offered include lifestyle counseling, multidisciplinary chiropractic care, corrective exercises, and spinal as well as postural screenings.

This London, Ontario chiropractor clinic is collectively run by Dr. Dan Kay, Dr. Scott Kay, and Dr. Jeff Harris. The team is always interested to know about the health and conditions of the patients to analyze the scenario in a better way. Leaving no stone unturned, chiropractors are never shy of taking each other’s advice to enhance the quality of patient care. The trio works to impact patient’s life each day in a positive manner.

Location– 1290 Byron Baseline Rd, London, ON N6K 2E3, Canada


Phone +1 519-641-5995


Modern Health and Performance Chiropractic in London, Ontario (MHP)

Modern Health and Performance Chiropractic in London, Ontario (MHP)

This is one unique chiropractic setting that caters to the needs of the athletes. Working day by day to improve the mobility and condition of joints, chiropractors are apt to provide professional and skillful care to athletes. One can also look for massage therapies and pediatric care at MHP. One can easily expect modernized and complementary treatments that will help patients find the root cause of their pain and conditions. Don’t forget to get an initial assessment by a chiropractor in this London, Ontario-based clinic before you go in for the full-fledged treatment for your body and nervous system.

The main pillars of the chiropractic team include Dr. Evan Georgievski, Devon Dodge, Dr. J. Alex Coulson, and Dr. Tiffany Bacon. The variation in the team results in ample benefits for the patients. These come in handy in easy recovery during treatment processes. The practitioners offer services such as running gait analysis, neuro-cognitive treatment, parental chiropractic care, nerve pain, knee pain, low back pain, sports injuries, and shoulder pain. 

Location– 123 St George St #110, London, ON N6A 3A1, Canada


Phone–  +1 519-601-8444


Pure-Health Chiropractor

Pure-Health Chiropractor

Standing true to its title, Pure Health is where health is always the priority. The chiropractic clinic is famous not just for painless treatments but for weight loss regimes and massages as well. With an ideology to let everyone enjoy life without pain, the clinic aims at curing spinal and joint issues. The treatment plan design suits everyone’s needs and comes with personal attention to everyone’s symptoms. The additional exercises and muscle movement therapies help in aiding recovery with better results.

Every chiropractor in this London, Ontario clinic is compassionate about your suffering. Firstly, Dr. Jamie Neely will welcome you to the world of pain-free treatments. The healthcare professional can help offer relief from stubborn pains such as relating to hernias, cervical, migraine, etc. The other half of the team, Dr. Laina Shulman, is equally well-versed in her chiropractic skills and abilities. She aims to be the last hope for the patients and help them get the worth of their money. Also, she is always looking to make patients feel at ease through a friendly nature and a warm attitude.

Location–  606 Oxford St E, London, ON N5Y 3J1, Canada


Phone– +1 519-642-7800


So there you have, a few of the best chiropractors in London, Ontario. Do note that the working hours and the days of operations may differ for each chiropractor. Do check and consult with the clinic to set an appointment without wasting any time.

Concluding, it is important to realize the ways chiropractors work. They offer treatments without any harmful effects, invasions, medications, or surgeries. Also, on top of that, they begin with a thorough assessment of the underlying reasons for pain. After this, they tailor-make a plan based on the condition of the patient. Surprisingly, such a type of personal approach can only be seen in chiropractor London, Ontario clinics. It is not the method of treatment that matter, but the way of dealing with the patient that makes a huge difference. You can easily experience that genuine caregiving attitude coupled with evidence-based techniques at a chiropractic care and wellness center. This type of clinical approach should always be encouraged as it offers us peace of mind and relief from the distressing effects of medicines and surgeries.

We hope that the list will help you out and seek the best remedy for your pain.

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