Top 10 Chiropractors in Clearwater

Chiropractic care is centered on the idea that back and neck pain stems from abnormalities in the spine’s alignment. However, the new-age Chiropractor Clearwater can deliver much more than that. They can treat a range of issues using a hands-on technique called manipulation to bring about a long-lasting correction to various misalignments. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractors are modern and utilize various forms of other therapeutic methods, such as massage and cold therapy. If you are staying in or around Clearwater, you would be happy to realize that there are plenty of options for chiropractic care. 

Clearwater is an upscale and modern city in Pinellas County of Florida state in the United States. The coastal area is well-known for its white sand and crystal-clear waters on the Gulf Coast. This makes the city a popular destination for tourists. There are plenty of modern chiropractic clinics emerging lately. You can find the ideal one if you are staying nearby.

Chiropractor Clearwater

We have gone through extensive research to compile a well-curated list of Clearwater Chiropractors. You may find the clinic names, addresses, and other information you need in this blog to make your choice.


First Choice Chiropractic Injury and Wellness Center


First Choice Chiropractic Injury and Wellness center

Choosing a qualified physician that you can rely on can be a bit tedious. However, you can send your worries down the drain once you get in touch with First Choice Chiropractic. Thanks to the clinic’s all-encompassing approach, you can easily grab the best chance to attain superior health at Clearwater Spine & Rehabilitation in Clearwater, Florida. On your first visit, you get the confidence that the chiropractors at Clearwater Spine will take excellent care of you. The therapists are committed to supporting you in achieving your health objectives.

Additionally, meeting the team at First Choice Chiropractic can be a delightful experience. You can expect well-guided advice from specialists like Dr. Bart Rademaker, Dr. Greg Dokka, and Dr. Theorodore Ellis. The staff also includes Alina, a passionate staff nurse, and Jennifer, a specialist in neuromuscular therapy and Swedish massage. The team operated together and treated issues such as arthritis, muscle tension, sinus issues, TMJ, sprains, Sciatica, Whiplash, sports injuries, etc.

Location– 2575 Harn Blvd, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States

Contact– +1 727-535-7799

Chiropractors– Dr. Bart Rademaker, Dr. Greg Dokka, and Dr. Theorodore Ellis



Hood Chiropractor in Clearwater

Hood Chiropractor in Clearwater

Hood is where you can get top-rated chiropractic care with a personal touch. The therapists here believe in the power of hand healing and massages to heal the ailments of our body. Significantly, helping patients by removing pressure from their system, the staff aids in treating a variety of conditions. The team operates by first discussing the concerns with the patients. Taking out time to understand the underlying cause helps them set a neat plan of action. Also, you can expect treatments for issues such as sciatica, headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel, neck pain, etc.

In addition to this, the team at Hood Chiropractic is working to help you get the healthy results you deserve. The team comprises four chiropractic care specialists: Christopher Hood, Danielle Hood, Freddy Minaya, and Abby Mace. Each member offers their own perceptive, making the treatment approach an all-inclusive therapy.    

Location– 5990 54th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33709, United States

Contact– +1 727-544-9000

Chiropractors– Christopher Hood, Danielle Hood, Freddy Minaya, and Abby Mace


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Family Life Chiropractic

Family Life Chiropractic

When you decide to invest money in a chiropractor, you should always go for an experienced one. Family Life Chiropractic will tick all the right boxes when you approach the clinic. Driven with passion and obsession with curing a patient without any surgery, the clinic aims to offer a variety of therapies and treatment approaches. The pricing is competitive, and you can expect an easy-going and affordable treatment here. The team focuses on results and spares you unnecessary plans or actions.

Dr. Jere Jarrett is the man behind every treatment at the Family Life Chiropractic clinic. He offers proficiency in various nutritional techniques. You can easily rely on his expertise as he chooses the finest treatment combinations for every patient. Working since 1982, Dr. Jere has effectively treated lots of patients, helping them live healthier, pain-free life.

Location– 205 N Garden Ave 1st Floor, Clearwater, FL 33755, United States

Contact– +1 727-447-4647

Chiropractor– Dr. Jere Jarett


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Risoldi Family – Chiropractor Clearwater

Risoldi Family Chiropractor Clearwater

It can often be stressful to rely on an unfamiliar doctor for your health. Addressing this issue, the Risoldi Family clinic offers a completely relaxed atmosphere for the patient. While dedicating the efforts to patients’ health and comfort, the staff educates and empowers them about the benefits of chiropractic care. Helping you achieve total wellness; the doctors are always willing to converse with a smile on their faces. You can expect a variety of treatments for many issues amidst a friendly and positive atmosphere at the clinic. The clinic is well-suited to families having more than one member looking for chiropractic treatment. Similarly, children and seniors are also offered an equal level of care at Risoldi.

Dr. Mike Risoldi is the chief chiropractor at the clinic. He works to empower everyone to live a healthy life without any long-lasting pain and offers a well-rounded approach that focuses on spine and other body parts. Thus, there is a continuous guidance on exercise, nutrition, diet supplements, and ways of maintaining a healthy mindset.

Location– 3023 Eastland Blvd #101, Clearwater, FL 33761, United States

Contact– +1 727-797-9900

Chiropractor– Dr. Mike Risoldi


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Cooper Chiropractic Center

Cooper Chiropractic Center

The Cooper Chiropractic Center can amaze you with the human body’s power of healing. And they can do this without any medications or surgeries. The therapists working here are empowered with a state-of-the-art facility and chiropractic treatments. One can easily expect custom nutrition and expert guidance on various ailments. Besides chiropractic, other key services include deep tissue laser therapy, nutrition reflex testing, manual therapy, orthopedic therapy, and allergy testing.

The clinic is governed by Dr. Dale Cooper, who is the sole chiropractor at the facility. His vast experience of 33 years speaks for his work towards making people’s lives healthier. Additionally, he applies his skills and chiropractic talent in a caring manner to offer the best results to the patients. Patients simply feel better in the care and monitoring of Dr. Dale.

Location- 814 Chestnut St, Clearwater, FL 33756, United States

Contact–  +1 727-446-1141

Chiropractor– Dr. Dale Cooper


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Dr. Russel Janssen – Chiropractor Clearwater

Dr. Russel Janssen Chiropractor Clearwater

Dr. Russel is committed to keeping up with the most recent chiropractic techniques and equipment. The clinic has established a welcoming and expert environment where patients can rely on the therapist for all of their chiropractic needs. By providing patients with the knowledge, they need to make wise decisions, the staff at the clinic is constantly assisting patients. So, all of your options will be covered when you seek treatment. The staff will inform you on what to anticipate during the treatment.

Dr. Russel Janssen is the key chiropractor in the clinic. He is always more than willing to respond to the inquiries and concerns of the patient. Every time you enter the clinic, Dr. Russel aims to give you a positive experience. Simply put, he excels at what he does.

Location– 2535 Landmark Dr. Building F, Suite 213, Clearwater, FL 33761, United States

Contact– +1 727-726-8822

Chiropractor– Dr. Russel Janssen


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Kinetic Chiropractic – Chiropractor in Clearwater

Kinetic Chiropractic- Chiropractor in Clearwater

Kinetic Chiropractic works with the goal of improving life quality by enhancing physical and health capabilities. The chiropractors tailor the treatment to your unique needs using a range of methods and procedures. Kinetic Chiropractic is committed to providing individualized care and high-quality service to relieve pain and motivate and educate patients to lead active lives. The core belief here is that the patients are the main participants in their own health.

Dr. Sullivan is committed to helping patients regain their health and well-being. According to her, chiropractic therapy is essential to leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle in addition to providing pain relief. Patients seeking alternative, drug-free pain management might consider chiropractic care by all means without any second thoughts.

Location– 2566 McMullen Booth Rd C, Clearwater, FL 33761, United States

Contact– +1 727-241-9095

Chiropractor– Dr. Sullivan


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The Joint Chiropractic

The Joint Chiropractic

Ever wondered about finding a clinic that treats joint issues specifically? If yes, then Joint Chiropractic is the answer. The clinic is synonymous with perfection when it comes to chiropractic care for joint pains, sprains, ailments, and misalignments. Even though the care here is world-class, you won’t find prices to be on the higher side. Offering affordable and attentive service is the ethos the clinic loves to follow. To that end, you can find treatments for issues such as lower back pain, knee pain, sports injuries, headaches, migraines, elbow pain, neck pain, etc.

The eminent team of chiropractors includes four specialist chiropractors, namely Dr. Sam Scott, Dr. John Rauch, Dr. Michael Ward, and Dr. Joshua Ubbos. Each doctor has their own skill and experience in the respective field. You can expect a collective approach. The collaboration of the doctors at the clinic while offering treatment plans is worth appreciating.

Location– 5020 E Bay Dr. Suite 500, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States

Contact– +1 727-688-5100

Chiropractors– Dr. Sam Scott, Dr. John Rauch, Dr. Michael Ward, and Dr. Joshua Ubbos



Farkas Chiropractic Clinic

Farkas Chiropractic Clinic

When you expect nothing less than 100% results, you need to consider an experienced and reputed chiropractic clinic. Well, all we can say is that choosing Farkas won’t disappoint you. The main ideology of the clinic is to offer complete service and act as a full-fledged healthcare center. On top of that, the clinic is family-owned, so you can expect quality care and a positive atmosphere. The doctors often advise patients on routine check-ups and chiropractic care to counter any underlying issue in the body. The clinic has three branches and operates to treat patients covering a wide area in the region.

Dr. Brandon Fields is the primary chiropractor at the Farkas Clinic. Being a patient himself, Dr. Brandon believes in the magical effects of chiropractic care. He started to give regular chiropractic care, making everyone realize the ever-lasting impact of hand movements and non-surgical methods. Currently, he lives in Palm Harbor with his spouse Laura. He is the proud father of Elijah and his dog Cooper.

Location– 2467 Enterprise Rd STE D, Clearwater, FL 33763, United States

Contact– +1 727-799-2737

Chiropractor– Dr. Brandon



Nutritional Wellness and Chiropractic – Chiropractor Clearwater

Nutritional wellness and Chiropractic- Chiropractor Clearwater

Nutritional Wellness, a chiropractor and fully certified health and fitness instructor, provides top-notch services at City Chiropractic. Backed with years of experience in health and fitness, the clinic offers impeccable patient care. The clinic identifies the source of pain before applying various chiropractic treatments and rehabilitation to provide relief. You can get satisfactory treatments at Nutritional Wellness for discomfort in the shoulders, wrist, knee, hip, ankle, or neck. Patients with sciatica and migraines can also get in touch. Acupressure, acupuncture, myofascial cupping, custom orthotics, and other techniques are used by therapists here to provide long-lasting pain relief.

The professional team of chiropractors has two doctors. Dr. Kevin Granger, who is a certified nutritionist and chiropractor, is supported by Hayley Imbriani, a certified nutrition consultant.


After reading the list, it is evident that chiropractors offer plenty to our society. There are many benefits of chiropractic care, and more and more people are turning to this type of treatment to relieve pain and other health issues. If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional medicine, consider talking to a chiropractor about how they can help you. You may be astonished to realize just how much they can do to improve your overall health and well-being.

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