11 Awesome Chiropractors in Gold Coast (2023)

Sitting in the wrong posture on a chair, spending hours in front of a laptop, and innumerable other factors lead to bad spinal health. If you feel a stinging pain in the back or your joints feel stiff, then why not pay a visit to the best Chiropractor in Gold Coast? Visiting a Chiropractor frequently can help you reap a myriad of benefits. From headaches to reducing neck pain to lowering BP, they are experts at curing different ailments. 

Chiropractor Gold Coast

If you are solemnly concerned about your health, then put visiting chiro on top of the list. But it’s tedious to find the reliable and best one. To help you and save time, we have collated the list of the best Chiropractors in Gold Coast. You can trust them without any issues and address your concern. 


Empowering Wellness

For the last three decades, Empowering Wellness has been serving the people of the Gold Coast. Their team comprises chiropractors, holistic therapists, Kinesiologists, Acupuncturists etc. These all work together to find what is causing you pain, refraining you from living an ordinary enjoyable lie. 

Their array of services includes Chiropractic care, Physiospect therapy, Musculoskeletal Therapy, a Sports Performance Program, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Yoga and so on. All their services aim to improve health quality and help you reach physical goals. 

The experts aim to cure the underlying issue of pain and educate the patient on preventing it from happening in the future. Book an appointment now to begin your journey to overall wellness. 

Location: 2/1846 Lower Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

Contact: 61 7 5535 9833

Rating: 4.9 / 25 reviews




Gold Coast Health & Chiropractic Group

Spinal misalignment is the root cause of various daunting health issues. Gold Coast Health and Chiropractic Group can help you achieve the freedom of living a pain-free life. It’s a multi-modality clinic having expertise in rendering dynamic and affordable health care to its patients. 

The entire team of this chiropractic clinic actively involves the patient also during the treatment. By reducing the pain and eliminating the root cause, they prevent the recurrence of the chronic issue. Alongside, they also emphasize explaining to patients how to take care of themselves, especially the spine. 

Their treatment methods include Chiropractic, Dry Needling, Sporting Injuries, Cold Laser Therapy, etc. A combination of these methods puts your body back in repair mode. Book an appointment now and get on the road to recovering faster. 

Location: 109 Musgrave Ave, Southport QLD 4215, Australia

Contact: 61 7 5528 2899

Rating: 4.9 / 36 reviews 



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Revolution Chiropractic

One of the exceptional chiropractic clinics in Gold Coast, Revolution Chiropractic, has a vast array of services that are a perfect fit for almost every patient. Being a group of massage therapists, chiropractors, and other health professionals, they aim at Neuro structural correction. Once the neuro-spinal structure is alright, everything else falls back into place. They treat adults and children who want to get rid of pain and live an active life. 

When you decide to pay a visit and walk in at Revolution Chiropractic, you will feel a different ambience and amiable atmosphere. Their straightforward treatment process allows them to cater to the additional requirements of individual patients. 

Dr Mark Illguth is the owner here who worked along with his talented team. Request an appointment and deal with the best one only. 

Location: Shop 24a/1934 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220, Australia

Contact: 61 7 5535 4441, 0755354441

Rating: 5.0 /25 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Mark Illguth




Healthy Bodies Chiropractic

Healthy Bodies Chiropractic Clinic believes that you cannot attain a healthy body by just adjusting the spine’s misalignment. They address the entire body as one and focus on eliminating energy blockages or interferences to restore normal function. 

They utilize different techniques that include Applied Kinesiology, Customized Exercise Programs, Functional and Integrative Nutrition, and many others. From young to old, they aim to help everyone who visits their clinic. 

Book an appointment with their best chiropractors and make your body function at its best. All techniques focus on looking for the root cause and later moving to prevent it from recurring. Dr Melisa McGuire is the leading chiropractic expert here. She believes the patients must deal with us to feel the change in their lives after receiving treatment. To recognize the benefits yourself, make a booking now. 

Location: 1824 Lower Gold Coast Hwy, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia

Contact: (07) 5518 3063

Rating: 5.0/ 35 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Mellisa Mcguire



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Spinal Focus – Chiropractor Gold Coast

Look Better, Move Better and Feel Better; this is the aim of Spinal Focus. They deeply understand how poor posture affects overall health, including both mind and body, at different levels. For healthy and flexible functioning of the body, good posture is a must. They use chiropractic which has been around for 120 years and is one of the safest techniques. 

Dr Ian Roberts, a chiropractor in Gold Coast, has nearly 23 years of experience working as a chiropractor. He believes the body pains only when it cannot adapt to the surrounding environment or ongoing stress in the spine and nervous system. For treating his patients, he follows gentle to firmer manual chiropractic adjustments to the spine. The technique Dr Ian will follow depends upon the intensity of your problem. The patient’s success is his priority, so everyone can receive treatment from him. For an appointment, either fill out the contact form or get in touch directly via call. 

Location:12 Bronhill Street, 4223 Currumbin, QLD, Australia

Contact: 0415 405 062

Rating: 4.9 /112 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Ian Roberts 




Surfer’s Paradise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center

Surfer’s Paradise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center is the perfect place to visit to achieve a healthy lifestyle. The centre came into existence in 1973 and is one of the longest-running chiropractic centres situated on the Gold Coast and other locations. 

The centre has an overall combined clinical experience of around 100 years. The team includes massage therapists, chiropractors, and nutritionists who follow their own devised approaches to cater to patients’ needs. 

Besides mere chiropractic, the clinic has so much more to offer to its patients. Be ready to enjoy long-term relief if you decide to receive treatment from Surfer’s Paradise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center. Using kinesiology and other adjusting techniques, they understand the cause of stress. Either call or book an appointment to make your body work in rhythm. 

Location:12 Thomas drive 4217 Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia

Contact: (07) 55 39 97 98

Rating: 5.0 / 46 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr. Bruce Whittingham 




Coomera Home Chiropractor Gold Coast

Are you in pain? If yes, then Coomera Home Chiropractor in Gold Coast can help you. Their proven chiropractic techniques and massage therapies help people come back on track. Whatever the issue may be, their experts have the solution. 

Their unique chiropractic techniques involve first warming up your aching muscles and then massaging them. Later the chiropractor works on your muscle adjustments for effective pain relief. 

Aside from this, they use ancient methods backed by modern evidence. They follow Gua Sha, a technique that breaks the scar tissue and then instills speedy recovery. They also prefer to suggest exercises for the patients to do at home. Book an online appointment and also get empowered for rapid healing. Dr. Malcolm Hampson is the main Chiropractor here.  

Location: 28 St Stephens Dr, Upper Coomera QLD 4209, Australia

Contact: (07) 5641 1990

Rating: 5.0 / 41 reviews

Chiropractor: Malcolm Hampson, DC. DO.




Spine Sports Feet Clinic

Since 2003, Spine Sports Feet Clinic has been around in the Gold Coast area. They are a group of health professionals in fields that include podiatry, dietetics, massage therapy, sports injury treatment, and so on. According to individual needs, they render high-quality care and help patients achieve optimal health. 

From dealing with the diagnosis to the prevention of pain to management, they work on different musculoskeletal issues. If you are suffering from back pain, foot pain, headaches, dizziness, muscle strains, etc, then you can head to the clinic. 

Get treated by a passionate team of health experts and pave your way to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Luke Stubbs works in the chiropractic department here. For chiropractic services, book an online appointment, and for others, make a call. 

Location: Homeworld Helensvale, 502 Hope Island Rd, Helensvale Qld 4212

Contact: 07 5580 5655

Rating: 4.8 / 47 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Luke Stubbs



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Robina Wellness Centre

A dedicated chiropractic clinic in Gold Coast, Robina Chiropractic Wellness Centre is all focused on helping its patients get their optimal health back. Their qualified and expert staff has decades of experience and understands in-depth the concerns of the patients. No matter what your current state of health is, their team has the needed expertise to help you get relieved. Their two major services include Chiropractic and Spinal Traction (CBP). Get treated with the utmost gentle care at Robina Chiropractic Wellness Centre.  

Whether you are suffering from a headache, sciatica, back pain, or anything else, make a call or book an appointment. At Robina, you are in safe hands. Once you pay a visit, they have so much to offer you. You will feel the difference and enjoy long-term relief from the ailments. 

Location: Robina Quays Shopping Centre, shop 14a, 361 Robina Parkway, Robina, 4226, QLD

Contact: 07 5562 1311

Rating: 4.7 / 56 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Andrew Kaltenbach 



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Rhythm Of Life

A one-stop destination for all your chiropractic care-related needs. The health professionals at Rhythm Of Life Chiropractor Gold Coast offer sensory enrichment therapy, energy healing, bodywork, gentle chiropractic, meditation/mindfulness, etc. Their friendly and caring team combines different services based on your requirements to provide you with suitable treatment. 

Unlike others, they follow an innovative and fresh approach to healing your mind and body both. To experience relaxation and heal yourself from pain, you can visit the Rhythm Of Life. Their research-based practices mainly focus on the nervous system, spine, and brain-related issues to combat stress and instill relaxation. They offer services ranging from gentle chiropractic/bodywork to energy healing to massage therapies. Book an appointment now with their professionals. 

Location: 2/12 Classic Way, Burleigh Waters QLD, 4220

Contact: (07) 5593 8778

Rating: 5.0  / 77 reviews

Chiropractor: Dr Coby 




Pay a visit to Chiropractor if you are suffering from body pain, back pain, or other related issues. We curated this list of the best chiropractors in Gold Coast based on patient reviews and the services they offer. 

In case you have any queries related to the Gold Coast chiropractors we mentioned in the list, feel free to contact us.

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