Top 10 Chiropractors in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

We live in a society where health problems spread like wildfire. In such a scenario, the chiropractor Lees Summit can change how we think about pain-relief procedures. Chiropractors are delivering treatments that work wonders to prevent the occurrence of pain in the future. This happens as the treatments try to change the concept of prevention before rehabilitation. The therapists provide services that benefit the complete body’s health and well-being, not just pain treatment.

The establishment of several chiropractic clinics is well spread in cities like Lees Summit. But can you be certain that the service provider you rely on will give you exactly what you need? Please let us clear up any confusion.

Chiropractor Lees Summit

Here is our take on the best ten chiropractors that sweat out to offer relieved and comfortable lives to the people in the region.


Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture

Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture Lee's Summit Location

Advanced and surgery-free care becomes interesting and effective at Advanced Sports & Family Chiropractic clinic. Spread out across various locations, the clinic has a fine record of treating patients through techniques such as physical therapies, acupuncture, and chiropractor. They can help you in conditions including acid refluxes, headaches, migraines, menopause issues, scoliosis, sciatica, bulging disk, muscle weakness, neck pain, etc.

The team working at Lees Summit is the largest among all locations. You will be accompanied by professional chiropractors like Dr. Christina Woodle, Dr. David Wilson, Dr. Jackie Jimenez, Dr. Joseph Li, and Dr. Summer Reed. The certified doctors are well-versed in their area and offer a collective approach to make treatment hassle-free and impactful.

Location: 338 SW Main St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

Contact+1 816-600-5483

Chiropractors: Dr. Christina Woodle, Dr. David Wilson, Dr. Jackie Jimenez, Dr. Joseph Li, and Dr. Summer Reed



Curis Functional Health- Chiropractor Lees Summit

At Curis Functional Health in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, you will find chiropractors who are experienced, qualified, and good mannered. The chiropractors treat back pain, chronic and acute pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, auto accident injuries, degenerative disc disease, headaches, low back pain, mid back pain, arm pain, neck and lower back disc issues, sciatica, sports injuries, and accidents and injuries resulting from workers’ compensation. The best evidence the clinic has is that the therapists are among the best chiropractic clinics in the Lees Summit and Kansas City, MO. This is visible from the feedback and testimonies of the patients.

Dr. Joe Symes and Dr. Jaynee are the chiropractor duo to strategize the best approach for the patients in the clinic. Dr. Joe Symes is leading the way in making everyone aware of the chiropractic clinic. This is evident from his informational videos on the website. Dr. Jaynee takes her hard-working efforts to the daily tasks and processes of the clinic.  

Location: 400 SW Longview Blvd #160, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Contact(816) 761-3944

Chiropractors: Dr. Joe Symes and Dr. Jaynee


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Axis Chiropractic and Wellness

Axis Chiropractic and wellness

If you are looking for a specialized approach to your chronic pain treatment, Axis Chiropractic and Wellness center won’t disappoint you. The doctors here are passionate and leave no loopholes while treating patients. You can expect quality care in a patient-centric environment. Patients having major issues arising from a sedentary lifestyle can find treatment here. You can look for relief for body pain, neck pain, and other similar problems by their chiropractors in Lees Summit.

Dr. Benjamin Chambers is the leading Chiropractor at the clinic. Offering a holistic approach toward major and minor issues, Dr. Chambers looks to cure every patient with results that last longer. The main motive of Dr. Chambers is to treat the pain from its roots so that it does not come back. All of this is done without any medications and surgery.

Location: 664 SE Bayberry Ln #102, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063,

Contact:+1 816-246-5300

Chiropractor: Dr. Chambers



Raintree Medical and Chiropractic Center

Raintree medical chiropractic

Sick of having to take your family to different doctors all over town? Pediatrician for the kids, OB/GYN and weight loss clinic for mom sports rehabilitation, and Chiropractor Lee Summit for dad. You name it, and the Raintree will provide it. The all-inclusive clinic is like a healthcare center, synonymous with perfect patient care. All of your healthcare requirements are taken care of in one location at this clinic where you can see a chiropractor in addition to a primary care doctor in Lee’s Summit.

The main chiropractors here are Dr. Ben Fluegge, Dr. Thao Nguyen, Dr. Brandon Fell, Dr. Kelsey Pippitt, Dr. Ian Greavesand Dr. Jennifer Brill. You may also meet Amalia at the clinic, a certified massage therapist. Lisa McMillin also forms an important part of the staff and takes care of clinical operations. All of the professionals work to offer one treatment that fits all patients.

Location: 931 SW Lemans Ln, Lee’s Summit, MO 64082, United States

Contact+1 816-327-7890

Chiropractors: Dr. Kelsey Pippitt, Dr. Jennifer Brill, Dr. Thao Nguyen, and Dr. Ian Greaves


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 F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic Lees Summit (Chiropractic)

F.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic Lees Summit (Chiropractic)

F.I.T. is a place where everyone sincerely cares about patients and addresses their problems above anything else. Rejecting the idea of one strategy that fits all, the therapists devise a personal plan of treatment for every patient. The chiropractors collaborate closely with patients to precisely evaluate the symptoms as per the individual health requirements. The doctors often offer the appropriate referrals for conditions that need to be treated by a specialist.

The F.I.T. muscle and joint clinic chiropractors offer treatment based on evidence and patient-oriented methodology. The main head of the team is Dr. Jim Heatherman. He is supported by Dr. Korey Sawdey and Dr. Alex Beltrame. There are plenty of other doctors and chiropractors too on board who take care of the regular operations at the clinic. The FIT muscle and joint overland park location also has a great team. 

Location: 401 NW Murray Rd, Lee’s Summit, MO 64081, United States

Contact+1 816-944-4244

Chiropractors: Dr. Jim Heatherman, Dr. Korey Sawdey, Dr. Alex Beltrame, Dr. Aaron Holman, Dr. Josh Greenwell, Dr. Alex Scavuzzo, Dr. Michael Allinson, Dr. Anna Propst, Dr. Chad Barnes, Dr. Matt Lane, Dr. Maggie Flynn, Dr. Cameron Synder, and Dr. Michael Santos.



Integrity Chiropractic Lees Summit

Integrity Chiropractic 

Conveniently located at the intersection of Independence Avenue and 3rd Street, Integrity chiropractic is a famous name in the region. The clinic has been operating and serving the community for 35 years. While high-quality chiropractic care is a staple here, you will also find doctors who love socializing with patients. Interesting and friendly conversations breathe positivity into the Integrity Chiropractic clinic. Overall, the clinic specializes in low-force chiropractic methods intended to promote your body’s natural healing while causing the least discomfort possible.

The chief Chiropractor Dr. Dan Sounakhen is always happy to welcome you to the family. He does his best to care for every patient as his family. Another professional chiropractor Dr. Trevor Mitchell forms the other half of the team and is equally courteous. Together, they both form the basis of faultless chiropractic treatment procedures at Integrity Clinic. The team provides clinic services such as laser therapy, sports injury treatment, adjustments of bones, physical therapy, neck pain, orthotics, pain diagnostics, etc.  

Location: 714 SE 3rd St, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

Contact+1 816-524-1212

Chiropractors: Dr. Dan Sounakhen and Dr. Trevor Mitchell



New Life Chiropractic

New Life Chiropractor Lee's Summit

Lees Summit’s New Life Chiropractic care works to breathe new life for patients who are suffering from age-old pain and injuries. The ideal motive of the staff is not just to treat the patients but educate them as well so that they can avoid issues later. The treatment concept revolves around bringing the patients to awareness of chiropractic benefits. The clinic also offers senior and paediatric chiropractic care with sheer precision and quality service.

Dr. Kayla Campbell is the director of the Chiropractic department at New Life. She is well-assisted by Dr. Amanada Simmonds, who is also experienced in various chiropractic techniques. The main aim of this duo team is to offer a personal approach after understanding the needs and concerns of the patients. Dr. Amanda is the owner and founder of the clinic. She is always passionate about bringing happiness to families by eradicating pain from their lives.

Location: 1008 SW Blue Pkwy, Lee’s Summit, MO 64063, United States

Phone: +1 816-347-1515

Chiropractors: Dr. Kayla Campbell and Dr. Amanda Simonds



True Health Chiropractic and Massage

True Health Chiropractic

A sheer level of clinical experience is what sets True Health apart from other chiropractor Lees Summit clinics. The entire experience of the team helps them create a reputation in the region. Their therapeutic quality distinguishes them from other chiropractors in Overland Park location. The doctors always stay up to date on the latest research and have post-graduate training in fields like advanced M.R.I. analysis, spinal biomechanical engineering, accident reconstruction, and traumatic brain injuries, to mention a few. The doctors are well-versed in chiropractic academics.

The trusted team of chiropractors at True Health composes of Dr. Shirin Gulledge, David Gulledge, and Kyle Gulledge. The trio team forms a strong basis for effective care and therapeutic service in the clinic. All three chiropractors are active in taking responsibility for the health of their patients. They together offer an error-free approach to painless chiropractic treatments.

Location: 11879 W 112th St Suite 100, Overland Park, KS 66210, United

Contact+1 913-338-1112

Chiropractors: Dr. Shirin Gulledge, David Gulledge, and Kyle Gulledge




Essential Chiropractic – Chiropractor Lees Summit

Essential Chiropractic - chiropractor lees summit

If you are longing to get back to the normality of life, the Essential Chiropractic care clinic in Lee’s Summit can give you the push you need. The main motive of the chiropractor clinic is to assist individuals and families in retaining their life at a normal pace. One can easily get fine neurological chiropractic care at an affordable price package at this clinic. What’s more? The variety of treatments across a broad spectrum of issues makes this a favorable clinic for a chiropractor in Lees Summit.

The team of chiropractors at Essential Chiropractic is governed by Dr. Kristen Res and Dr. Greg Davis. Kristen is a bachelor’s in Chiropractic care from Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. Greg has athletic care and understands how critical sports injuries can be. He is always excited to treat patients with athletic problems and accidental injuries.

Location: 419A SW Ward Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO 64081

Contact: (816) 895-1800

Chiropractors: Dr. Kristen Res and Dr. Greg Davis



Bel-Ray Wellness Center

Bel-Ray wellness center - chiropractor lees summit

Bel-Ray wellness center is a spot where you will get incredibly precise treatments. The unparalleled service here is a symbolic representation of the reputation of the clinic. The basic approach here is to identify the problem that a general physician would miss. To that end, the clinic uses advanced diagnosis protocols. Besides, experienced chiropractors help detect the issue before the patient even talks about it. The team consists of specialized medical professionals. Each one offers its own clinical expertise, adding more layers of conviction to the treatment of the clinic.

The main Chiropractor here is Dr. Jonah Mccandles, who is also the executive director. He is aided in clinical operations by Dr. Jeffrey Breithaupt, who is the associate director. The team includes Bristi, a chiropractic assistant, Cat as office manager, and a few other staff members. The team genuinely cares about patients and has been a perfect family chiropractor in Overland Park for the past ten years.

Location: 425 W Pine St Suite A, Raymore, MO 64083, United States

Contact:  +1 816-322-4774

Chiropractors: Dr. Jonah Mccandles, Dr. Jeffrey Breithaupt, and Dr. Bristi



Chiropractic is an advanced healthcare field that bestows plenty of benefits to common people. If you are staying in or around Lee’s Summit, you can look forward to any of the above clinics without any second thoughts and be relieved by a chiropractor in Lees Summit, Missouri. We hope the list will help you make a wiser decision. Remember that chiropractors don’t operate or medicate you. Hence, you are in for a surprise if you plan to visit one in the area. 

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